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Bonding Eight

Part Three:

Sunday 23rd May
Morning - Bus Station

"Ok so you guys have everything?" Jeff asked his two children.

"Yeah. At least we think so. Oh dad we're going to miss you guys." Liz said looking at her father with tears in her eyes.

"You'll be back before you know it. Don't worry. Everything will be fine, we'll be fine and you'll be fine." Jeff said reassuring his daughter. Michael didn't really need it. He knew everything would be ok. "Liz, why don't you go and say goodbye to your mother. She's just over there talking to the bus driver."

"Ok dad. I'll be back though." Liz said before putting down her bag and walking off towards her mother. Jeff waited till she was out of earshot.

"Michael. You have to promise me that you'll take care of her ok? And if the nightmares come back, let her sleep in your bed with you. I'm sure they wont but, if they do, you have to take care of her, she doesn't have Dr. Mattock to talk to." Jeff said looking Michael straight in the eye. It was very important that he got his point across because if those dreams came back, Nancy or him wouldn't be there for her.

"I promise dad. I'll take care of her, you know that. I love her and not just because she's my sister." Michael said blushing. He didn't really like expressing his feelings even if they were to his parents. The only person that he was able to express his feelings with was Liz.

"Good, I'm glad. Ok now let's go over and see what your mother is up to." Jeff said slapping Michael on the back and picking up Liz's bag, walking over towards his wife. Suddenly, someone came rushing past bumping into Michael and Jeff. He fell on the ground quickly got up and jumped up and down as if nothing had happened. He looked at them both. "Hi." He said looking around as if something was after him. He looked about the same age as Michael. He was pretty well built, looked like one of those varsity football players. "Hi." Michael replied wearily. "Ok, well I'm Kyle and this never happened. This especially never happened if you meet a girl called Maria." As soon as that was said he was off.

Jeff looked at Michael and they both started chuckling as they headed off towards Nancy again.

Kyle was running at full speed. He turned to look behind him quickly to check that Maria wasn't on his tail. As he turned his head back around he didn't have time to register anything as he saw the gravel in front of his eyes. 'Great, I'm on the ground inn front of like a hundred people.' Kyle thought. He slowly got up and noticed a father and son just looking at him. They didn't attempt to make conversation. He looked at the son and guessed he was about the same age as him and thought he should say hi. "Hi." Kyle tried. He looked around again checking for Maria's little head bobbing through the crowd of people. Nope, she wasn't around. "Hi." Kyle heard the boy say. Kyle did a quick sweep behind this boy and saw a blonde head bobbing around. Maria. "Ok, well I'm Kyle and this never happened. This especially never happened if you meet a girl called Maria." Kyle quickly said and then ran off dodging people left and right.

"KYLE VALENTI! GET YOUR VARSITY BUTT OVER HERE NOW!" Maria screamed at the top of her lungs. Kyle found the hair gel and had decided to run off with it. It wasn't the fact that she had brought a big enough supply for the rest of the year, it was the fact that he took it. Again. She spotted him talking to some guy with spiky hair. 'He needs the gel more than Kyle' she thought. If she was quiet enough she could attack him silently. She started squeezing through people and just as she was about to pounce she saw him bolt. Busted!

"SHIT!" She screamed.

"Did you step in some?" A voice came from her right. She turned to look at whose voice it belonged to. A tall, lanky guy with brownish/black hair stood next to her. "Um, no. Kyle stole the hair gel." She said as if that explained it all.

"Yeah, I scream about shit when Kyle steals my gel too." Alex said jokingly. He had been standing around looking at the families saying goodbye. He saw a guy fall over and then jump up and soon that guy noticed something just before he bolted. Alex turned to see a short girl with long blonde/brown hair in long ringlets standing there pissed off. As Alex approached he heard her scream profanities. He was simply going to help her with where this Kyle guy had gone. At his last comment she laughed. Alex had that quality about him; he could make anyone laugh whatever mood they were in. She looked at him with her green eyes after she stopped laughing. He stared back. He stuck out his hand introducing himself.

"Alex, Alex Whitman." "Maria, Maria Valenti." She said cheerfully then ignoring his hand pulled him into a hug.

"You haven't seen a guy running around that looks like a football player have you?" She asked hopefully pulling back from the embrace.

"Yeah actually. He bumped into those two people and then fell on the ground at their feet, stood up exchanged a few words then took off at full speed." Alex said pointing to all the places.

