September 7, 2000

LUCKY: Make sure no one's around.

LIZ: Yeah, there's a million places to hide.

JUAN: This room's clear.

NIK: Yeah, that one's ok.

GIA: Place doesn't look like much in the daylight.

LUCKY: Ok. We don't have much time, so we need to get started.

LIZ: Can we please consider dropping this whole thing?

GIA: What are you even doing here? You aren't part of the plan.

LIZ: This plan is way too dangerous.

GIA: Well, then stay home.

LUCKY: Look, Elizabeth's right. There's a lot of things that could go wrong. That's why we need to stay here and practice this till we have it down cold.

LIZ: Either that or realize we're in way over our heads and ask Jason for help.

NIK: We settled this.

JUAN: We can't let Emily down now.

NIK: All right, so, Elizabeth, you will stay at your studio during the rave?

LIZ: Yeah, whatever.

LUCKY: You know, if we can pull this off, it's going to be like nothing ever happened.

[Knock on door]

JUAN: Did you guys hear that?

LUCKY: Hide.

EMILY: Hey, you guys? Hey.

LIZ: I don't believe this.

JUAN: What are you doing here?

EMILY: Look, I know that you guys are planning to frame Zander. I'm not leaving until you let me help.




LUCKY: We don't have time to argue.

LIZ: If we can't even get through this without fighting, shouldn't it tell us something?

GIA: Who's fighting?

JUAN: Why don't you just go home with Elizabeth?

EMILY: Because you need my help.

LIZ: Emily, tell them this is a bad idea.

EMILY: This is a little dangerous, you guys.

LIZ: A little?

LUCKY: Then stay with us and make it right.

JUAN: There's a great suggestion.

GIA: For such good friends, you sure don't get along that well.

NIK: Can we please -- let's -- come on, let's just get started, ok?

JUAN: I agree, let's go. Let's just go.

LUCKY: Emily, you be Zander.

LIZ: Emily, think.

EMILY: It's ok, Elizabeth. It's all right.

LUCKY: Are we ready?

GIA: Places! I've always wanted to say that.

LIZ: This isn't a game, Gia.

JUAN: Can we just get going?

EMILY: Yeah, come on.

LIZ: Please, just move --

LUCKY: Gia, please, right here. Emily.

EM: Right.

GIA: Rolling.

JUAN: Give it a rest.

NIK: That's not funny, Gia.

LUCKY: Wait a second, here.

EMILY: Gross. What --

LUCKY: Zander's going to need a drink in his hand.

LIZ: Ok, but what if he doesn't have a drink?

GIA: Well, then I'll give him one, all right?

JUAN: Do you have keys in your pocket?

NIK: Oh, here --

EMILY: No --

NIK: Yeah, yeah.

EMILY: Now I do.

LIZ: Ok, wait, excuse me, you guys. How do you know Zander's going to have his car keys in his pocket?

LUCKY: Because we've seen him in the parking lot.

JUAN: Yeah, and if he doesn't, we'll think of something else.

LIZ: Oh, yeah, while Nikolas and Lucky are hiding the undercover cop's dead body in the trunk?

GIA: We know you don't like the setup, ok?

LIZ: I am trying to be realistic.

EMILY: Yeah, you guys, maybe she's right.

NIK: You guys, come on, we're running out of time here.

LUCKY: Yes, please, let's make this fast, all right?

EM: All right.

LIZ: Fine. Let's do it.


EMILY: Ok. I'm Zander. The rave is under way.

GIA: Rolling.

EM: What --

GIA: How have you been?

EM: [Imitating Zander] Who wants to know?

GIA: You

EM: Yeah, well, I'm busy.

GIA: No way would the guy walk away from me like that.

NIK: Make sure he doesn't.

LUCKY: Emily, come on, please?

EMILY: Has anyone ever told you you have a lot of attitude?

GIA: I'm sweet once you get to know me.

EM: Oh, does that line work all the time?

GIA: Maybe we got off to a bad start.

EM: Yeah, bet that happens a lot, doesn't it?

GIA: Why are you being so mean?

EM: Hey, you spilled my drink!

GIA: I'm sorry. Let me help.

EMILY: You know, you're such a klutz.

GIA: He wouldn't say that.

LUCKY: All right, Juan, perfect. Thank you.

GIA: Cut!

LUCKY: All right, Juan's going to run the keys out to Nikolas and I in the parking lot. We'll be by the jag with Ted's body in the trunk. We're going to need anywhere between five to 10 minutes to transfer Ted's body to Zander's trunk.

LIZ: Five to 10 minutes? Are you serious?

