Transcripts from General Hospital Scenes Featuring Lucky and Gia


"Help! Rape! Somebody help!"

August.3 and 4.2000

"Oh, you're good."


"What more do you want?"

"To take you to a rave."

August.10 and 11.2000

"You know what? Why don't I take Gia?"


"Gia, not a word of this to anyone."

August.25 and 28.2000

"So far I've handled him a lot better than she has."


"Do you know anything about personal space?"

September.7 and 8.2000

"Gia, please, right here."


"Chill, all right?"


"That, and she's nice to look at"

January. 2 and 3. 2001 "You know, if I land the Face of Deception, it's because I have the look and because I earned it and because of who I am, not because of who i'm sleeping with. "
January. 17. 2001 "I don't like you, Stefan, and I don't think Gia likes you, either, so get lost. "
January. 19. 2001 "Well, I can't say I'm surprised. Are you? "
January. 31. 2001 "Really? You come home from a week away and she wants to paint? Am I the only one who finds that a little strange? "
February.5 and 6.2001 "Hmm. Howling's good."


February.7.2001 "Oh, please, stop with the compliments. I'm getting a swelled head."
February.23.2001 "All right. Will you look at this? You look terrific in this picture. "



"Well, it just seems a little extreme."


"Did I say anything?"

August. 21 and 22. 2001 . . . "I'm so done with serious, I'm all about having fun... listen Gia... I like you, you like me, now give me one good reason we shouldn't take this as far as it goes?". . .
August. 23. 2001 "And you call that a good time?"

"Can you think of something better?"

"Try this."

August. 24. 2001 "And if you're available, then so am I. "
August. 31. 2001 "When I opened my eyes this morning and saw Elizabeth, it's like -- it's like she didn't fit. I know she belonged in my life, but I can't figure out where. I don't love her. Why did I ever?"

"You're definitely asking the wrong person that question."

September. 5. 2001

"Helena made Lucky forget about his feelings for Elizabeth. And he can still remember what they had, but he just doesn't feel anything anymore. You know, personally, I think he's better off."

September. 26. 2001

"Let's get out of here, ok?"

April. 1. 2002

"No, no. She's gone."

June. 7. 2002

"Gia, that is distracting. Is anybody else getting hot in here?"

June. 25. 2002

"Lucky? Oh, my God."

July. 9. 2002

"Lucky happens to be a great photographer who pretty much put me where I am today."

July. 22. 2002

"I've had such a wonderful morning with Lucky. Didn't we, Lucky?"

"Yeah, you bet."



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