"Ok. Thanks. I hate to make this convo short but the lug needs a kick up the ass. And soon! But, I'll speak to you later Alex, Alex Whitman." She said as she started to leave.

"Speak to you later Maria, Maria Valenti." Alex said turning away and walking off. He was looking down at his feet smiling when he accidentally bumped into someone. He immediately looked up and his breath caught in his throat. "I'm really sorry. I mustn’t have been looking where I was going." The blonde goddess, Alex had named, said.

"No, I - I'm the one that's sorry. I had my head down. I knocked into you. Me and my big feet. Sorry." Alex said blabbing on. This goddess that was in front of him was just that, a goddess. She had blonde long hair that looked so silky soft in the sunlight; her lips were as red as cherries and so very inviting. Alex couldn't stop staring.

Isabel had seen the tall lanky brunette walking this way so just as he was about to pass by she stepped out in front of him. She caught him off guard. "Oh well, it doesn't really matter. I'm Isabel Evans, who the hell are you?" Isabel asked. She didn't come off sounding rude. It sounded more like a joke. She didn't want to scare the guy off with one simple question.

"Alex Whitman. So..." Alex said trying to think of something smart to say.

Isabel loved how he was so shy. She thought it was endearing. "So what's your favourite colour?" Isabel asked. She wanted to know everything about this guy in the short amount of time that she had before boarding the bus to get carted off somewhere.

"I don't really think about it much but I'd have to say red." Alex said. Alex was staring her in the eyes and she looked at him intently and then nodded.

"Same." Came her reply. One thing she noticed about this Alex, was the fact that she had been standing here for about three minutes and yet he hadn't steered his eyes away from her face. She liked that about guys. Usually, when she would meet a guy they would usually stare at her chest all night. She had to commend him on this great effort.

"You know, I have been standing here for almost five minutes and you have not looked at my chest once. Thankyou. You have restored my faith in men." She said smiling.

"Oh Thanks...I think." He said shyly. "Well if you want me to strip you of that faith I could stare at your chest for the remainder of the conversation." Alex suggested with a smile. He was joking of course, but he wasn't prepared for what she said next.

"Well if you must, go right ahead." Isabel said. She was testing him.

"I was only joking. I wouldn't do that. Anyway, who would want to spend a whole conversation staring at your chest when they could be looking in your beautiful eyes?" Alex said. 'Great Alex. If she doesn't already think you're an idiot you just proved how much of one you really are. What a corny thing to say! She is so definitely going to walk off and you are never going to see her again! Idiot, idiot, idiot!' Alex thought to himself.

She watched all the emotions play over his face at his words. She knew what he said was corny, he knew what he said was corny, for Christ’s sake, the whole world knew that what he said was corny, but to Isabel, she hadn't heard anything as nice before. She looked at him again, trying to make eye contact. He had sort of averted his eyes and it seemed he was staring at her forehead. "You know, if we were older and alone, you'd be getting lucky right about now." She said. She watched as his eyes focused on her. "But, I guess you'll have to settle for this." She continued as she leant in and kissed him on the cheek.

"Thankyou." Alex said looing down at the ground with a goofy grin on his face.

"That's ok. Well I better go. My family is probably wandering where I got to. Hopefully I'll see you later Alex." Isabel said walking off.

Isabel walked off looking for her mum. She was walking through a crowd of people when she spotted her talking to another lady with slightly red hair and a young girl with chocolate brown hair that came down to about her mid-back. She headed in that direction.

Liz turned her head to left to look around at all the people. Her mother and Mrs Evans were talking and she didn't really have anywhere else to go because her dad and Michael had set off to look for a vending machine to get a drink from. As she was looking around she spotted a girl heading towards her. She watched as guys turned to watch her walk. 'God, I wish guys did that when I walk by.' Liz thought. She looked back at the girl and Liz noted that she was headed straight for where she was standing. She turned around to see if anyone was behind her. No one.

Isabel watched as the petite girl turned to look behind her. She was heading for them but it was mainly because her mother was there. Max had gone off to look for a vending machine for a packet of chips or something.

"Isabel. Come over here. I want you to meet someone." Diane Evans said. She was talking to Nancy Parker when she spotted her daughter walking towards them.

Isabel quickened her pace and stopped right next to the other girl. "Isabel, I want you to meet Nancy Parker and her daughter Elizabeth Parker. Elizabeth is your age as well." Diane said motioning with her right hand at the two people standing in front of her.

