"Looking for A Place to Land"

Chapter 32: The Conclusion

This chapter was written by Amanda and Michelle


The room remains silent with shock.

Carly:  Let's not have everyone jump for joy at once

Luke:  I'm still waiting for the punchline

Carly:  I'm serious, Luke

Bobbie:  (hugging Carly) Congratulations, honey

Gia:  Yeah, congrats you two

Carly and Zander sigh in relief

Bobbie:  Carly, I want you to tell me something

Carly:  It depends.  What do you want to know?

Bobbie:  Since when have you and Zander been dating?

Laura:  Good Question

Zander:  Long enough

Luke:  Well, that answers all of MY burning questions!

Gia:  (smiling at Carly) You better show me that ring, girl!

All of the women crowd around Carly and her left hand.  Lucky walks over to Zander.

Lucky:  Marriage, huh?

Zander nods

Lucky:  Why?

Zander:  I don't know.  I figure. . . love is love.  Why not make it legal?

Lucky:  Yeah. . . but CARLY?

Zander:  Watch it.

Lucky:  (laughs) okay

Zander:  I haven't seen you in awhile.  Well, at least not in any bars. . . Does that mean things are good?

Lucky:  (glancing at Gia) You have no idea

Zander:  Have you thought about popping the question?

Lucky:  WHOA MAN!  You asked Carly to marry you and now what? (laughing) Tag! I'm it?  It's my turn to make a life long committment?

Zander:  I'm serious

Lucky:  Honestly?  No.  I haven't thought about asking Gia to marry me.  Not once.  Especially not right now.  Because:  'a' she was still attached to Nikolas and 'b' she just told me today that she loves me

Zander:  Oh, well at least she fessed up

Lucky:  Yeah, thank God!  I was about to throw myself in front of a speeding train!

Zander chuckles.

Lucky:  Hey, man, I'll be back in a few.  Good luck with Carly.

Zander:  Thanks, I'll need it

Lucky leaves


Nikolas walks up behind Gia and taps her shoulder.  She turns around to look at him.

Nikolas:  We need to talk

Gia:  Yeah, we do.

Gia follows Nikolas out of the room into the vending area.  They walk in on Lucky standing next to the machine with the Snickers bar that is still lodged in the bars.

Lucky:  Fifty. . . Sixty. . Sixty-Five cents!!! ALRIGHT!

He looks up to see Nikolas and Gia.

Lucky:  Oh. . . sorry.  I'm interrupting.  I'll come back later.

Nikolas leans against the machine and the candy bar falls into the dispenser.

Lucky:  MY SNICKERS BAR!  YES!  (he grabs it and leaves)

Nikolas: (smiling nervously after Lucky leaves) Did you tell Lucky we broke up?

Gia: (smiling back) No. . . but I think he got it

Nikolas:  How?

Gia:  Well.. . I suppose he knew something was wrong when I wasn't in any hurry to check on how you were doing about Lulu

Nikolas:  I guess I kinda brushed you off earlier on the phone. . .

Gia:  Nikolas, when I called you back I just wanted to make sure you were okay

Nikolas:  And I acted like a jerk

Gia:  You were upset

Nikolas: I'm sorry, Gia

Gia:  It's fine, Nikolas.  It's okay.

There is a long pause


Nikolas:  So. . .did you tell him that you love him yet?

Gia looks at him stunned.

Nikolas (looking at the floor occasionally):  Well, I'm not stupid, Gia. . . I've seen the way you two look at each other

Gia:  (trying to explain) Nikolas. . .

Nikolas:  Come on! You think I didn't even know when we ran into Lucky at Kelly's?

Gia: (slightly embarrassed) I guess I was just being too self-conscious to notice anything else.

Nikolas:  (smiling) I know you better than you think I do, Sparky

Gia grins.

Nikolas:  So did you?

Gia:  Did I what?

Nikolas:  Did you tell Lucky that you love him?

Gia:  (beaming) Yeah

Nikolas:  Well, good for you. . . and good for him

Gia:  Thanks

Nikolas:  Anyway. . . I'm leaving.  I'm going to have Wyndemere remodeled to be "family friendly."

Gia:  Avoid Barney

Nikolas:  (laughing) Thanks for the tip.  (he takes her hand) I hope you two are happy.

Gia:  Thank you. It means a lot.

Nikolas:  Bye

Gia:  Bye

Lucky comes down the hall and sees Nikolas leave.

Lucky:  Hey

Gia:  Hey

Lucky:  So. . . what happened?

Gia:  (matter of factly) He knows

Lucky:  What did he say?

Gia: (smiling secretively) He'll live

Lucky:  (confused) Good.  (he shakes his head) Hey listen--

Gia grabs his face and kisses him.

Lucky:  (pulling away slowly) Not that I'm complaining, but what was that for?

Gia:  No reason. . . what were you saying?

Lucky:  Carly is having a big bash at her club.  Do you want to go?

Gia:  With you? I don't know.  . . I'll have to check my calendar. . . I'm soooo wanted these days--

Lucky kisses her

Gia:  (pulling away) What was that for?

Lucky:  To shut you up, Campbell

Gia:  (with her best diva stance) Well, that's no way to get a date

Lucky:  (mimicking her gestures) Do you want to go or not?

Gia:  Of course I do

Lucky:  Good.  Let's go.   I'll drop you off at your place, you can get ready, and I'll pick you up later.

Gia:  Sounds great to me

They leave


In the car. . .

Gia checks her voice mail

Jason:  Gia.  Hey, it's Jason.  I just wanted to let you know that Elizabeth gave birth a little while ago. . . it's a little boy. . . She's fine. . . Elizabeth's sleeping a lot though.  We haven't thought of any names yet.  I'll have Elizabeth call you later.  Bye.

Gia smiles and looks at Lucky.  He sees her smile and smiles back, taking a hold of her hand.

Lucky:  You okay?

Gia:  (squeezing his hand) Estatic.

Looking for a place to land

Looking for a friend to call

Looking for a destination, conversation, fascination

To protect us from the fall

Looking for the one to love

Looking for a brand new day

Looking for a reason to stand

Looking for a place to land


-"Looking for a Place to Land" Dakota Moon




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