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Show Summary:

Carly steers Sonny away from discovering Alexis with Doctor Bonds, while Alexis orchestrates her escape from the hospital. However, Jason ruins Alexis' attempt to hide her pregnancy when he finds incriminating papers stating she is pregnant during a business meeting about Pier 52 and passes the information along to Sonny. Courtney reluctantly auditions for Coleman to save AJ, and AJ finds her new work uniform upon her return home. Ned plays games with Kristina when she appears on his front door with bags in hand, and Ned makes amends for his behavior by making sweet love to Kristina. Meanwhile, Roy impresses Felicia with his resolve, and romance fills their evening.


Alexis and baby. . . Okay, I've never been pregnant or anything (and I've never seen a baby's ultra sound take place in real life), but that sound I was hearing (which was supposed to be the baby's heartbeat) sounded totally wrong.  With every description I've heard, the baby's heartbeat sounds like a whiring noise, not like an adult's heartbeat.Sonny and Carly. . . I know Carly was all freaked out and stuff, but DUH!  Just tell him that hearing a baby's heartbeat is making you sad and get the crap out of there!

Gia and the b@$+@rd photographer. . . LMAO.  I would have slapped him too!  And the smile on Nikolas's face after she did it, that was even funnier.  

Jason and Alexis. . . ROTFLMAO. . . "I think your movers dropped something--do you want me to take care of this?"  After that statement the panic was evident all over Alexis' face.  PRICELESS.  I could just picture Jason holding a gun to the movers' heads.  ~"See this?  See this right here?  YOU DON'T DROP IT!  You drop it, and I'll throw you over Pier 52"~ LOL

By the way. . . Jason:  "What did your movers break?"  Alexis:  "Just my favorite lampshade". . . When the movers broke whateveritwas the sound was like glass breaking.  A glass lampshade?  Alright. . . Even if they dropped the lamp the shade was on, a fall wouldn't break a lampshade.  You'd have to step on it or something.

Roy and Felicia. . . LMAO. . . a romantic candle-lit table on the most crowded docks in all of television history?  ~"Let's have a nice dinner where everyone goes to chat, fight, plot, and kill people"~  Yep, that'll put any woman in the mood.

Courtney and that stip club dude. . . She seems a little meek and mild to be fending for herself in the "oasis" of sex and booze.  Maybe she should take a self-defense class or something?  Cause right now it doesn't seem like she could defend herself against Mickey Mouse.

And while I'm on the topic, that dude was A LOT nicer than any real life guy that's associated with a strip club.  But the music he had her stripping too?  I would have been like, "Could you hook me up with some P. Diddy?" LOL  P. Diddy, Dr. Dre. . . shoot. . . even some Enrique Iglesias!  Whatever "Mr. Oasis" was playing, it wouldn't inspire a stripper to do anything but fall asleep (or do the "achey breaky").

Courtney and A.J. . . .LOL at the thing AJ pulled outta that paper bag.  Did Courtney buy clothes for her dolls?  Cause that surely wouldn't fit nuthin' but Barbie.

And the best for last:  Lucky and Gia. . . ::big huge elated grin::  Gia:  "It'll be our chance to show the world how wonderful we are together."  We already know, girl!  We already know.



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