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~Post one of the Cartoon Dolls to your web page, web profile, or message board signature with a link back to LGO (http://lgo.fan-page.com)

Hint: You can also post one of the Cartoon Dolls or Support Images (below) in a guestbook or message board. Simply paste the following code in the "Comments" section:

<a href="http://www.angelfire.com/tv2/lgo/index.html"><img src="URL/WEB ADDRESS OF YOUR IMAGE HERE">

~Post one of the following images to your web page, web profile, or message board signature with a link back to LGO (http://lgo.fan-page.com):

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~Take part in the Soaps In Depth Readers Poll. You can vote for Jacob and Marisa as your favorite actor and actress. Also, please type in Lucky and Gia as your favorite couple.

~Write the Soap Magazines and tell them you'd like to see Lucky and Gia together. You can send postcards to the addresses found in our Contact section, or you can email them at:

Soap Opera Digest:

Contact Sound Off at SODsound@primediamags.com

Contact Love It/Hate It at SODlove@primediamags.com

Contact It's Only My Opinion at SODopinion@aol.com

Soap Opera Weekly:

Contact Public Opinion at SPWpubop@primediamags.com

Contact Viewer's Voice at SPWvoice@primediamags.com

~Here are images you can download, print, and paste to the front of your postcard or include on your letter: (first click on the image to get the larger version. Then, right click and select "Save As.")

BIG HUGE THANKS to Barb for providing the image of Lucky and Gia :o)

Be sure to visit the Jacob Young Appreciation Site

Small Postcard (3x5): -----

Large Postcard (5x6): -----

Letterhead: -----

~Ask to see Jacob Young's video, "Life Is Good," on MTV.




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