Ramblings: Michelle's Thoughts on the Everyday Madness on General Hospital



Roy, Felicia, and Maxie. . . When Roy dangled those car keys in front of Maxie I could hear every mother in the country gasping for air.  You can tell Roy hasn't had that much interaction with teenage girls (which is good I guess, LOL).  Giving a  red convertible to a sixteen-year-old without her mother's permission. .  .he's living in his own little world.  If I was Felicia I would have grabbed the car keys from Roy and given them to the first person I saw on the street.  That would serve Roy right for "going on an impulse"  and it would serve Maxie right for even THINKING she was going to get a car from a grown man.  I totally agree with Felicia.  A car is something you should earn.  So screw all of those spoiled brats who got BMWs and Lexuses on their 16th birthday.  (I'm not bitter, ::smirk::)


Jason, Elizabeth, and Zander. . . I haven't loved a triangle this much since. . . well. . . never.  Poor wittle Jason.  Thanks to his lack of emotions (and intelligence) he didn't even stop to think how Elizabeth would be feeling returning to the studio.  But then again, how could anyone understand what she went through unless they were there. . . like Zander ::evil grin::  The night light was the cutest gift ever!  I was like "Awwwww!"  And the smile on his face when he gave it to her?  ADORABLE!  I was laughing out loud when Jason looked at the nightlight like, "What the hell?"  

Dialogue of the day:

Zander:  "Its too bad you killed everyone you could get information from"

Jason:  "You're not dead yet"



Nikolas and Gia. . . PUKE, PUKE, PUKE, PUKE!  UGH.  That's all I can say.  Sickening nastiness all around whenever Nia is together.  But then, BAM!  My man Lucky walks out from behind the trees, LOL.  I was like "YEEEEEAAAAAH!!!"  It was so cute how he flashed the magazine cover saying "I know!"  Yeah, I know too. .  I know he was cuddling that magazine close to his heart, LOL.  

Lucky:  "It was you, not me."  Gia:  "No, it was both of us."  Lucky:  "They loved both of us!"  And then Nikolas kisses Gia's shoulder.  Got Jealousy?


Ned and Kristina. . . ROTFLMAO.  Now she's feelin' REAL stupid!  She's such an idiot.  No, scratch that. . . she's a bitchy idiot (the worse kind, lol).  Going on and on about Sonny and Carly and then DUUUUN DUN DUN DUNT!  NED SAYS HE'S THE FATHER!  By the way, Kristina's face looks really scary when she's angry.  :o{  And I bet JRN's throat hurt mighty bad after they got done taping that scene.  "GET OOOUUUUUUT!!!!!!!!!"  I was like "Uh. . . that's his house."  Then I looked at Ned's face and it looked like he was thinking, "I ain't going nowhere.  This is my house.  You don't wanna see me again?  You get out."


The "Cliffhanger". . . It's Zander at Liz's door.  I know it is.  It's gotta be.



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