LUCKY: Yes. And then i'll give the keys back to Juan.

LIZ: Oh.

JUAN: And I'll put them back in his pocket.

LUCKY: When i will dial 911. So let's run that part. Let's go.

EMILY: You ruined my shirt.

GIA: Hey, i'm good for it.

EMILY: Oh, yeah? Prove it.

GIA: Like he'd say that.

NIK: Wait, Gia, come on, come on, come on. Make it work. This is your job.

GIA: Ok, ok. Why so mean? I'm just trying to get to know you.

EM: Yeah, well, ruining my shirt isn't a very good start.

GIA: I'll make it up to you.

EM: Oh, really? Why don't you just disappear.

GIA: Ok, but --

JUAN: Oh, excuse me, sorry. Sorry.

GIA: You'll miss out.

EM: Really? On what?

GIA: Well, I happen to be a great dancer, and I want to dance with you. What do you say we start over and do it right this time?

JUAN: Done.

LUCKY: That's it!

NIK: Yes. And don't say "cut."

EM: [Normal voice] yeah, please. You were very, very good.

JUAN: Thank you very, very much.

LUCKY: So we wait for the cops to show up to arrest Zander.

LIZ: This is never going to work.

LUCKY: All right, so tell us what's wrong, and we'll fix it.

LIZ: Everything's wrong, ok? Zander is a dealer. Juan, what if you reach into his pocket and you get drugs instead of his car keys? Or what if he turns around and catches you? I mean, this guy is criminal. Probably even a murderer. Just imagine what he could do. Juan, why would you take this chance?

JUAN: Because Emily needs me.

LIZ: Ok, so let's say you can't find the car keys. Then what are you guys going to do with the body?

LUCKY: We'll take it back.

NIK: I don't know about that one, Lucky.

LIZ: Wait. Wait. You guys don't even have a backup plan?

EMILY: Come on, you guys, maybe she's right.

GIA: If you're starting in about your brother again --

EMILY: Gia, what are you still doing here anyway?

GIA: Because Zander knows I saw you at the parking lot with dead Ted, remember?

EMILY: Why don't you just take Nikolas' money and leave?

GIA: Yeah, I wish i had.

EMILY: Yeah, well, it's not too late.

NIK: Look, come on, Gia's in, ok?

LIZ: You know, Emily's right. Why can't we just call Jason and ask him for help?

LUCKY: No way.

JUAN: Forget about it.

NIK: Absolutely not. That's a bad idea. No.

LUCKY: Jason's not the answer to everything. We'll be careful, and we're going practice this thing till we get it right.

EMILY: All right.

GIA: Places! So, how have you been?

EMILY: [Imitating Zander] who wants to know?

GIA: Oh, you'd be surprised.

EMILY: Yeah, well, I've been busy.




GIA: I'm just trying to get to know you.

EMILY: [Imitating Zander] well, it's not a very good start, ruining my shirt.

GIA: I'll make it up to you.

EMILY: Why don't you just avoid me.

GIA: Ok, but you'll miss out.

EM: On what?

GIA: I happen to be a great dancer, and I want to dance with you.

LUCKY: Ok. Ok, you know what? That was the best one yet.

NIK: You know, you're really easy to fight with.

GIA: It's a gift.

LUCKY: Yes, but don't make it too obvious and try to stay with the crowd.

JUAN: Yeah. he more people around, the better.

EMILY: [Normal voice] you guys, this could blow up in our faces.

JUAN: Don't even think that.

LUCKY: You guys, you know what? Let's check out the other room.

NIK: Yeah.

LIZ: Does anyone else get how risky this is?


September 8, 2000

JUAN: Finally. We were starting to wonder.

NIK: Hey.

GIA: What, did you guys stop for dinner or what?

LUCKY: Yeah, we stopped for a five-course meal, Gia.

GIA: Excuse me for being punctual, but I thought timing was supposed to be key.

NIK: Oh, well, see, I didn't want a police officer to pull me over for speeding and then find a dead body in the trunk.

JUAN: So you guys made it off the island all right? How'd you deal with the launch?

NIK: Well, I mean, we handled it. It took a while.

LUCKY: Now all you have to do is find Zander.

GIA: Finding Zander will be the easy part. It's keeping him riveted that'll take finesse.

JUAN: Maybe you'd like to pick his pocket or move Ted's body into his trunk.

GIA: Yeah, you know, you've put together a lovely evening.

LUCKY: Hey, if you stick with the plan, everything's going to be fine.




NIK: What? Is there a problem already?

GIA: Just a tiny one.

NIK: What?

GIA: Zander's nowhere around. And don't tell mto look harder because I've already asked at least a dozen people.

