Ramblings: Michelle's Thoughts on the Everyday Madness on General Hospital



Carly and Alexis. . . GO CARLY! GO CARLY! GO CARLY! GO CARLY!  I wish I had taped those scenes so I could rewind and watch all over again.


Roy, Felicia, and Zander. . . There is something so sexy about Chad Brannon's voice.  I hope Zander pushes Roy off of the pier when they have their meeting.


Sonny and Carly. . . Sonny with a toy truck--LMAO.  Varrrrrrrrrroooom Vaarrrrooom!  And when Carly walked in he looked all disappointed like "Dang!  Now I don't get to play with the truck anymore!"

For some reason S&C had my favorite scenes of the day.  The way Sonny kept smiling when Carly was yelling at him. . . and I loved the way he touched her when he was walking out.  I don't even like S&C together, but they were awesome today.

Carly:  It's over!

Sonny:  (chuckling) LOL. . . Okay. . .

ROTFLMAO.  That was great.


Kristina, Ned, and Alexis. . . JLN's voice really carries.  I was like three rooms away from my tv during her scenes with WK and NLG and I was like "Who the crap is screaming?" LOL


Alan and Courtney. . . Alan is so cute offering money to her like that.  I would give him a big ol' hug.  Which reminds me--Monica is an idiot for hollerin' at Rick Webber.  Alan can be a jerk sometimes, but he has a sweet side too.  

Speaking of Alan's jerk side. . . poor AJ.  The look on his face when Alan left was so sad.


Jason and Elizabeth. . . These two are constantly cracking me up.  "It would take a canon to get through that door you installed."  For real!  Homegirl is NOT lyin'. LOL  Where did Jase get that thing?  From a bomb shelter? LOL

And:  "Come on!  Get your. . . uh. . . little knife and come at me with it." ROTFLMAO!  The way Jason said that was hilarious.  "little knife". . . As my best friend would say, "What is she gonna do with that thing?  Butter him to death?" LOL

"You just wanna put him down. . . and get the hell out." LOL    

Elizabeth swings a bat like a girl.  

And for X-Files fans, didn't that scene remind you of Mulder and Scully's "hips before hands" ep? <big grin>


Zander and Elizabeth. . . I was in another room during AJ and Courtney's scenes.  When I thought they were over, I walked into the room where my tv is and the camera was all up on Zander's chest.  I was like, "DAMN."  Yummy Yummy.


The weather in PC. . . That was some fake @$$ thunder.  All frequent and stuff. . . it was horrible.  I guess it was supposed to be foreshadowing.  If Guza's in charge, a thunderstorm must mean a sex scene is coming on.  I have dibs on Zander and Elizabeth. . . well. . . and maybe Jason and Carly. . . Ned and Alexis?  Probably all of the above.  Guza loves sex montages.  All of PC gettin' it on.  And could bad weather mean a car accident?  Hmmm.  Kristina didn't look too stable.


Just saw the previews for tomorrow. . . Jason and Carly, huh?  I wonder. . .



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