The New Years Non-Rockin' Eve

Lucky relaxes on the bed when Liz suddenly enters his room doning party favors, balloons, and plastic hats

Elizabeth: Okay, Lucky...What color hat do you want blue pink or black?

Lucky: Hat? For what?

Elizabeth: New Years Eve, silly! We have to celebrate!

Lucky: oh. . . yeah. . . celebrating

Elizabeth: Yeah! So here your noise maker. AND Dick Clark is on in half an hour

Lucky: Noise maker? ~your squeaky @$$ voice is enough noise~

Elizabeth ignores him and blows excitedly on a noise maker

Lucky: I can't believe we're staying here and watching Dick Clark. Why don't we go find Gia. . .

Lucky: Oh yeah. . . and Nikolas

Elizabeth: I'm sure Nikolas and Gia are having plenty of fun by themselves...although I'M not there

Lucky: (looking like he ate some bad shellfish) Uh huh. . . I'm sure.

Elizabeth: Awwww. . . honey, are you sick??

Elizabeth: poor baby....

Lucky: ~Nikolas? fun? Uh huh. He doesn't even know what to do with Gia ~

Elizabeth: I can go make some chicken noodle soup to make your
tummy feel better

Elizabeth: Lucky? are you listening to ME??

Lucky: (pushes Liz away slightly) yeah. . I. . . uh. . . just have a lot on my mind ~like Gia~

Elizabeth: ME???

Elizabeth: That is so sweet of you to think of ME

Lucky: uh. . . yea. . . YEAH. . . of course. . . I'm always thinking about YOU

Lucky: ~Yeah, if you were Gia~

Elizabeth: OF COURSE ME!

Elizabeth: Oh darn! I forgot the sparkling lemonade

Elizabeth: tastes just like...champagne. . . mmmm

Lucky: ~sparkling. . . like Gia's eyes in the moonlight. . . ~

Elizabeth: Lucky?? Am I THAT distracting??

Lucky: (Suddenly remembering Liz is there) Yeah, um. . . your beauty takes me away

Elizabeth: You are so sweet to me...what would I EVER do without you??

Lucky: Elizabeth, you're all I need ~besides Gia~

Elizabeth: Of course I'm all you need!! What would YOU ever do without ME???

Lucky: (just smiling) ~If I wasn't with you, I'd be with Gia, dumb@$$~

Elizabeth: Awwww. . . this is nice...huh? Just you and ME and Dick Clark....

Lucky: yeah. . . it's nauseating. . . I mean. . . NICE

Elizabeth: hmmm...maybe I should go fix you that soup...

Lucky: NO! I mean. . . no thank you

Elizabeth: But why not?

Lucky: Well. . . um. . . ~what would Gia say~

Lucky: ~Gia would lie her @$$ off~

Lucky: . . . I just need a peppermint or something

Elizabeth: I forgot to tell you earlier! Gia called and asked if we wanted to spend New Years Eve with them....

Lucky: (Lucky's eyes suddenly light up) REALLY? ARE YOU SERIOUS? THAT'S FANTASTIC!

Elizabeth: . . .I told her thanks, but no thanks because we just wanted it to be just us. Isn't she sweet to think of us though??

Lucky: You did WHAT?

Elizabeth: Well, I just said that we wanted to be alone to bring in the new

Elizabeth: Isn't that what you want Lucky Wucky?

Lucky: (totally clueless) Why would we want to be alone?

Elizabeth: (taken aback by the question) So we can spend time together of course

Lucky: Oh . . . yeah. . . that

Elizabeth: We missed so much time because of everything that happened this summer

Lucky: ~You mean the time when I almost got rid of you?~

Elizabeth: Helena can't touch us anymore and we're free just you and me. Lucky, it's us forever. Thank God for the permanet lock, right?

Lucky: (almost puking) Yeah. . . ::cough::. . . Thank God

Elizabeth: Are you sure you don't want that soup?

Elizabeth: I mean I will be gone for 5 minutes but I'll be right back

Lucky: (not being able to control himself any longer) Would you stop with the soup already?

Elizabeth: But you look so ill!

Lucky: ~Not as ill as you look. . . Hey, I could get rid of her this way~

Lucky: Yeah, um. . . actually, could you run to the grocery store?

Elizabeth: SURE!

Lucky: GREAT! I just need some tea or something to warm me up

Elizabeth: OK, I'll be back as soon as possible sweet cheeks! (to herself) sweet cheeks? Where have I heard that before?!

(Gia walks in on Nikolas at the cottage.)

Nikolas: Hey gorgeous! How was shopping?

Gia: (slightly pushes him away) Uh great. ~didn't see Lucky there...:::sob:::...COMPOSE yourself Gia!~

Gia: How was uh....lounging around the house?

