September 26th 2001

Lucky: Without your rock, you're nothing

Elizabeth: Lucky, don't

Lucky: That's why I got rid of it. The Ice Princess? I'm so sorry, Helena, but it's gone

Nikolas: You're ranting just like your father

Helena: Thank you, Nikolas, but i'm quite curious to hear this

Lucky: You can't shove that thing in my face any longer. Your days of casting spells, Helena? They're done

Helena: Where did you dispose of the Ice Princess?

Nikolas: Grandmother, he's just raving. He has absolutely no idea what he's saying

Lucky: You're never going to find it

Helena: Is that so?

Elizabeth: Lucky, please, stop

Lucky: I'm free now and I don't give a damn what you think about anything anymore, so back off, miserable witch

Nikolas: Why don't you watch your mouth

Gia: Lucky, don't do this. Let's get out of here, ok?

Helena: Lucky, you and I are friends. Now, I would hate for you to forget that

Lucky: I would rather walk on nails than ever, ever befriend you

Helena: You're making a grievous mistake

Lucky: I'm not afraid of you, no matter how many people you've destroyed

Nikolas: I suggest that you stop insulting my grandmother

Lucky: Oh, I am so on to you, Helena

Gia: Lucky, why don't you just leave the old bat alone

Lucky: You've hurt my family for the last time

Helena: I have no idea what you're talking about

Lucky: Yes, you do. You know exactly what i'm talking about!

Roy: Lucky, I need to see you right now

Lucky: We're not done

Helena: We certainly are not. Well. That poor boy is having a breakdown

Nikolas: Grandmother, I am sorry for him accosting you



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