September 5th

Lucky: Close the door! Do you know what a darkroom is? God.

Gia: I'm sorry. Lucky, i've been looking everywhere for you. Elizabeth called and she left a message on my voice mail, and she sounded pretty worried. What happened after I left you two at the boxcar?

Lucky: Elizabeth doesn't have to worry about me anymore. My family doesn't have to worry about me anymore.


Lucky: Hey.

Scott: Hey.

Laura: Hey! Hi! It's so good to see you.

Scott: I like your --

Laura: Hello, honey.

Lucky: Oh, when did you get in?

Laura: Just now, just now. What are you doing here?

Lucky: We were working in the darkroom.

Laura: Oh.

Gia: How was your trip?

Laura: It was very hectic and wonderful and very, very successful, but i missed you a lot. Hey, did you get my notes about the shoot?

Scott: You know what -- why don't we just forget about talking about work right now? Why don't -- where is Elizabeth? Give her a call and let me take all you guys out to dinner -- a big steak dinner, all right, and we'll have some fun there and talk about things other than work.

Lucky: You know, I broke up with Elizabeth, but if you hang on a second, I want to show you those test shots, see if there's something you might want to use in there, ok?

Scott: Well.

[Elevator bell dings]

Laura: He broke up with Elizabeth? What happened?

Gia: Nikolas announced that he's always wanted Elizabeth and that he was tired of being noble and watching Lucky get everything, so -- well, Nikolas had Helena zap Lucky again. Helena made Lucky forget about his feelings for Elizabeth. And he can still remember what they had, but he just doesn't feel anything anymore. You know, personally, I think he's better off.

Laura: When did all of this happen?

Gia: A couple of weeks ago.

Laura: Well, why didn't anybody tell me?

Gia: I kind of thought Elizabeth would've told you.

Laura: Does Luke know about any of this?

Gia: Luke is gone.

Laura: Since when?

Gia: Did anybody tell you about the auction?

Laura: No, nobody told me anything.

[Elevator bell dings]

Gia: Well, the Cassadines donated a lot of stuff to this charity auction and, well, Luke showed up drunk and caused a scene.

Laura: What kind of a scene?

Gia: Finally, my brother arrested Luke, but he somehow managed to get away. You know, I thought somebody would've told you about the auction.

Laura: No. Are you all right, Lucky?

Lucky: Yeah. You know, I realized i had the test pictures the whole time in my hand. You know what -- I want to get back in the darkroom and double-check on something, and I've got one more thing that i need to show you.

Gia: Well, Scott can tell you about the auction. He was there.

Laura: What?

[Elevator bell dings]


Gia: It's a start.

Stavros: Ok.

Gia: Hey, Lucky. I didn't know you were still here.

Lucky: I know you.


Lucky: I know you.

Stavros: Lucien Cain. We met before. Gia and I were having dinner, and you didn't appreciate that very much.

Gia: Lucien and I were just about to head out for dinner.

Lucky: Well, you know what, it has to wait because we have work we have to do, Gia.

Gia: Since when?

Lucky: Well, we have the holiday campaign coming up, and since my mom's back in town, we got to make sure that we have the pictures on hand so that if she asks for them we can give them to her.

Gia: Lucky, it's late, all right? I didn't have much for lunch, and besides, you kind of put me through the ringer today and I'm tired.

Lucky: Hey, i'm tired, too, but we're not being paid to complain. We have to get the job done. I'll tell you what -- we'll have dinner delivered.

Gia: Can I get a rain check?

Stavros: For you? Anything. Good night.

[Elevator bell dings]

Lucky: You can't go out with him.

Gia: Why not?

Lucky: It's not safe. I don't know. Just promise me you'll stay away from him.



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