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Bonding Eight

Part One:

>Parker Residence<

May 15th 2030

"Lizzie! Michael! Get over here now! We want to talk to you!" Jeff Parker yelled from the living room. Two sets of feet running down the halls of the house and doors slamming could be heard. Two bodies appeared at the living room entrance.
"Come in. Sit down. We just need to tell you something before your birthday so that you can prepare better." Nancy said from where she was sitting across form the couch she was signaling too. The two teenagers stepped into the room slowly sharing curious and confused glances at eachother. They slowly sat down and waited. Jeff sat down next to his wife and held her hand tightly.
"What’s going on?" Liz Parker asked. She was nervous. They had never had one of these kinds of talks where they sat down across from one another to discuss something. She was getting scared. She started playing with her long, dark brown hair, nervously placing it behind her ears.
"As you know, you're turning 16 in a week and there are things that you need to know." Jeff said taking charge of the situation.

>Whitman Residence<

"What sort of things?" Alex Whitman asked. He and his sister had been asked to sit down on the couch to talk just a few minutes ago.
"Well you know that your mother is Antarian right?" Charles asked looking form his son to his daughter then back to his son.
"Yeah. What has that got to do with anything?" Tess asked. She looked confused and worried about this talk. What was going on? So what if mum was Antarian? Everyone was in a way. Tess shook her head from side to side, her blonde curls bouncing around her head.
"Well the children in human and Antarian marriages are born differently. Um, you see, you have all of the genes needed to survive but only some of them are dominant. Your human form can't handle all of the genes when you are a baby." Eloise Whitman said slowly. She eyed her children carefully. This is hard news to take especially when they find out what they have to do to make their recessive genes more dominant.

>Valenti Residence<

"So what do we have to do to get these genes of ours dominant?" Maria Valenti asked. She was scared about what she was just told. She could die if these genes didn't become dominant. Kyle could die.
"Well you can't exactly go out and buy them. That's the problem. The day after you and your brother's birthday you have to go some place. You are going to live somewhere else for three months. It will help you make the genes dominant." Jim Valenti explained.
"So we leave you guys for three months? What if something happens to us?" Kyle asked. He was scared for his life and his sisters.
"Actually, um, we can't give you too much information but what we can tell you is only a few details." Amy said. She looked over at her husband who was pacing the floor behind her. He was stressed about this because he wanted to tell them much more. The only thing is that they couldn't say much at the risk of something going wrong. Plus, the kids would just get too embarrassed talking about it once they found out what they had to do.

>Evans Residence<

"What details would they be?" Isabel Evans asked from her seat on the couch. Why all the secrecy? What could be so bad about knowing that you could die if you wouldn't do the things that they knew you had to do to survive?
"Well, um, you leave on the 23rd. The day after your birthday. Don't worry everyone will think that you are going on a vacation. It doesn't matter if they don't believe you, they will have to do it one day soon anyway. You will live in a house for three months. It won’t be just the two of you. There will be others. But you can't leave the house at any point and no one can enter." Philip Evans told his kids. He already gave a little too much information but he just wanted to protect his kids. If they need to do this to live and if he has to follow the rules so that the plan is full proof resulting in his children’s lives than he will follow the rules as much as he can.
"So there will be other people in the house? Why?" Isabel asked. If she had to make her genes more dominant than why does she need to be in a house with other people to do that?
"You know we can't answer that. You will find out. I promise. We won’t love you an less for it. In fact, we'll love you just the same, maybe even more." Diane tried to reassure her kids.
"When do we start packing?" Max asked. He wanted to live. He wanted his sister to live. If these people that were going to be in the same house with him for three months, and if they were going to be there to help him live, then he would do anything it takes so that he could come back to see his parents again.

>Parker Residence<

"Whenever you like. But you can't leave it to the last minute because we leave early on Sunday morning. Don't worry kids. You'll be ok." Jeff assured his kids. They looked so scared. It's for the best, he decided.

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