"Looking for A Place to Land"

Chapter 7

This Chapter was written by Michelle

Lucky:  I want to get to know you well enough that when I'm taking your picture, I can predict your next pose. . . I want to know you well enough that when we're talking, I can read your mind. . . I want to know you well enough that when you walk in the room, I won't even have to look. I'll just know you're there

Gia: (speechless) (inhales to regain her composure) I think we can handle that

Lucky:  (kissing her slowly and the cheek) Good. Because we've got a lot of work to do.

Gia:  Work. . . . Right.


(Gia sits waiting at The Port Charles Grille drumbing her fingers on the table.  Lucky was 20 minutes late meeting her there after their shoot in the park.  He said that he just had to run home and drop off his camera and equiptment.  She hadn't complained. After all, there was no way she was going to show up at the Grille without taking a hot shower and changing clothes.  On the other hand, 20 minutes was way too long to wait when she had expected to eat at 7.)

(Finally Lucky walks in the door, hair still wet from obviously taking a shower and his clothes looking slightly disheveled.)

Gia--Dear Lord. He wore a suit. A suit?  Oh my God. Oh. . . my. . . God. Damn, he looks fine.  His hair is kind messed up. . . but I can deal with that.  Oh yeah. I. . . can. . . deal. . . with. . . THAT.  Okay, shut up, Gia. He's coming over here.

(Lucky walks toward the table straightening his jacket and fixing his tie)

Lucky--All right, Spencer. Doing good. Twenty minutes late and still looking like a disaster.  And look at Gia.  She looks gorgeous.  Look at that dress.  I've heard of a little black dress, but a little red dress?  Something that hot should be illegal.  Okay, stop it. She's looking right at you.  Look rushed. Look sympathetic.  DON'T look like a moron.

(Lucky arrives at the table)

Lucky:  (sitting down next to her) Look, Gia. I'm really sorry. I just--

(Gia leans over to examine his face)


Lucky:  What? What?! I know I'm late but--

Gia: Lucky, I can't believe you. Of course you're late. But look at you! (she runs her fingers through his hair) Your hair is soaking wet!

Lucky:  (growing hot from her touch) Yeah, I'm sorry---

Gia:  (continuing to search through his hair for signs of wetness)  You're sorry?  Lucky, you could have caught pneumonia!

Lucky:  (trying his best to not be affected by the fingers messaging his scalp)  Yeah, I know. Thanks

(The waiter arrives and they both order their food and beverages. After the waiter leaves, Gia catches Lucky staring at her)

Gia:  I know I'm a model, but I didn't know I was so captivating.

Lucky:  (snapping out of his trance) Wha'?

Gia:  You're staring

Lucky:  Oh. Well, I was just thinking how cold you look.

Gia:  (teasing)  Yeah, well the ice cold water on your head must have given my hands frostbite.

Lucky:  (looking ashamed) I'm sorry.

Gia:  No problem.  (smiling) It was worth it.

(Lucky meets her gaze and smiles back)

Gia:  (clearing her throat as the waiter arrives with their drinks)  Well, I wanted to make sure that you didn't die or anything

(Lucky laughs as the waiter leaves)

Lucky:  Uh huh. Sure.

(silence follows)

(more silence)

(Lucky takes a sip of his drink)

Gia:  (looking around for inspiration) So. . . . . . seen any good movies lately?

Lucky:  (putting his drink down) Movies? What are those?

Gia:  (examining his face for signs of a head injury) Movies.  You know. . . actors and/or actresses portraying fictitious lives on a big screen?

Lucky:  (smiling) yeah, I think I've heard about those.

(Gia laughs)

Lucky:  Let's just say it's been a long time since I've seen a movie

Gia:  Gotcha.

Lucky:  (tracing the rim of his glass with his fingertip)  So, have you seen any good movies?

Gia:  Eh. . . just my old stand bys.  Like. . . Ever After . . . Men In Black. . .

Lucky: Men In Black?

Gia:  Yeah. You know. . . Aliens, Secret Agents, Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith. . . in a suit.

Lucky:  Now we get to the real

Gia:  (with a far off gaze) Oh yes, there is definitely something sexy about a man in a suit (her eyes turn to meet his)

(Lucky lowers his head humbly and then looks back up to gaze into her eyes)

Gia:  (leaning towards him) There's just one problem

Lucky:  (whispers) What's that?

Gia:  (bringing her hands towards his collar)  (whispers back) Your tie is crooked

(Lucky smiles as Gia begins to adjust the knot.  Then, as he sees Gia struggling to redo his tie, he graps her hands in his and pulls her towards him)

Lucky:  I never liked ties anyway

(Gia looks up just in time to see Lucky's lips come towards hers.  She puts her hands down onto Lucky's leg as he takes his hand and pulls her head down gently so that their lips meet.  As they kiss, Gia wraps her hands around his neck and feels his hands move down her back.  A strange feeling starts to awaken in her chest and it's not hunger. Its lust.  Suddenly she wants nothing more than to "have her way" with him.  As if reading her mind, Lucky pulls back, licks his lips, and takes her hand.)

Lucky: (pulling her out of her chair) (huskily) Follow me

(Gia immediately obeys.  Before they know it, they're in the janitor's office devouring each other with their lips and hands.)

(Gia begins to trace open mouth kisses up Lucky's chest towards his neck.  As she proceeds to trail even more kisses around the side of his neck, she looks down at the floor. Lucky's shirt is down on the floor. When did that get there?  And then she notices:  her dress straps have fallen down and her bra is undone.  Suddenly remembering where they are, Gia stops)

Gia:  (pulling away)  Wait, Lucky. Stop.

(Out of breath, Lucky removes his hands from her lower back)

Lucky:  What? What's wrong?

Gia:  (fastening her bra) Lucky, we're in a public place.

Lucky:  (closing his eyes) Damn, I'm sorry.

Gia:  (picking his shirt up off of the floor) It's alright, Lucky, really.  Actually, I'm glad we stopped before we went. . . you know. . . all the way.

Lucky:  (disappointed) Oh.

Gia:  (helping him put on and button his shirt) It's not like that. It's not that I don't want to. . . believe me. (Lucky smiles) I just think that. . . Well. . . you said that you wanted us to get to know each other better---

Lucky: (wrapping his arms around her) And we are

Gia:  (placing her hands on his arms) Not in the right way

Lucky:  Oh.

Gia:  I just think that we should keep this. . . well. . . non-sexual until we get your portfolio done.

Lucky:  (playing with her hair)  Deal. That gives me initiative.  

Gia:  Wait, there's more.

Lucky:  Goody!

Gia:  (laughing)  I don't think we should tell people about this. . .

Lucky: This what?

Gia:  This. . . thing

Lucky:  "thing." Nice word. And you have a deal.

Gia:  (kissing him on the lips)  Good.  I'll be right back.

(Gia leaves and walks into the ladies' room. She walks back toward the
janitor's room and sniffs)

Gia:  It smells like Lysol in here

Lucky:  (handing her her coat)  Hmmm. . . I wonder why.  

Lucky:  (puting on his coat) I got our coats while you were gone.

Gia:  (chuckling) Really?

Lucky:  Shut up

(After kissing her for the last time, Lucky leads Gia outdoors. )

Lucky:  I guess this is goodbye

Gia:  I guess so

Lucky:  I'll call you later

Gia:  You better

(Gia smiles as she watches Lucky walk away.  She reaches down into her pocket to find her gloves and instead comes across a white napkin  with writing on it)

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