"Hi Mrs Parker...Elizabeth." She said shaking Nancy's hand and then turning towards Elizabeth. 'What a name. So posh. I wander if she likes being called that or it just has to be Elizabeth.' Isabel thought to herself. She put up a nice front.

"Hi. Please don't call me Elizabeth. Just Liz thanks. Elizabeth makes me sound too posh or something." Liz said shyly.

"Oh ok...Liz." Isabel said emphasising her name. Liz looked at the girl and blushed a little. Suddenly a blonde girls with curls came barrelling up to them. "Hi. You don't know me and well, I don't know you but hey...anyway, I'm looking for my brother. He's somewhere around here. He went for a walk and hasn't come back. He's tall, dark brown, blackish hair. He's skinny looking and is probably walking with his head down. Goes by the name of Alex. Have you seen him? Have you?" The curly blonde haired girl asked.

"Oh Alex. Alex Whitman right?" Isabel asked.

"Yeah, that's him. You know him? How do you know him? Jeez, he leaves for like three seconds and already he has a girlfriend. So anyway, what's your name? I'm Tess. His twin sister. I know, I know, we look nothing alike. Don't worry we aren't anything alike! Ah! Sorry, I didn't catch your name. Can you repeat it? Oh what's your name?" Tess rambled on like there was no tomorrow. Isabel smiled. She liked this girl already. Liz tried to stifle a laugh. This girl was hilarious. She asked for Isabel's name and didn't even let her answer, and then she asks again claiming she didn't catch when Isabel didn't even throw it.

"I'm Isabel. I'm not Alex's girlfriend. But I did just meet him. Oh! But I did kiss him." Isabel said brightly.

"I'm Liz. I haven't met Alex." Liz said quietly. She couldn't believe what she heard Isabel say. She kissed this Alex guy after just meeting him? Woah!

"Oh ok. Cool. So do you know where he went? Mum's been looking for him. She said she wanted to give him a kiss before we got called on the bus." Tess explained. She obviously added in that little extra about his mum to embarrass him, the girls had decided.

"He went that way I think." Isabel said pointing over in the direction from which she had come only moments earlier.

"Ok. Thanks guys. See ya around." She said cheerily as she pulled Isabel down and gave her a kiss on the cheek and then turned to Liz and did the same. As she walked off she gave a little wave.

"Ok anyway, do you want to go for a walk? If we can find my brother, I can introduce him to you." Isabel suggested.

"Alright. Maybe if we see my brother I can introduce him to you as well. He went off with my dad looking for a vending machine. Guys!" Liz said.

"Hey. My dad and my brother went looking for one as well. Isn't that funny?" Isabel said turning towards Liz looking at her as they walked away.

Max and his dad had been walking around aimlessly for about ten minutes when they spotted a vending machine. They walked up and noticed another father and son walking over to it. 'Hey, looks like Izzy was wrong when she said that no other normal people would go looking for a vending machine.' Max thought to himself.

"Look son, there." Phillip said as they neared the vending machine.

Michael spotted the other pair heading for the machine and just chuckled to himself. As they neared the two boys looked at eachother.

"Hi, I'm Max." Max said holding out his hand. Michael took it. "Michael." Was all he said.

They stood there for a couple of minutes talking. After their father's had gotten what they wanted they parted ways. Max and Phillip headed to the right while Michael and Jeff headed to the left. Max was walking back to where his sister was last seen when he saw a beauty walk by. She had chocolate brown hair and it was long. All Max wanted to do was run his fingers through it. She turned her head to the left when she sensed that someone was watching her. He kept staring at her even though he knew she knew he was staring. Max had only seen a glimpse of her face and he already thought she was beautiful. When she turned her head, he saw her face for the first time and was mesmerised. Her eyes were beautiful, her skin looked so soft, her lips were small but pinky/red. Her tongue slipped out of her mouth to wet her lips and all Max wanted to do was caress his her tongue with his. At that moment he noticed Isabel was with her. 'What was Isabel doing walking along with someone he didn't know. I have to meet her.' Max thought. As Max started to walk over there a loud voice came over a speaker.

"Can these following surnames please place their luggage on bus 314. Matthew and Olivier Back, Flynn and Sarah Hughes, Maxwell and Isabel Evans, Jacob and Madeleine Mackey, Michael and Elizabeth Parker, Jack and Melanie Shifft, Kyle and Maria Valenti, Alexander and Tess Whitman. Please proceed to the bus."

'Great,' Max thought, 'I'll never meet her now.' Max walked over to his things and headed towards the bus.

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