Nikolas: Is that what you think that I do while your gone? "Lounge"??? I AM a Prince you know. I have important Cassedine business to do

Gia: Oh yeah...that....How was business?

Nikolas: stifling. (begins to ramble on) You know Jose Carolla? He left a whole bunch of invoices in my desk.

Gia: Uh-huh...right right, thats good...

Nikolas: I had to go all through them and sort November 2000 from November 1999. . . it was awful. . .

Gia: ~Lucky doesn't do business...He's cool, calm, and collective. And he sure as hell treats me as's just a name to Nikolas~

Gia: ~Wheres Lucky when I need him???~

Nikolas: . . . Then, Barbara Weiss accidently bumped a vase on the 81st floor of our building and spilled some type of plant liquid on our bonds. . . I had no idea what she was talking about

Gia: (picking at her fingernails) ~How long is this guy gonna yack my head off?? Lucky always lets me get a few words in here and there~ Oh Barbara Weiss....she's kinda clumsy. . .

Nikolas: She called me on the phone and was all freaked out

Gia: Don't hold it against her

Nikolas: What? Oh yeah, I won't

Gia: good

Nikolas: So, anyway. . . I've got a surprise for you

Gia: Oh yeah? What?

Nikolas: (wraps his hands around her waist)

Gia: this it? I beleive we've been in this position before

Nikolas: No, this isn't it

Gia: Oh, okay. What is it?

Nikolas: It's something in this box (grabs a small necklace sized box off of the table)

Gia: Oh. That's very sweet, but what's the occasion?

Nikolas: I don't need an occasion do I? (opens the box) Gia, you don't even have a necklace with turquoise and diamonds!

Gia: Oh my, thank you Nikolas, but this is too much

Nikolas: Too much? What are you talking about?

Gia: I don't need a necklace with turquoise and diamonds

Gia: I have plenty of necklaces already, and bracelets, and rings....and anklets...

Nikolas: (laughs) Well of course you don't NEED it. That's why it's a frivolous token of my affection. How will you know how much I love you if I don't buy you jewelry?

Gia: ~Lucky treats me like a human, not someone who is dire need of jewles of every color. This is so annoying~

Gia: Well you could start by telling me you love me ~genius~

Nikolas: I thought I did (scowls)

Gia: You told me with jewerly....not your heart ~What am i saying?!~ Why should tokens of affection be frivilous?? Is that what I am to you??

Nikolas: Why are you getting so upset? You know I love you. You are the only woman for me. Just like I'm the only man for you.

Gia: uh right....

Gia: ~"the only man"??? I beg to differ....~ (dreams of Lucky for a few moments)

Nikolas: (kisses her on the cheek) Now lets stop this foolish bickering, Gia.

Nikolas: GIA?

Gia: (blinks eyes rapidly) Yes?? What are we stopping again?

Nikolas: Let's stop bickering. I ordered some baked seafood from the Grille.

Nikolas: Then we can take a bubblebath. . .

Nikolas: (pulls her close) It will be great

Gia: (forces a smile) Super.

Gia: But um, Nikolas, I don't think seafood and bubble bath mix well

Nikolas: Don't be ridiculous. Bubblebath goes with everything! You can eat shrimp cocktail while I play with my rubber ducky

Gia: Uhh yeah.... (laughs nervously). . Whatever you say

Nikolas: Great!

Gia: but umm....

Nikolas: (sighs) What is it now?

Gia: Don't get that attitude with me!

Nikolas: I'm not getting an attitude, Gia. I just don't know why you're being so distant

Gia: I'm not being distant I'm being honest ~not that you would know what that is....~

Nikolas: Well, as long as you're not angry with me. . .

Gia: (rolls eyes)

Nikolas: (totally oblivious to her eye roll, pulls her in close and passionately kisses her on the lips)

Gia: (surprised by the kiss, pats him on the shoulder repeatedly to get his attention cause he WON'T let go!)

Gia: (finally pushes him away) So has Lucky called to rethink New Years

Nikolas: No. Elizabeth called and apologetically declined your offer

Gia: Oh ~The b**ch~

Nikolas: She said that she and Lucky would rather be alone this New Years

Gia: Oh ~correction to self: she's a selfish b**ch~

Nikolas: But it's okay, because just like Liz, I rather be with my sweetheart tonight

Gia: Ohh how....sweet

Nikolas: (turning on the tv) Look, Gia, the ball is about to drop

(crowds on the tv: 20! 19! 18! 17. . . !)

Gia: wow. . . that's something you don't see every year. Wait a second. . . yeah, it IS.

Gia: (walking away from living room)

Nikolas: Nik runs towards her as the clock approaches midnight

(Gia knows what is coming and braces herself)

(As New Years is announced Nik kisses Gia softly)

Nikolas: I love you, Gia

Gia: ~You can get through this's're kissing Lucky~

Gia: I love you too Lu--Nikolas




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