"Looking for A Place to Land"

Chapter 4

This Chapter was written by Amanda


Gia: What about Lucky?

Carly: (hears Lucky's voice in her head "She's a friend, nothing more...") Oh, um, he quit Deception right?

Gia: (slightly disappointed) Oh. Yeah, why?

Carly: Well, why doesn't he get a job at Jax Cosmetics?

Gia: (stands up) I'm sure he'll pass along a copy of his portfolio there too (pushes in chair) Thanks for the tip though. Bye

Carly: Bye. (she leaves and Carly lets her head fall on top of the table) Stupid Carly, you're stupid! (banging head)


Lucky: Well, what about Gia?

Zander: (hears Gia's voice "You're not doing this....") Umm, I was just wondering, she wants to model professionally again, right?

Lucky: (sighs) Yeah?

Zander: Well is she going to use these pictures for her benefit too? She should try Jax Cosmetics.

Lucky: (picks up bag and coat) Yeah thanks, I'll pass on the advice. (walks past him) Do me a favor will you, shut the door and lock it on your way out?

Zander: Sure

Lucky: Thanks, see ya

Zander: You bet, later (Lucky leaves and Zander hits his forehead with the palm of his hand, talking to himself) Stupid! You're stupid! He was right there! I should've told him...Hell, he should know! Stupid! (turns the light off, locks the door, walks out and closes the door behind him) You're stupid, Zander...

~~The next day Lucky and Gia are at Kelly's discussing any ole thing~~

Lucky: So Zander wanted me to tell you something...

Gia: (looks up) What's that?

Lucky: You should try to get a job at Jax Cosmetics

Gia: Yeah? Carly told me to tell you to try fora job there...

Lucky: Weird... when was this?

Gia: After I left, I ran into her in the middle of Jake's

Lucky: Yeah, that was around the time Zander came in there, just after you left

Gia: Hmmm... oh well (takes a bite of her granola bar, which she found with no trouble at all) I won't lose sleep over it

Lucky: Yeah, me neither. (eats a fry) So here's what I'm thinking for the next shoot...

(Gia puts her magazine away, she was only half reading it anyway) we switch things around

Gia: What do you mean?

Lucky: We put you in a white dress and make the background more exotic, ya know?

Gia: Yeah, I think so, but--

Maxie: (walks over to their table) Excuse me (to Lucky) Lucky I just wanted to remind you of something

Lucky: (looks at her, half smiling) What's that?

Maxie: I'm legal now. (Gia chokes on her granola bar) (to Gia) You all right? (Lucky starts laughing)

Gia: (cough) Yeah (cough) never been better...(one big cough, and clears her throat) Ahh, see...I'm good to go...maybe I'll have a drink or something, would you like to join me?

Lucky: (laughing) I don't think thats what she was talking about

Gia: (gives him a look like "no $h*t sherlock") Oh, well then, (unsure) Maxie, what were you talking about? (smiles)

Maxie: (glares at her, then smiles at Lucky) As long as Lucky knows, I see no need for you to know (Lucky looks pleadingly at Gia)

Gia: (sees the look and decides to help her friend out) Oh, but it is my concern

Maxie: (turns around and looks at her) Why?

Gia: Well....because (thinking)...because Lucky and I are dating.

Maxie: (turns to Lucky, skeptically) You are?

Lucky: (grabs Gia's hand) Yeah.

Maxie: Since when?

Lucky: Umm...about a month now (looks at Gia for confirmation and she nods) Yeah, a month.

Gia: Sorry, sweetie

Maxie: Go to hell (Lucky and Gia are both shocked by the comment, but still have trouble containing their laughter) (Maxie leaves)

Gia: Well, that was fun (laughs a bit more)

Lucky: (drops her hand) Yeah, it was (laughs too) But thanks for the save. (smiles)

Gia: It was nothing, I guess you're just a chick magnet (smiles)

Lucky: We have Luke to thank for that

Gia: (laughs) Yeah we do!

Lucky: But you almost gave us away when you choked on your granola bar

Gia: (laughs) Who wouldn't choke?? God, I wanted to start rolling on the floor, dying of laughter!

Lucky: (laughs) It was hard stifling mine, but at least I didn't choke on my food

Gia: You weren't eating anything!

Lucky: That's besides the point!

Gia: Riiiiiiight.

Lucky: Can we just get out of here please? Before she comes back?

Gia: And where are we going?

Lucky: To your place (she looks at him) to put your furniture where (mockingly) the vibe of the room won't be disturbed

Gia: (hits him in the chest) Oh shut up!

Lucky: Let's go (she grabs her purse, and coat and bites down on her granola bar so she can put her coat on) Cute.

Gia: (rolls eyes, speaking over the 5 inch granola bar in her mouth) Hey, a woman's gotta do (she takes the bar out of her mouth) what a woman's gotta do.

Lucky: That's good to know (they leave)

~~Stepping off the elevator~~

Gia: I still can't believe she just walked up to you and said "Hey, I'm legal"

Lucky: (laughs) Yeah, I know, it's like she thought I was gonna ditch you and give her a tour of my room

Gia: (laughs) Then I really would've died laughing (pulls out keys, unlocks the door and steps inside) Oh hell no.

Lucky: What is it? (steps in and looks around) Oh God.


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