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My Easy-Tough Charmed Quiz
Hey! This quiz will go from super-easy to kinda-tough, so try to keep up!
  1. Who raised the Charmed Ones?
    Thier Whitelighter
    Leo's Bosses
    Thier Dad

  2. Who does Piper date in what order?
    Jeremy, Leo, Dan
    Dan, Jeremy, Leo, Dan
    Jeremy, Dan, Leo
    Jeremy, Leo, Dan, Leo

  3. Name the sister who finds out Leo's thier whitelighter and how.
    Prue, he tells her
    Piper, he tells her
    All three, they see him orb out
    Phoebe, she sees him floating to fix a lightbulb

  4. Phoebe is dating Cole, who is also....
    Thier new whitelighter
    A demon they vanquished
    Prue's boss
    The demon Belthazor

  5. Name the actresses in age order
    Milano, Combs, Doerty
    Combs, Doerty, Milano
    Doerty, Milano, Combs

  6. The first episode was called......
    "Something Wicca This Way Comes"
    "Charmed Evening"

    Let's see if you got my quiz........