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Bonding Eight

Part Two:

May 22nd Saturday Night.
Departure: Tomorrow Morning

>Parker Residence<

"Hey Liz. You all packed up?" Michael asked from Liz's bedroom doorway. He had been standing there for over half an hour just watching her sit there on the end of her bed staring at the wall. He knew she was thinking, but she hadn't even moved an inch. The only way that he was sure she was still alive was the fact that he could hear her breathing.

"Oh. Michael. I didn't see you there. Have you been standing there for long?" Liz asked shocked. She could usually sense when her brother was around but this time she couldn't even feel him. It worried her but she didn't look too much into it because she could feel him now and she just put it down to being in deep thought.

"Yeah, about half an hour." Michael answered. He walked into the bedroom and sat down on the desk chair opposite Liz's bed. He studied her face intently trying to see if he could see what was wrong.

"Well why didn't you tell me?" Liz said turning her head away from Michael. She knew what he was trying to do and didn't really want to talk about it much. She just wanted answers, not more questions.

Michael, noticing the way Liz turned her head, asked, "So, you going to tell me?" Liz turned to look him right in the eye.

"How come you always know when something is wrong?" Liz asked tears were ready to fall.

"Because I know you. Whether you like it or not." Michael stated he got up and sat next to her on her bed. He put an arm around her shoulders and pulled her towards his chest.

"I'm scared Michael. What if we don't bond and we die? What if something happens to mum and dad and we won't know because we're somewhere else? Will we be able to talk to them? Will we be able to see them? What if we don't get along with the other people? Will they hate me? What if I start a fight? What if there aren't enough bathrooms? I know that's stupid to think about but still there could be a lot of people in that house and if we only have one bathroom do you know how many people will need to use it? A LOT! What about food? Where will we get our food from? Toilet paper? You know with lots of people toilet paper is very necessary." Liz had started rambling and Michael knew that she needed to get it all out. When she started talking about toilets and toilet paper he tried to stifle a laugh. Of all the things she should be worried about she worried about the amount of toilet paper.

"Liz...Liz...LIZ!" Michael raised his voice a notch to get her attention. Liz stopped right in the middle of asking about towels and hair dryers.

"Yeah?" Liz asked looking up at him with scared and timid eyes.

"Whatever happens, I'll be there. We'll both be there together. You won’t be alone. Nothing will happen to mum and dad while we're gone. They'll be alright. We'll get along with the other people even if we don't then it will start some good arguments! And, YOU start a FIGHT? I don't think so. I'm sure that they built the house with enough bathrooms, the food will probably be delivered to us every week or something and I'm sure that we will have a generous supply of toilet paper." Michael assured her. He rubbed her back soothingly to calm her down. "And hey, if any of the others steal toilet paper then I'll just kick their asses!" Michael said chuckling. He looked down at Liz. She looked up at him and smiled weakly. She leaned up and hugged him. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and then held him close. She whispered in his ear, "I love you Michael." "I love you too Lizzie."

Nancy and Jeff Parker watched as their two children embraced. They weren't going to see them for another three months. What were they going to do? There wouldn't be laughter in the house, no silly arguments over which channel to watch. Nancy looked up at Jeff and whispered for only Jeff to hear, "I'm going to miss them so much Jeff." "I know, me too Nancy."

>Evans Residence<

"All packed son?" Phillip Evans asked walking into his son's room.

"Yeah, just about. Just a question." Max asked looking up at his father.

"Yeah anything Max." Phillip said sitting down on Max's bed.

"I don't have to carry Isabel's make-up suitcase do I? Cause that thing is heavy, I mean how much make-up does one person actually need. She has a whole cosmetics store in there and there is no way that I am carrying it for her. Everyone will think that it's mine!" Max said looking at his father seriously.

Phillip was laughing. He couldn't help it. He just thought that Max was joking but when he saw the serious look in his eye he knew that Max wasn't joking.

"Dad! It's not funny!" Max said getting up of the desk chair that was facing his bed. Phillip looked at his son who was quickly growing into a man before his eyes. "Max, I promise to make sure that she doesn't force you into carrying her make-up bag." Phillip said it so seriously that he couldn't stop the laugh that was inside. Max just glared at his father. "Dad. It's not a bag. Bags are things that you hold shopping in or groceries in, that's what normal people would use, but Isabel, she isn't normal. She has a suitcase! When I say suitcase, I mean the biggest we have!" Phillip stopped laughing and looked at his son. "Ok ok ok, I'll make sure you don't have to carry it!" "Thanks dad." Max said and sat down next to his dad.