JUAN: Nobody has seen Zander all night.

GIA: Hmm. Cooperation. Thank you. Now do you believe?

NIK: The one glitch we didn't plan on, guys.




JUAN: So, what are we going to do with Ted?

LUCKY: Wait for Zander to show.

GIA: Forget Zander. Pick a trunk, any trunk.

JUAN: "Pick a trunk" -- and open it how, with a jackhammer? If you want to draw attention, why not go all the way? I think we should drag Ted's body into the party, prop it up on a chair.

LUCKY: You guys, come on. There's a car.

ZANDER: You leaving?

NIK: Waing for someone, Zander.

ZANDER: Anyone i know?

NIK: Hopefully not.

ZANDER: Well, good luck.

[Nikolas whistles]

LUCKY: Well, you're on.

NIK: Wait, Gia -- you ok?

GIA: Always. Haven't you noticed? I never lose my cool.




JUAN: Looks like he's tied up.

GIA: Do i look discouraged? Observe.

Girl: Story of my life, you know?

GIA: Karma. Can't shake it, can you? Kind of like Zander and me.

Girl: Later.

ZANDER: Wait, hold on.

GIA: Was it something i said?

ZANDER: Hey, what is your problem?

GIA: I'm a deeply troubled girl.

ZANDER: Who's looking for more trouble -- is that it?

GIA: Oh, I'm feeling very positive now that I've got your undivided attention.

ZANDER: Be careful what you wish for. You just may get it.



NIK: Lucky, i have got a bad feeling about this.

LUCKY: Gia's fine.

NIK: It's been too long.

LUCKY: Juan's covering her.

NIK: I'm getting her out.

LUCKY: Hey, bro --

NIK: What?

LUCKY: Just give her another minute, all right? Then i'll go in with you.

[Music plays]

GIA: You know, you have your own unique charm, like broken glass.

ZANDER: You know, broken glass can rip you apart.

GIA: I like that in a man -- a dangerous edge.

ZANDER: Since when?

GIA: Why are you being so mean? I'm sorry.

ZANDER: It's all right. It's starting to get crowded here. Fill me in on when you decided to like me.

GIA: Since this morning when your face popped into my consciousness and just wouldn't float away.

ZANDER: Maybe you should see somebody about that.

GIA: I was meditating, ok?

ZANDER: With pharmaceutical aids?

GIA: I was pretty lit.

ZANDER: So you associate me with getting high?

GIA: What can i say? I think we'd be fun together. My boyfriend has a low fun threshold.

ZANDER: So what is fun for you? I mean, besides cruising motel parking lots.

GIA: Are you ever going to let that go?

ZANDER: Come on. Rich boys and parties. What else are you into?

GIA: I'm sorry.

JUAN: Oh, excuse me.

GIA: You ok? It's getting worse in here.

ZANDER: Then why stay?

GIA: Well, because I happen to be a great dancer and i want to dance with you.

ZANDER: Do you always ignore the music?

GIA: I'm dancing to the music in my head. Plus i like to be held. Is that a problem for you?

JUAN: Got 'em.

NIK: Oh, yes, yes.

LUCKY: We're on a roll.

JUAN: Yeah.

NIK: All right, well, let's do it.

ZANDER: Hold that thought.

GIA: You're not leaving?

ZANDER: No, no. I'm just going to my car.

GIA: Well, wait. Wait.




[Music plays]


GIA: Zander, Zander -- you're dumping me for your automobile?

ZANDER: No, I'll be right back. I got to go get something.

GIA: And I thought we were getting along so well.

ZANDER: We'll get along even better with help.

GIA: But after that I won't remember anything. Can't I just remember one more dance?

ZANDER: You are a weird combination.

GIA: Beauty and charm? No?

ZANDER: More like part sandpaper, part valentine.

GIA: Well, I'm very valentine tonight.




[Music plays]

NIK: What are they waiting for?

LUCKY: I just called them.

NIK: I know. I mean Gia and Juan.

LUCKY: Yeah, it has been a while, hasn't it?

NIK: I'm going in.

LUCKY: I'm right behind you.

JUAN: Oh -- excuse me. Sorry.

GIA: I -- I knew you'd be a wonderful dancer. But now I think I'm ready to fly.

ZANDER: I'll be right back.

GIA: It took you long enough.

JUAN: Seemed like you were having a good time to me.

GIA: Right, a drug-dealing murderer. Every girl's dream.

NIK: Hey.

JUAN: Hey.

LUCKY: Now would be a good time to get out of here before the cops show up. But may I be the first to say that tonight has been a total success. Thank you so much.



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