September 11, 2000

GIA: I'm not going out there. You know i can't handle the cops.

NIK: Gia, just calm down. We will think of something, ok?

GIA: Just stay in the crowd, ok? Stay in the dark.

LUCKY: Chill, all right?




NIK: Keep trying to hide and the cops will come straight over here.

GIA: But they're taking names.

NIK: So make one up.

GIA: Nikolas, i can't. Don't you get this?

NIK: Just be quiet or you will blow everything.

JUAN: We have to get Emily away from Zander.

LUCKY: No, Emily's fine.

JUAN: What do you mean, she's fine? Look, she's not fine. How can she be --

LUCKY: Emily's surrounded by cops. What could Zander possibly do?

JUAN: She needs our help. I'm going over there.

LUCKY: Hey, don't let her see you. Zander will know something's up.

JUAN: Can't you see how scared she is?

LUCKY: Just give it a few minutes. Let them arrest Zander and we'll all be home free.

ZANDER: See? This isn't that bad.

EMILY: They're checking license plates.

ZANDER: It's not a problem.

ZANDER: Just chill, ok? Just deep breaths and all that.

TAGGERT: Ahem. This is the one we got the call about. Pop the trunk.

LUCKY: This is it, guys.

NIK: Everything is almost over.

JUAN: Hang on, Emily.

GIA: I got to get out of here.

NIK: Hang on, hang on.



TAGGERT: Pull the registration.

TAGGERT: Ahem. It's the missing undercover, Ted Wilson.

Officer: Sorry about that, sir.

TAGGERT: Yeah, me, too. Call -- call forensics, call the coroner. I don't want a word of this leaking out to the media. Where's the registration?

Officer: Here's the registration papers, sir.

TAGGERT: Is there a Zander Smith here? Zander Smith, please step forward. Everybody stays where they are. I want you to check everybody's I.D. Nobody leaves until I say so.

TAGGERT: Give me your I.D.

GIA: I can't do this.

NIK: No, no, no, Gia, hold on, come on.

JUAN: I'm going over there.

LUCKY: No, you just wait a second.

Officer: I.D., Please.

ZANDER: You get near me and she dies!




NIK: Yeah?

LUCKY: Has Emily ever driven your car?

NIK: In the parking lot at the mall.

LUCKY: How much gas does it have?

NIK: A full tank.

GIA: I'm really sorry about your friend.

LUCKY: Yeah.

NIK: Thanks.

(Gia Leaves)


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