March 8th 2001

In the park, N&G just got back from Nikolas taking Gia horseback riding


Nik:  And there's no possible way you could be needing help to carry you -- that you could be sore. You were on the horse for less than an hour, Gia.

Gia:  Well, the only horse I've ever been on was at the merry-go-round, ok? 

Nik:  All right, well, you need a few more sessions before you're ready for Sheba, that's for sure. Doughnut?

Gia:  Yeah. Why not? My career is over and I may never sit down again without pain.

Nik:  Hmm, well, a hot bath could take care of that.

Gia:  Ooh. Lead me to it.

Nik:  And maybe a massage. That might help, huh?

Gia:  Are you offering?

Nik:  Well, I -- I have an opening in my schedule.

Gia:  Well, sign me up. (they kiss, Lucky walks over)

Gia:  Lucky.

Nik:  Hey.

Gia:  How'd -- how'd the photo shoot go?

Lucky:  It didn't.


Lucky:  Yeah, Carly pulled every stunt in the book to make sure Elizabeth failed.

Nik:  She ok?

Lucky:  She took off.

Gia:  She bailed on the photo shoot?

Nik:  No, forced out sounds more like it.

Lucky:  Don't get your hopes up. The photo shoot was delayed, not canceled.

Gia:  Did I say anything?

Nik:  So, Lucky, where's your little buttercup now, huh?

Lucky:  She's probably at her studio. She said she needed some time alone.

Nik:  Well, you sure that's a good idea if she's hurting?

Lucky:  I think I'm going to go check on her, make sure she's ok.


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