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9.21.02 Let me just say that EzBoard is a piece of crap and it doesn't do anything right. ANYWAY, this is what I was TRYING to post to the stupid Message Board:

This is me Michelle checking in. Thanks for alerting everyone, partner. You rock! White Lie is kickin' some booty, girl! WATCH OUT! Don't get a swelled head or nuthin', LOL.

Anyway, as Amanda said, my computer kicked the bucket. It was a suicide. I mean, I always knew my computer hated me, but DAMN! One night I was tired so I clicked the computer off from the back of the tower instead of Start--> Shut Down. Next morning I wake up, turn the computer on from the back and BAM!!! A pop and some smoke and my computer is kaput. I didn't even cry. I saw it coming. Bad thing is, I had my Photo Impact software on that computer. Now I have to go out and buy another one. Still got Paint Shop Pro though :o) Thank God.

My mom is like "I'll help you get another computer." What the crap? "HELP"?? I need someone to BUY me another computer. I ain't made of money, LOL. She's my momma. She's SUPPOSED to buy me stuff, right? Sure, I could get a job. . . but school is kicking my butt. So, my mom said I could pick out the computer I wanted from Walmart, put it on layaway and she'd pay on it for me. ::sigh:: Guess I'll have another computer in a year. Whoopee.

I'm really p-ed off because I just bought
www.tough-puppy.org and now I can't do anything with it. Its just sitting there looking funny. My mom lets me check my email on her computer and stuff, but in order to update my fanlistings and stuff I have to sneak on it like I'm doing now. So, I can't really update LGO. I would like to, but no dice.

Anyway, I don't know what the latest bonafide news is about Jacob and Marisa, but I keep hearing they're leaving, then they're not, they're leaving, then they're not. So, whatever. GH is getting on my last fried nerve. Amanda, I hope you do create a L&G fanlisting because it is sorely needed. I'm sick of hearing about a Borg/Gia pairing. WTF ever. J/G sites are even beating LGO out in the Top GH Sites polls. Even some "Jasia" site that has only had 700 hits even beat us out. I'm losing my mind. I mean, I know I haven't updated in forever, but give me a break.

Anyway, for happy thoughts here is a picture of Marisa and Jacob. They are too damn cute. LOVE THEM!


Also, for my sanity, please help me call the GH Comment Line and tell them how much we want Lucky and Gia. The number is (323) 671-4583. I don't wanna be the only L&G fan TPTB hear on there. And please check out the following message as well. You may not be able to view it if you're not on the luckyandgia mailing list, so please join that too.


Thanks everyone. Your support is SOOO appreciated. Much love.

LGO Webmistress

PS: Go check out the Message Board, everybody. Ker, JayKay, Amanda, and the other fanfic goddesses are still kicking butt over there.

8.15.02 Hello all! Remember when I said that I'd put little extras in this section for those of you who read the updates? Well, I have a little extra this time. It's the old voting booth with some new questions. Please vote. And if you want to elaborate on the questions, please sign the guestbook.

I'm in the process of giving away my fanlistings (so I can devote more time to school). So, I took away those links from the Affiliates section, along with some banners that led to dead sites. LGO is always looking for more affiliates, so if you want to be site buddies, please email me at NOSPAM

IMPORTANT NOTICE: I ended up NOT giving away my fanlistings. You can still find the Jacob Young Fanlisting and the Excess Baggage Fanlisting at their respective URLs. (www.angelfire.com/rebellion/jy and www.xsb.fan-page.com)

<added more L&G transcripts from this year to the Scenes section (April 1, June 7, July 9, and June 25)>

8.5.02 <added 11 pieces of artwork by Lisa to the Fanart section. Thanks Lisa!>
8.2.02 <added 9/5/01, 9/26/01, and 7/5/02 to the Scenes section>
7.26.02 A big THANK YOU to Armo for being the first visitor to submit a song :o)

<added Armo's song submission, "Marmalade" by System of a Down to the song section>

<added two pics to Marisa's gallery>

7.25.02 I changed the main page up a bit. In an effort to get more people visiting this site I added a "Get the Word Out About LGO" section. Once more people start coming to the site, I can start adding more content and stuff :o)

<added "Submitted By" column to the Songs section. It's actually kind of sad. . . the only people submitting songs to this site are the site directors, LOL>

<added a new postcard image and letterhead image to the Support section>

Thanks to Barb for the L&G images!