"Looking for A Place to Land"

Chapter 8

This Chapter was written by Amanda

Gia: (reading the note in her head) Gia, what can I say? Every time I see you, my heart races, why must you do this to me? But now that you have done this to me, I like it, a lot. It's almost unbearable when it's not happening, which is why I have come to the conclusion that we need to do this again, very soon. What do you think? Well, I look forward to seeing you at the next photoshoot. Chow babe. (Gia laughs, puts her coat on, and leaves)

~~Lucky and Gia are back at the studio, because it's raining outside~~

Lucky: (sets camera down) Ok, how about we take a break?

Gia: Good (walks over to the couch) my feet are killing me...(looks at him with a sly grin) I had to walk home last night...alone. (takes sandals off)

Lucky: (leaning on table) Oh. (smiles) That. (glances away)

Gia: (laughs) I'm just kidding (walks over towards him) Well, I did have to walk home, but that wasn't a problem. I think the problem was the "alone" part...what's up with you ditching me? (smiles)

Lucky: (sarcastically) Ha. (serious) Don't even go there with me Campbell.

Gia: You agreed.

Lucky: I know.... I also technically didn't ditch you... I said "good-bye"and I also...well unless...

Gia: (smiles) I got it

Lucky: (looks at her with a half-smile) And?

Gia: AND I feel the same way, I've...I've felt the same way for awhile now. (they smile at each other...which is followed by an awkward period of silence)

Lucky: (takes a deep breath) So, what do you say we get out of here?

Gia: (a little worried) If this is a date, I really need to change first

Lucky: No, no. Not that you don't look great as it is, but it's just a coffee break.

Gia: Oh. Well, that I can handle.

Lucky: Yea, so grab your coat, and let's go.

Gia: Ok. (walks over to the couch and grabs her coat, she walks back towards Lucky, putting her coat on) Let's go. (he shuts the lights off and they leave).

~~In the rain, along the docks~~

Gia: (looking around) Lucky I've lived here long enough to know this was not a shortcut to Kelly's.

Lucky: Yeah, I know. Just-- (stops her in front of the steps)

Gia: What---(points up the stairs) look, Kelly's is just right there, now let's go it's pouring

Lucky: I know, I know. There is just something I've wanted to do all day.

Gia: What's that? Get hypothermia? God, first pneumonia and now this...

Lucky: (smiles and rolls his eyes) Yes, Gia I have been dying to get hypothermia all day.

Gia: (smirks) Well then what?

Lucky: This (cups her face and kisses her passionately) (Gia is surprised, at first. She raises her eyebrows, but about 2 seconds later she wraps her arms around Lucky's neck and continues the kiss)

Gia: (pulling away, almost breathless) Oh. (fixes the collar on his jacket then takes a small step back) Well...(glances away for a second) how about that coffee?

Lucky: Yeah. Right. Coffee. (they walk up the stairs like nothing ever happened)

~~Lucky and Gia walk into Kelly's. They're about to take a seat at a table when Maxie waltzs over to them~~

Maxie[] with a misplaced smirk) Hey you two

Gia: (takes a deep breath and flashes a fake smile) Hi Maxie

Lucky: (places his arm around Gia's waist) Hi

Maxie: I'm glad I ran into you, both of you

Gia: (surprised) Really? You're glad? Last I heard you wanted me to go to hell.

Maxie: Oh, that... (glances away) sorry (looks back at them) Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know that you can drop the act.

Lucky: What act?

Maxie: (motioning with hands at Lucky's arm around Gia's waist) This. (looks at their faces) I asked around, you aren't fooling me anymore

Gia: (lost) Wait--what? You asked around? What??

Maxie: (takes an uninvited seat) Well after our last conversation, I was a little confused on some things...

Gia: (under her breath) Ha. That's an understatement. (Lucky hears her and stifles his laugh which causes her to smile)

Maxie: (ignoring them) ...so I went to visit Nikolas (Gia's smile fades, and she arches an eyebrow at Maxie) I asked him how the two of you were, and he told me something v-e-r-y interesting...

