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Show Summary:

Luke fails to ease Laura's apprehension when she phones with news of a disturbing dream, followed by another bad dream. Luke probes Rick about his true intentions for returning to Port Charles, but Rick insists he only has Laura's happiness in mind. Alan impresses Monica when he spars with Rick, and Monica follows Alan home. Elizabeth, Jason, and Sonny recover from the explosion. Jason finds severely injured Zander amidst the rubble. Sonny and Jason protect Elizabeth when Taggert approaches her looking for answers, while Zander heads off to the hospital. Elizabeth thanks Jason for his help, but recovering Zander halts a glimmer of romance between Elizabeth and Jason. Lucky and Sarah arrive at the hospital upon hearing about Elizabeth's predicament, and Nikolas disappoints Lucky when he refuses to put Gia's career on hold long enough to accompany them. Meanwhile, Courtney protects AJ by agreeing to strip at Coleman's club.


Main thing. . . What I love about Lucky and Sarah is that it's not even like they're together.  Ever since Lucky (excuse me) screwed her, Sarah's on his heels 24/7.  They are merely sex mates.  It's so sad it's funny.  Sarah follows behind Lucky all of the time.  She's becoming a leech.  Lucky is SO using her, and Sarah doesn't even seem to mind.  If she does, she's not showing it.

Then there is Lucky's little rant to Sonny which cracked me up (I got a big laugh outta today's episode, LOL).  Lucky would never halfway threaten the head of the "mob."  That was just hilarious to me.  I was like "Alright, Lucky. I'm sure Sonny is really scared."  hehe

Gia and Nikolas. . . Like someone said in the AOL ABC Soaps Chat tonight, Nikolas needs a good b!+ch slapping.  He is almost pimping Gia.  I mean, he's paying people so she can work. He's introducing her to famous men and casting what was left of his morals to the wind in the process.  I can't believe he just said "Send Elizabeth  my love" or whatever.  Homeboy needs to get his butt to the hospital lickity split and apologize for being such a @$$hole.  And then he didn't even mention to Gia WHY Lucky and Sarah had to leave?  Now that dude (that Gia was trying to get to hire Lucky) probably thinks Lucky is some flighty jerk.  And Gia probably thinks Lucky didn't appreciate the hard work she tried to do to speak up for him.  The whole situation was just crap.  Nikolas needs to be hung up on a meat hook.  And Lucky was SO right.  Gia totally earned my condolences as well.  I feel so sorry for her.

Carly and Alexis. . . I would have slapped Alexis if she got all up in my face like that. . . or I would have thrown up on her.  Anyway, I think they both had valid points, but I still think they would be friggin' hilarious as friends.  They should both dump Sonny and move into the penthouse across the hall together.  Carly all psychotic and Alexis all neurotic. . . it would be the laugh of the century.

Roy going up against Sonny. . . What the crap is he thinking?  Okay, Roy, you've got a big *jimmie*, now be on your merry way.  He's gotta be nuts.  Roy versus the mob.  Alright, whatever.  He can hold his death wish close to his heart.

Monica and Rick. . . GET A ROOM! I mean, it was sad seeing them all googley eyed.  And when Alan showed up and took off his glasses I was rolling on the floor laughing my butt off!  I was like "Alan, calm down, honey."  Then when he called Rick the "Geriatric Romeo" I was laughing so hard I almost broke a rib.  Monica should be ashamed of herself wearing her wedding ring and cavorting around him like that.  I mean, she should know by now (she's had a lot of experience with extramarital rendezvous):  When you're going to have romantic relations with another person (who's not your husband) take off the wedding ring AT LEAST.  



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