November 27th 2000

LIZ: Hi! Happy Thanksgiving.

NIK: Hey, hey! Happy Thanksgiving. What's up, bro?

LUCKY: How you doing?

LIZ: Hey, is Gia in the kitchen?

NIK: Yeah, well, no, she's upstairs getting changed.

LIZ: Oh, ok, well, I'm just going to drop this off, then.

NIK: All right.

(Liz leaves)

LUCKY: So, mom called from North Carolina.

NIK: Yeah, she called here, too. She sounded good.

LUCKY: Yeah, you know mom. The great survivor.

(Glass breaks upstairs)

NIK: (calling up) Gia? You ok?

GIA: (upstairs) Yeah, I'm fine, considering I had 10 minutes to throw myself together before company arrived.

NIK: All right, well, take your time.

GIA: A little hard to do when someone used up all the hot water.

LUCKY: So things are working out, huh?

NIK: Gia can be a major pain, but she is never dull, that's for sure.

LUCKY: So you like her?

NIK: Come on. She's trying to deal with family pressure, and that's something I can relate to. You know that.

LUCKY: That, and she's nice to look at. 

NIK: All right, maybe I'd be mildly attracted to her if she did not throw a nonstop attitude, ok?

LUCKY: Oh, come on, you never thought about it? Two of you living under the same roof, temptation right there in front of you, day after day?

NIK: So what's it like living next door to Elizabeth?


LUCKY: The truth?

NIK: Yeah.

LUCKY: Living next door to Eizabeth is driving me crazy. She feels the same way.

NIK: Well, so what's stopping you? And don't say the programming because you would never hurt Eizabeth again.

LUCKY: You know, it's awfully funny that you mention that because she says the same thing.

GIA: (coming down the stairs) Lucky, Happy Thanksgiving.

LUCKY: Hey. Happy Thanksgiving.

GIA: I'm so glad you and Elizabeth could join us.

LUCKY: Well, it's our pleasure.

NIK: Yeah, me, too.

LIZ: That pecan pie looks amazing.

GIA: Thanks. It's my mother's recipe.

LIZ: Ah. Emily is going to love it, and as soon as she gets here, it'll just be like old times.

NIK: Well, no, no, except for your brownies.

LIZ: Well, funny you mention that because I just happened to have made a batch.

GIA: Why do i feel like you guys are speaking in codes?

NIK: No, no, we're not. It's just a dinner party the four of us had, Lucky, Emily, and Elizabeth and me. It was kind of a celebration of our friendship. And then Lucky was gone a while, but we never thought we'd be together again.

LIZ: But then he came back.

NIK: Yeah, and we are now older and wiser

LUCKY: We are?

NIK: All right, look, we're older


NIK: And, you know

LUCKY: We don't have a clue.

NIK: So as I was saying, we learned how precious friendship is. And the one thing I am planning on for the years to come is more great dinners with you guys.

LIZ: And that is definitely something to be thankful for.

NIK: That's right.




LIZ: Hey, come on in.

JUAN: Hey. Happy Thanksgiving.

LIZ: Yeah. To you, too.

JUAN: This is a loaf of Hannah's spice bread.

LIZ: Ooh, great. Thank you.

JUAN: Yeah. Is Emily here yet?

NIK: I thought she was coming with you.

JUAN: No, I offered to pick her up, but she said she'd come on her own as soon as she could get away.

LIZ: Oh, well, maybe her family's just giving her a hard time.

JUAN: Yeah, or maybe she stopped by to see Zander.

LIZ: Well, I suppose she could have stopped by to cheer him up, considering it is thanksgiving.

JUAN: You know that's not the only reason.

LUCKY: Don't bring this up when Emily's gets here. It only pushes her closer to Zander.

GIA: Well, turkey's ready. We should go get it.

NIK: Yeah, good idea.

LUCKY: Thank you. Mmm. This looks good.

GIA: Do you think you can handle this without me?

NIK: Not a problem.

(Gia leaves)



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