"So you ok?" Phillip asked his son seriously.

"Yeah. I'll be fine. You and mum will be ok wont you? I mean without us here? No fights to put a stop to or having cereal in the mornings because there actually is some?" Max said looking at his father.

"I think we'll manage Max. Plus, your mother and I will have plenty to do while you and Isabel are gone." Phillip gave his son a wink.

"Oh God. Please dad. I'm about to go to sleep! I do not need to have the mental image of my mother and father having sex imprinted into my brain." Max said scooting away from his father.

"Don't worry Max. I promise you that we won’t do it in here!" Phillip said laughing. He got up off the bed and started walking through to the door. He turned to look at his son.

"DAD!" Max whined. He flopped back onto the bed and covered his eyes with his hands. There was no way that he would get any sleep with that image in his head.

"Night son! Sweet dreams!" Phillip said jokingly. He walked out the room and closed the door.

"YOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE!" Max yelled out after he heard the click of the door. He waited a few seconds and then heard the laughing. Max rolled his eyes and sighed.


"Oh hey mum. What you looking at?" Isabel said rummaging through her closet for anymore clothes that she would like to pack.

"Oh just looking at my baby girl and how much she's grown up." Diane said leaning against the door frame.

"Mum! Don't get all Hallmark cards on me. I don't think I could handle it." Isabel said looking at her mum with her hands on her hips.

"Ok ok, I promise I'll try not to." Diane said walking into the room. "So are all your clothes in here?" Diane asked pointing at the large suitcase against the far wall.

"That? Oh please! That's just my make-up!" Isabel said looking at her mum.

"Oh and who do you plan on getting to carry that for you?" Diane asked inspecting the suitcase. She grabbed the handle and tried to pick it up with no success. She couldn't even lift it up an inch.

"Oh Max of course. He'll do anything if you ask him the right way. You just watch. Come tomorrow morning and he'll be begging to carry that." Isabel said in a serious tone. She turned back to her closet pulling out tops and skirts and other clothing at a rapid speed.

"Ok well if you're sure. But, honey, how are you feeling. Are you scared at all?" Diane asked picking up some of the clothes off the ground and folding it and placing it neatly on the bed.

"Oh mum, I'm fine! Couldn't be better! I can't wait. It's going to be so much fun! I wonder what all the other people are like. There definitely are girls there right? I mean I will be able to talk to other girls my age right?" Isabel said stopping what she was doing and turning towards her mother.

"Of course there will be. I'm sure you'll have a great time. Aren't you scared though? Just a little, cause if you are then I am always here to you know talk to." Diane said folding more clothes.

"Oh I think I will be fine. Tough you and dad, you'll have the house to yourselves. Whatever will you and dad do?" Isabel said sarcastically.

"Isabel! You know your father and I don't do that anymore. We're too old. And I'm sure you don't want to hear about your fathers and my sex life." Diane said blushing a little.

"Well it seems you and dad have different opinions on that issue. You two should probably get together and compare notes before you confront us!" Isabel said sitting down on the bed and smiling up at her mum's blushed face.

"What has your father been saying to you Isabel?" Diane asked. She still couldn't look her daughter in the eye.

"Oh I just heard him talking to Max about all the free time you two will have while Max and I are gone. Just promise me one thing though. Not in here!" Isabel said. She knew picking on her mother wasn't nice but if she was joking then it was ok. Plus, they did this a lot; teasing each other jokingly.

"Isabel!" Diane exclaimed.

"I'm just joking. But still, don't do it in here!" Isabel said seriously.

"Ok I promise!" Diane said laughing. She was going to miss this. Her and Isabel would spend hours teasing each other. With Isabel and Max gone Phillip and her did have time and more places to do the things that Isabel was talking about but she was still going to miss them. They were her angels and she wanted them to stay here with her. But she knew that wasn't possible. A lone tear slid down Diane's cheek and Isabel immediately noticed. She got up off the bed and walked over to her mother and pulled her into a tight embrace.

"I love you mum." Isabel whispered.

"I love you too Izzie." Diane whispered back. They just held eachother for the next couple of minutes trying to remember everything about the hug so that they could imagine it when it wasn't there.

>Valenti Residence<

"Maria! Give me the hair gel! IT'S MINE!" Kyle yelled as he ran down the corridor after Maria.

