The Mentors

Coltin and Marisa need to hang out with Maurice and Sarah! Can't you just picture them following M&S around with little notepads, taking notes and once and awhile saying "oh that was a good line....did you get that?!" "Oh yeah...I wrote every syllable down!" haha! That's be great. Then later on one of them goes "Damn, my pen ran out of ink" and the other goes "Oh good, this means I'm gonna get ahead in our notes and win the battles!!"

Maurice: See what ya gotta do is make this angry face like, "GRRRRRRRRRRR" you try it, Coltin

Coltin: Ok I think I got it, Maurice. Marisa, tell me when you're scared. . ."gr. . gr. . . grr?" 

Maurice: NO NO NO!!! And Marisa, you laughing at him isn't the best confidence booster...

Marisa: Sorry...but it was just so funny (mockingly) "gr. . . gr. . . grr???" HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Coltin: Shut up!

Maurice: That's it! Go with that! Go with that anger. Now during your scenes today, remember this anger and go with it!

Coltin: (whining) . . . but we have to make out and say we love each other 5 billion times...

Sarah: Whatever. Today you are going become a great actor. See. . . (leans in to them and whispers) the writers here have no idea what the hell they are talking about, and since you two know your characters best, you know that they are better together when they bicker. So. . you're going to adlib your scenes, right?

Marisa: Adlib?

Sarah: That's what I said

Coltin: So YOU want US to adlib bickering scenes for today's show...?

Maurice: Yes, it'll be great.

Coltin: Even if it has nothing to do with what's supposed to be going on?

Maurice: No, no, no. . . here...since you are obviously so uncomfortable with the idea...go with the first scene. . . look for keywords to punch it up and see if anything you're saying could possibly trigger any ticked off emotions...okay?

Marisa: Okay.

Coltin: I dunno

Marisa: Ugh! Coltin, just follow me. After all, I KNOW what I'm doing

Coltin: What?! I'VE been here for what? 2 and a half years! I KNOW what I'M doing!

Marisa: 2 and a half years? A lot of good it's done too...

Sarah: Wait! Stop right there! Continue this argument! You two look so cute!



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