March 6th, 2001

At Deception, Laura went "missing" so Carly covered by saying that both Gia and Elizabeth were still in the running for the job.


Nik:  Did you know that Carly was going to announce you're still in the running?

Gia:  Of course not. I had no idea.

Nik:  I guess it doesn't matter. My mother already chose Elizabeth.

Lucky:  Yes, she has. Have you seen mom?

Nik:  No, but I think i have a good idea of someone who might have.

Lucky:  I'm with you.

Gia:  Look, let's not make trouble with Carly right now.

Nik:  Wait a second. You've been so desperate for this job. Carly just announced that you're still a finalist. Now, you're not even curious to find out if it's true?

Lucky:  My mother wouldn't have missed the announcement for anything. You got rid of her, and I want to know how.

Carly:  Your imagination's working overtime, cuz.

Lucky:  How do you do it, carly? You must have come up with a pretty elaborate lie to get my mother to leave the room.

Carly:  You know what, Lucky? If you find your mother, I'd really like to know where she went because I don't appreciate being stranded here with all these reporters hounding me. I don't have a speech prepared. I had to wing it.

Lucky:  And you enjoyed every minute of it -- showcasing Gia, undercutting Elizabeth, and nobody here to interfere.

Carly:  You know what? I'm not Elizabeth's biggest fan. And guess what, Lucky -- that's no big secret.

Lucky:  Well, the choice is made, Carly. Elizabeth is the Face of Deception.

Carly:  Not without my vote she's not.

Lucky:  My conniving cousin suddenly runs the place? I don't think so!

Sonny:  Lucky, Lucky, Lucky -- hey -- you're speaking to my wife.

Lucky:  Yeah, I'll speak to her any way I feel like when she double-crosses my mother like that.

Sonny: : No, you won't.

Alexis:  Hey, guys, can I just make one last suggestion for the evening? How about we don't do this right now because raised voices garner unwanted attention.

Carly:  That's ok.

Nik:  Well put.

Carly:  Not a problem because the party's over anyway. Go home.

Lucky:  I'm not leaving till I find my mother.

Nik:  I'll stay with you.

Carly:  Lucky, it's not a big deal. I'm sure that she's just off making a phone call to Paris or something.

Lucky:  Yeah, well, we'll find out, won't we?

Carly:  Suit yourself, cuz. (Sonny, Carly, and Alexis leave)

Liz:  Did anybody else just feel the tension drop about 500% when Carly left the room?

Lucky:  Now all we have to do is find mom.

Nik:  Well, Carly set her up, and our mother will have her head.


Gia:  Is Nikolas calling the police?

Liz:  Why shouldn't he be?

Gia:  Well, it just seems a little extreme.

Liz:  I don't know who he's on the phone with, but the point is to find Laura.

Lucky:  I checked the offices. There was only a few open. Nobody's seen her.

Gia:  Well, did it ever occur to anyone that maybe she didn't feel well so she went home?

Lucky:  I called. She wasn't there.

Gia:  Ok. I was just trying to help.

Liz:  Did you check with the night guard downstairs?

Lucky:  Yeah, he just came on his shift. He hasn't seen her leave.


Liz:  (looking over a list) I've never heard of half of these people.

Lucky:  Most of them are business contacts. Scott Baldwin.

Liz:  Hmm.

Lucky:  He was at the party with --

Nik:  Yes, yes, that's mom's lawyer. We should contact him.

Lucky:  There's Mac Scorpio. I saw him with her as well.

Liz:  And I didn't see him after.

Nik:  Well, maybe -- maybe he left early.

Lucky:  Can always track him down, too.

Nik:  We could.

Gia:  Your mother's been out of touch. There's no reason to alert the police commissioner.

Liz:  Nobody's heard from her, Gia. That doesn't strike you as odd?

Nik:  She could be in trouble.

Gia:  Laura's not in any danger. Carly would never do anything like that.

Lucky:  And how do you know that?

Gia:  Oh, here we go again.

Lucky:  You know, when Carly wants something, she doesn't care who she hurts. You should ask my Uncle Tony. She shot him.

Gia:  I doubt Carly shot Laura. She must have diverted her as a ploy -- I mean, to let Elizabeth change her mind if she didn't want the deception job.


Lucky:  You mean Carly locked you on the roof?

Laura:  Who else?

Liz:  Well, at least she didn't do any real harm.

Nik:  Yeah, Elizabeth's right. You're ok, mom, and that is all that matters.

Laura:  Yeah, what about about everyone else, you know? Carly was cruel and manipulative to both of you girls. You realize that, don't you, Gia? She gave you false hope. And you, Elizabeth -- she ruined what was supposed to be your big night. Not to mention lying to the press.

Scott:  Well, she's a liar at heart.

Laura:  I know that, i know that. And I'm sick and tired of it.

Nik:  Is there anything that we can do?

Laura:  Well, no, not now.

Scott:  Listen, laura, go home, get some rest. I'll take care of --

Laura:  No, no. We are going to straighten this out tonight. We are. And we're going to get a fresh start in the morning.

Lucky:  Ok, ok. Well, we'll be ready for the photo shoot.

Liz:  We'll see you in the morning.

Laura:  Great.

Liz:  Good night, you guys.

Mac:  Good night.

Laura:  Thanks.

Nik:  Shall we go?

Gia:  Mrs. Spencer, I'm really glad you're ok.

Laura:  Thank you. (Laura leaves) 


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