"Looking for A Place to Land"

Chapter 5

This Chapter was written by Amanda

Lucky: Gia, it's not that big of a deal

Gia: Are you kidding me? This room looks depressed!

Lucky: Who did this and who let them in?

Sonny: (comes around the corner) I did...one of my guys called and said he saw some movers leaving and they were complaining about penthouse #5 (Lucky snickers and Gia slaps him on the chest, he shuts up) so I came down here, saw the place still needed to be put together, so I made some calls.

Gia: (smiles) Thank you Sonny (looks at the room in horror, but covers) that was very thoughtful

Sonny: (shrugs) eh, it was nothing, are you sure it's ok?

Gia: It's great, thanks

Sonny: All right (goes to leave, but turns back around) Oh, by the way, I talked to Alexis...she said that Nikolas can't control your money in your bank account...she also said he wouldn't want to

Gia: (curious) You talked to Alexis about that? (he nods) How did you know?

Sonny: I have my ways...

Gia: Well...umm...thanks

Sonny: You're welcome (turns to leave again)

Gia: (thinks) Wait...Sonny (he looks at her) You don't have a hidden agenda do you?

Sonny: (chuckles lightly) No, no I don't (turns and leaves)

Lucky: Wow (they walk inside) Hmmm...do you think he does?

Gia: No, not anymore

Lucky: Oh

Gia: Do you?

Lucky: No, not anymore (they smile) so what are you going to do with this place?

Gia: Well (walks over to end of the couch) We are going to make this room not so depressing

Lucky: (half smiles) Oh, are we ( walks over to the other end of the couch)

Gia: Yes, so let's move this my way (they pick up the couch)


Gia: (standing in the middle of the living room, looking around) Ya know, I think I'm finally feeling it...

Lucky: (sitting on couch) Feeling what?

Gia: Closure. (he looks at her) No, I mean, for about 2 years I came home to the same future with the same person, the same furniture, and the same damn picture frames! (sighs) And now I get to come home to this place...my place...with new furniture, picture frames and a new future...(looks at Lucky) and it feels great.

Lucky: Well I'm happy for you

Gia: (smiles, still looking at him) I think...(scans the room, but back to Lucky) I think we should go out and celebrate and have a good time...how about you?

Lucky: Sounds good to me.

Gia: Good (he stands, and she takes a few steps closer to him) So where should we go?

Lucky: (lightly chuckles) Well Carly's club opens tonight, and we are on the guest list

Gia: (gasps) Perfect! (looks Lucky over) But you need to change...

Lucky: (sarcastically) perfect... (heads towards the door) Should I meet you outside there, or?

Gia: (smiles) Sounds good to me, but bring you're dancing shoes (winks)

Lucky: (laughs) Oh, even better....see ya in an hour.

Gia: Okay, bye (he leaves)

~~Carly's club (name t.b.a.) Zarly is there and they see Lucky and Gia walk in~~

Zander: Carly, I think if they like eachother, we should tell them what the other person is thinking (glances at them) and soon... they deserve to know what type of relationship they're really getting themselves into

Carly: As long as you tell Lucky, I'll tell Gia. I've made my decision after seeing them walk in together...

Zander: (looks at her skeptically) We debated about this for an hour, and it took you 2 seconds for you to finally make a decision??

Carly: Yes...really for Gia's sake

Zander: Huh?

Carly: Gia and I may not always get along, but she has always treated me with respect, which (smiles conceitedly) prior to tonight, was hard to come by...but I think I'm ready and willing to return the gesture.

Zander: (smiles) All right (Lucky and Gia make their way over to them) I feel so weird playing matchmaker

Carly: Yeah, but isn't it fun? Plus, the matching is already made, we just need to let the matchees know, ya know?

Zander: (totally lost) Sure...

Gia: Hey, Carly this place looks great...congradulations

Carly: Thanks (they smile)

Lucky: Yeah, I'm pleasantly surprised

Carly: (smile fades) Thanks...I think

Gia: (turns to Zander) Hey, you clean up really well

Zander: You don't look half bad yourself (looks cleverly between Lucky and Gia) so are you two here on a date?

Lucky: (him and Gia look at eachother and smile) No, we're celebrating

Carly: Oh yeah? What?

Gia: My closure

Zander: (lost) I'm not following...

Lucky: (places his hands on Gia's shoulders) Gia found closure from Nikolas today.

Carly: (smiles) Thats great (Zander elbows her, she looks at him then back at Gia) Uhm, Gia can I talk to you really quick?

Gia: (confused) Umm, sure (looks at Lucky) I'll be right back (Carly tugs Gia's hand and they leave)

Lucky: (also confused) What was that all about?

Zander: Umm...who knows? (shakes his head and laughs) No one! Not with Carly... (Lucky laughs) But listen...there's something I have to tell you about Gia, and it doesn't concern her career

Lucky: (half listening, half watching Carly & Gia, turns to Zander and puts his hand up to stop him) You know what? (hears "From This Moment" by Shania Twain flow through the room) Hold that thought fo 5 minutes, ok? Excuse me (he leaves towards Gia)

Gia: Ok Carly, I'm once again listening, I just hope it's not about anyone's careers, not tonight (folds arms)

Carly: Oh it's not, but it is about Lucky... and you

Gia: (taken aback) Wha-- (Lucky comes over)

Lucky: Excuse me Carly (to Gia) May I have this dance? (holds out hand)

Gia: (smiles) Yes you may (takes his hand, and as Lucky leads her onto the dance floor, she turns around to Carly) tell me later Carly.

Carly: (smiling) No no, go ahead (they leave and Zander comes over) So you told him huh?

Zander: (stunned as he watches them dance) No, I thought you told her?

Carly: (smiling, watching them dance) Maybe we won't have to say anything

Zander: Well, (turns and faces her) would you like to dance?

Carly: (thinks) Hmm (sees Sonny walk in, out of the corner of her eye)...(Zander holds out his hand) I'd love to (she takes his hand, and they begin to dance)

Gia: (out dancing with Lucky) Ohh, look, I told you something was up with them (her and Lucky watch Zander and Carly)

Lucky: Yeah (turns back to her) but right now I could really careless (she smiles).

~~Gia & Lucky step off the elevator~~

Gia: God, my feet are killing me!

Lucky: You'll get over it...just don't be in pain tomorrow

Gia: (looks at him incredibly [note: is this the word i'm looking for??] Oh, thanks for caring...

Lucky: (seriously) You know I do

Gia: (serious herself) Yeah, I know

Lucky: (feeling dangerously close) Well (steps back) I'm gonna go, and let you go to bed

Gia: Yeah, (takes a step towards her door) hey Lucky I had a great time

Lucky: Yeah me too, best time I've had in a couple months

Gia: (thinks) Yeah, me too...(takes a deep breath) well...

Lucky: Yeah...

Gia: Goodnight

Lucky: Night. . .

Gia: (goes inside her PH, but then pops back out real quick) Oh hey, Lucky...wait... (he looks back at her quickly)


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