"Looking for A Place to Land"

Chapter 9

This Chapter was written by Amanda

Gia: (pulls her hands out from under Lucky's, and looks at Nikolas) Uhm...

Nikolas: (chuckles) What is with you guys? (pulls up a chair) You have to lie to poor Maxie and tell her your dating just to (looks at Lucky) get her off your back?

Lucky: (laughs, relieved) Yeah...crazy kid... (looks at Gia, and laughing relief)

Nikolas: I gotta tell you, that's low man... (looks at Gia) and I'm surprised you played along...

Gia: (slightly slightly offended) Why is that?

Nikolas: (shrugs) I don't know...I just can't picture the two of you together, or you even wanting to be together...

Gia: (shoving any comment back down her throat) Oh. (rests her head up with her hand)

Lucky: So did you have any idea?

Nikolas: About the crush? (Lucky nods) No.

Lucky: (looks at Gia who lets her hand fall back onto the table, laughs) Oh.

Nikolas: Why?

Gia: (shakes her head) Nothing...

Waitress: (puts 2 coffees down on the table) Ok, here you go.

Lucky: Thanks (reaches for wallet)

Nikolas: (stops him) Hey, I got it

Gia: Oh, thanks

Lucky: Yeah, thanks man...but listen we gotta go (him and Gia get up) See ya.

Nikolas: Oh ok, bye. (they leave and he watches the door, then turns back to his seat)

~~~Back at the studio~~~

Gia: (she walks in, followed by Lucky who shuts the door) I thought for sure he knew...I don't know how he would've considering no one else knows, but I thought for sure he did.

Lucky: (sticks his hands in his pockets) Yeah, me too. (glances down but then back at her) It was kind of a rush, huh?

Gia: (1/2 thinking about something else) Uh-huh.

Lucky: (slowly walks towards her) A good rush though, right? Not one that you want to give up on...

Gia: (still thinking about something else) Yup. (her thoughts are put to rest when she realizes he's right in front of her) Oh...

Lucky: (smiles) I'm glad I interest you so

Gia: (smiles back) Sorry...

Lucky: Well I'll just pretend it was me you were thinking about, and let it slide (she rolls her eyes, and he kisses her, catching her off-guard...they make their way over to the couch, the situation getting more intense, and just as he's taking her coat off, there's a knock at the door) Damn.

Gia: (get's up and puts coat back on) It's a good thing...remember our deal? (he nods) All right then. (stops and looks in the mirror, fixing her lipgloss) (more knocking) Coming! (Lucky straightens his shirt and leans back on the couch) (Gia opens the door) Hey, Zander

Zander: Hey (looks around) am I interrupting?

Lucky: (Uhh...ya think? God I was *this* close...) No no, not at all, we were just taking a coffee break (walks over to them)

Zander: Oh

Gia: (glances at Lucky, then looks at Zander again) So what's up?

Zander: Well, I just thought I'd let you both know--

Gia: Wait how'd you know we'd both be here?

Zander: Gut feeling...anyway, well really Carly wants you to know that the club is in full swing and you both have standing invitations.

Lucky: That's great, but I didn't know the club was by invitation only?

Zander: Well depending on the day, sometimes, yes it is. (shrugs) I guess... (rolls eyes) I don't know, ya know? Ask Carly. See ya (turns to leave, but Gia grabs his jacket)

Gia: No wait, what's going on?

Zander: Nothing, nothing....nothing I can't handle.

Gia: Uh-huh, does this have to do with Carly....and you?

Zander: How'd you know?

Lucky: (speaks up) She knows everything... she even knew Maxie Jones has had a crush on me for a few years now.

Zander: (looks at Lucky) Really? (Gia rolls her eyes)

Gia: Yes, but we aren't here to talk about Maxie Jones' love life...we're talking about yours.

Zander: (looks at Gia skeptically) Ya know, I never thought I would ask you for advice

Gia: You're not. I offered, you didn't ask. Now what about Carly?

Zander: (glances at Lucky) Well...

Lucky: Wait! I'm not going to listen to anything that has to do with my cousin....in that way...gives me the heebee jeebees

Gia: (laughs) fine you can leave

Lucky: Fine, I'm outta here...see ya. (he leaves)

Zander: So what's going on with you and Lucky??

Gia: (half smiles) No. We're talking about you and Carly

Zander: Carly and I know what we're getting ourselves into, the question is do you and Lucky know what you're getting into?


Carly: (sees Lucky) Hey cuz.

Lucky: (fake smiles) Hi Carly

Carly: So is Gia up there with Zander?

Lucky: Yes, but wait, you know?

Carly: I know exactly what they're talking about.

Lucky: Then why does he need to talk to Gia? We have work to do...

Carly: Uh-huh, work. Right. Listen they're talking about you and Gia. I think you're a cute couple.

Lucky: (looks at her)


Gia: What do you mean? I'm going to get a job. Soon...

Zander: No that's not it...well to get to the point, you guys go well together. It just looks like it was supposed to be this way.

Gia: That'd be great if we were together that way but--

Zander: (rolls eyes) Gia...I'm not going to tell anyone

Gia: That's fine, because there is nothing to tell, Lucky and I are not together we simply work together and enjoy spending time together.


Lucky: Ok, for the 1000th time, Gia and I are not together, got it? (sees Zander coming down the stairs) But then, I hope you and Zander have a great time together (smirks)

Carly: What?

Zander: Ok, Lucky...she's all yours

Lucky: (frustrated) God... (leaves)


Lucky: (walks in) Listen Gia...(looks around) Gia?

Gia: (comes out of bathroom) Lucky, I thinking we should cut this short today... I just have other things I need to do a.s.a.p.

Lucky: Oh...yeah I was thinking the same thing.

Gia: Good (puts hair up in the clip) So I'm gonna go.

Lucky: All right. (she grabs her purse)

Gia: (heading towards the door) Ok... bye (kisses him on the lips real quick...tempted to make it longer, but pulls back) Bye.

Lucky: Bye. (she leaves)

~~~At Gia's place~~~

Gia: (walks in) Ahh... home sweet home... (looks upstairs) bed..here I come. (goes to shut the door)

Alexis: (sticks her foot in the way) Gia wait. (Gia looks at her) Hi. (smiles) Can I talk to you?

Gia: About what? (opens the door and Alexis walks in, Gia shuts the door)

Alexis: (standing in the middle of the room) About.. (looks around) nice place.

Gia: (smiles) Thanks

Alexis: Yeah, anyway...I want to talk to you about your... your father. (Gia is surprised)


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