"It's MINE! You stole it and you aren't going to use any more of it! There's enough in your hair to last you a year!" Maria shouted while running back down the corridor.

"There is not!" Kyle said as Maria ran out of one room and straight into Kyle's arms. Maria squealed.

"Let go of me you big lug!" Maria screamed struggling to get free of Kyle's hold.

"No way sister! You give me the gel and I won't tell mum and dad what you were doing during the party today when you mysteriously disappeared for an hour." Kyle threatened.

"You wouldn't dare!" Maria threatened.

"Oh yes I would! MUM, DAD!" Kyle yelled.

Maria gasped in shock. He wouldn't dare! She would have to get him back! If her parents found out what she was doing in that closet and with whom? She would be dead! Anthony would dead!

"If you tell, I'll tell them about that time you and Luke were here alone, with your pants down!" Kyle looked at her with shock.

"How'd you find out about that? You fucked him didn't you!" Kyle whispered.

"Excuse you! I did not fuck anyone and I don't plan to for a few years or months. Though to get dirt on you it doesn't take much with your friends...Just a little hand brush here and a raking of nails there and some cleavage." Maria said breaking out of his grip.

"I'll get you for this Maria!" Kyle threatened. He then turned and stormed off. Maria just smiled.

"Maria. What's going on?" Jim Valenti asked. He heard Kyle shout and didn't know what was going on.

"Oh nothing dad. Kyle just got angry because I took my hair gel back." Maria said simply before starting to walk off.

"Maria, promise me something when you are in that house with your brother." Jim said before she could disappear in her room.

"Yeah anything dad." Maria said turning around and crossing her fingers behind her back.

"Don't pick on your brother while you're in that house!" Jim said then started to walk off.

"I promise. Oh and night dad." Maria said and then walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek.

"Night Maria." Jim said then walked down the hall to his son's room.

>Whitman Residence<

"Hey Alex. You think I should take this top? Cause there might be these really hot guys in the house and I want to dress to impress!" Tess said holding up a top that was purple and it was off the shoulder. To Alex it looked way too small to fit but he had seen it on her and it had fit and it didn't really leave much to the imagination.

"Whatever Tess. Anyway, why are you so happy? I mean, you won't have any friends, you probably will have less privacy than here and mum and dad won't be there either. Aren't you in the least bit worried?" Alex asked his sister. They were in her room because Tess wanted his opinion on the clothes she was planning to take. Of course he was a bad choice especially because he was the over protective brother.

"No way! I can't wait. Can you believe it! Three whole months without mum or dad! YAY! I can't wait! Can't you just see it now? FREEDOM!" Tess was so ecstatic. She just couldn't be worried.

"Hey kids, all packed yet?" Charles Whitman asked his kids as he poked his head in the door.

"Yep. All packed. Hopefully I didn't leave anything behind. Tess isn't at all packed. She's only on her clothes and she hasn't even started on her make-up yet." Alex said to his dad.

"Oh that's ok. I'm sure she'll pack everything before tomorrow. Right Tess?" Charles asked.

"Oh yeah right dad." Tess answered distractedly.

"Anyway, I better go to bed and Alex, since you've packed maybe you should go to bed as well." Charles said.

"Right dad. Where's mum? I just want to say goodnight." Alex said getting up off Tess's bed.

"She's already in bed. I think she's reading. You can go and see her if you like.” Charles said.

"Ok thanks dad. See you tomorrow." Alex said as he walked out of Tess's room and turned right down the hallway. He headed towards his parent's bedroom. He reached the doorway and knocked softly.

"Alex?" Eloise Whitman asked as she looked up at her son standing in the doorway.

"Mum? I just wanted to say goodnight." Alex said slowly walking into the room.

"You all ready for tomorrow?" Eloise asked. She looked up at him and took a long hard look. He looked so vulnerable. She knew he would be ok but she still knew that it hurt inside that he had to leave his family and friends.

"Yeah, can't wait." Alex said in a sarcastic tone.

"You'll be ok Alex. I know you. You're going to make me proud. I love you so much. When you come back we can sit down for hours and talk about everything that happened while we were apart. I promise." Eloise said looking at her son. He had sat down on the edge of her bed next to her. She reached a hand up and brushed his hair off his forehead. He looked so cute. She was going to miss him so much.

"I'm going to miss you mum." Alex said.

"I'm going to miss you too Alex." Eloise said. She sat up and hugged her son to her.

"I love you mum." Alex said.

"I love you too." Eloise said holding her son.

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