Ramblings: Michelle's Thoughts on the Everyday Madness on General Hospital


*Note:  I make a lot of comments about characters' appearances in the following ramblings.  I don't know what was up with my mind. Anyway, you've been warned, LOL*


Jax and Skye. . . Jax looks damn good in a suit.  


Elizabeth and Audrey. . . That was a cute dress Elizabeth was wearing.  The artist's smock kinda ruined the whole ensemble though, LOL.


A.J. and Courtney. . . A.J--driving a forklift. . . LMAO.  Awwww.  He's finally fufilling his dream of working in construction, LOL.  I would pay to see Billy Warlock doing construction.  He's so cute!  "Am I embarassing you, mother?" LOL

Courtney can still afford to have a cell phone?  Well, maybe it's pre-paid.


Luke and Laura. . . Luke looks good with those glasses, but a little too much like Stefan (who had similar glasses).  Its funny seeing Luke looking all smart.  BTW, is anyone actually following this attic storyline?  I KNEW it was Rick with another woman!  The moaning gave it away in the beginning.  While we're on the topic, aren't they kinda pushin' the erotic envelope so to speak?  That moaning was a little much for daytime, IMO.  I didn't need to hear all that.


Carly and Bobbie. . . I love Tamara.  I never thought I would, but I do.  I loved Sarah too, but I love their acting in different ways.  I think they should do something with Tamara's hair though.  It's just kinda laying there.  I liked it when it was all full and wavy.


Carly and Sonny. . . awwww  she was crying!  And there was Sonny behind the door looking all cocky and stuff.  That made me wish that he had walked in on Carly and Jason.  Would have served him right.  I can't wait to see S&C on Monday.  Carly throwin' stuff and all. . . it's gonna be great.


Zander and Elizabeth. . . Liz was freakin' out!  I was like "BREATHE.  Tell her to BREATHE, Zander."  I could just picture her passing out in the stairwell with Zander outside like, "Elizabeth? ELIZABETH? Are you okay?"

::happy dance:: makin' out on the couch! PARTY UP! LOL

Poor Jason though. . . he looked all sad and puppy dog eyed.  In the previews for Monday he looked like he was just gonna stand there and watch them though, LOL.  What's THAT about?


This is kinda off topic, but if someone is going to Super Soap Weekend, can ya take me with you? LOL



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