Lucky: (bored) Get to the point

Maxie: You two aren't dating (looks directly at Lucky) You just lied to me...I didn't think you were like that Lucky

Lucky: Well, uhh--

Gia: He's not

Maxie: (looks at Gia) What?

Gia: I technically lied to you, and with good reason, but Lucky was just helping out a friend.

Maxie: What did you have to lie to me about?

Gia: I was lying to keep you from getting hurt

Maxie: Oh God, don't go any further (turns to Lucky) Listen Lucky, I'll let it slide, but you have my number (Lucky scratches the back of his neck trying to think of something to say, but Maxie gets up to leave)

Gia: (pushes her back in the chair, disgusted) No! You listen you little daughter-of-a-police-comissioner-slut-wannabe! Lucky doesn't love you, you don't love Lucky...it's a crush! A stupid crush at that! And it's high-time you found out why they call them "crushes"! Listen, I'm going to give you a little advice...

Maxie: (rolls her eyes) I don't need--

Gia: (sits down) I don't care. My advice to you is to go out and find some guy who will love you as much as you love him and THEN sleep with him. Or better yet, wait until you're married, trust me, it'll save you A LOT of troble in the long run.

Maxie: (obviously getting Gia's drift) Yeah, whatever. (she leaves and Lucky takes her seat)

Lucky: (watching the door) Wow (turns back to Gia)

Gia: (rolls eyes) Stupid kid...turns 18 and the first thing she does is want to get laid by an (puts up hands to quote) "older man"(glances away)

Lucky: (laughs) Well, I just wonder how long she's had this "crush" on me.

Gia: More like a damn obsession! But to answer your question, for at least as long as I've been here in Port Charles.

Lucky: You think?

Gia: You don't? Have you not seen the way she looks at you?

Lucky: (looks away) (quietly) no...

Gia: (laughs and rubs her temples) You're so daft! (lays arms on the table) Men are so daft.

Lucky: Hey now...

Gia: God, it must've killed the poor girl to see you with Elizabeth

Lucky: (remembers) Oh yeah...

Gia: (narrows eyes) What?

Lucky: I wanted to ask you how she was doing? (Gia is a little disappointed) Well I was just wondering how she's been since she left town. I haven't heard from her, and since when she left the two of you were...well you had resolved things, right? (she nods) And you and Audrey are the only ones with any contact with her, so I was just curious...

Gia: Why don't you ask Audrey?

Lucky: Because, she hates me. She thinks I'm to blame for Elizabeth leaving town.

Gia: Well you are...

Lucky: Oh thanks...

Gia: Well no, if, well you know... if that hadn't happened then she wouldn't have gone to Jason...

Lucky: (disappointed, but attempting to hide it) So she's with Jason?

Gia: (bites her bottom lip and looks glances down, then looks back up at him) Yeah, I'm sorry.

Lucky: No, it's all right. It's just....ok...question...

Gia: What?

Lucky: Well, say you fell out of love with Nikolas, but you were willing to give it all you had to fall back in love with him again, but he just couldn't take it...

Gia: (looking uncomfortable) Is there a question in here anywhere?

Lucky: Yeah. My question is, who would you want to see Nikolas move onto? An old friend who obviously loves him but could very much get him killed, or someone new who could possibly be the killer?

Gia: (thinks for a while) Ya know Lucky, I honestly don't know.

Waitress: (walks over) Can I take your order?

Lucky: (breaks eye contact with Gia) Yeah, two coffees to go, please. (she nods and walks away)

Gia: Thanks for ordering for me... (rolls eyes) Oh well, typical male...

Lucky: Did you or did you not want coffee? (raises eyebrows)

Gia: (scoots closer to the table) Relax. ( they smile at each other)

Nikolas: (walks in, sees them, and heads to their table) Hey

Lucky: Hey

Nikolas: So you two have been dating for over a month, huh? Who wants to explain this one to me? (looks between the two of them, who look at each other in shock)


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