"Looking for A Place to Land"

Chapter 31

This Chapter was written by Michelle


Lucky: (turning around to look at Gia) Before you say anything, I know what's up.

Gia looks lost.

Lucky: You came here for him.

Gia: (walking towards him) No. . . . . . I came here for you.

Lucky: (trying not to show his excitement) You do know that Lulu is Nikolas's sister too?

Gia: Nikolas is fine. He called me on his way here and. . . well. . . (she exhales) He's fine.

Lucky: What happened?

Gia: (putting her hand on his shoulder) It doesn't matter. What's going on with you?

Lucky: (with a half-hearted smile) Besides going absolutely insane over Lulu. . . ?

Gia: (glancing over at the still jammed Snickers bar) . . . and having a tumultuous affair with the vending machine. . .

ucky laughs

Gia: Baby, you look like crap.

Lucky: (smiling half-heartedly again) I feel like crap

Gia: I wish there was something I could do

Lucky: You could dump Nikolas. . .

Gia: I meant, "I wish there was something I could do" about Lulu.

Lucky: (holding her hand on his shoulder) I miss you Gia

Gia: I miss you too

Lucky: What's up then? Why won't you leave Nikolas?

Gia: (smiling) It's not a matter of leaving, Lucky.

Lucky: (turning serious) You're right. It's a matter of staying. . .

You couldn't stay with me. Just when I thought we were getting tighter, you broke free.

Gia: You mean, just when we were getting serious?

Lucky: Yeah. We were finally getting serious.

Gia: (pausing) . . . "getting serious.". . . don't you see, Lucky? That's my problem. I can't handle it. I can't go through it again! I find someone I like, we start to date, and just as it starts to "get serious?". . . the once likable guy breaks my heart.

Lucky: Gia. . .

Gia: He lied to me, Lucky! He said he didn't love me anymore! He said Elizabeth was dead! (tears run down her face) I can never trust him again.

Lucky: (taking her in his arms) But that wasn't me, Gia. I'm not my brother.

Gia: (pulling away slightly) Part of me knows that. That's the part that made me fall in love with you. . . But the other part of me. . . the part that won't let me hope for something better. . . that's the part that runs away.

Lucky: (pulling her close again) Well then, maybe I just have to hold you like this all the time so you'll never get away.

Gia: (wrapping her arms around him) (she exhales) That. . . would be great.

Lucky: (whispering in her ear) But there's a catch

Gia: (in total bliss) What's that?

Lucky: You have to tell me about Skye

Gia tenses up again.

Lucky: (rubbing her back) Come on, Gia.

Gia: (taking a deep breath) You know about Skye.

Lucky: Yeah, I've known awhile. But I don't understand why you did it. Were you ashamed of me?

Gia: What? Oh no. (she touches his cheek) Baby, don't ever think that.

Lucky: Then what?

Gia: Skye. . . she was my safety net

Lucky: Safety net?

Gia: Yeah (she breaks away from him and starts to walk around) You might have noticed that when we were together I kept a safe distance

Lucky: (laughing) Uh huh. I noticed.

Gia: (smiling back) Well, all that time I was primed to escape. . . just in case you got too close. I mean, I was READY. I had on my running shoes. . . I was packed and ready to. . .

Lucky: (rolling his eyes, but still smiling) Okay, drama queen, get to the point.

Gia: (taking a brief moment to stick out her tongue at him) Yeah, whatever. So anyway, that's why I made the deal with Skye.

Lucky: Huh?

Gia: Well, you said you knew the deal. . . Skye heard that Jax wanted me to work for him--and that (in order to lure me away) he was willing to pay a respectable amount more than Skye was willling (or able) to.

Lucky nods.

Gia: The thing is, Skye didn't want me to work for Jax. (she smiles) Me being a terrific employee and all.

Lucky laughs

Gia: So, when she found out about you and me, she made me an offer. If I stayed under her employment, she wouldn't leak our relationship to the press. But if I quit. . .

Lucky: . . . the whole world would know our business

Gia: Exactly

Lucky: I still don't understand why you didn't want people to know about us

Gia: (coming over to him and taking his hands in hers) Because I knew that if people knew about us, it would be harder for me to leave you. The press would be asking about you and. . . well. . . I wouldn't be able to stay away

Lucky: But now?

Gia: (kissing him on the cheek) Now, I wanna be with you forever

(they embrace)

Luke walks in.

Luke: (coughing) Am I interrupting something?

Lucky and Gia break apart.

Lucky: (holding Gia's hand, beaming) No, dad. What's up?

Luke: We got news about Lulu. She'll be released tomorrow!

Gia: That's great!

Lucky: (elated) Great? No, that's more than great! I'm so. . . I'm so. . .

Luke and Gia: (laughing) Happy?




Luke, Lucky, and Gia join Laura and Nikolas in Lulu's new inpatient room. Lulu is fully conscious, but she's on oxygen and has an IV in her arm.

Laura: Luke, did Tony really say all of us could be in here at the same time?

Luke: (looking shaky) Uh. . . yeah. . . we got clearance before we came in.

Laura: (not believing a word) Uh huh.

Nikolas: I actually agree with Luke this time.

Luke: Wow. Twice in one night!

Nikolas: (smiling) Well, this is certainly a time to bend the rules a little bit. Lulu needs her whole family with her right now.

The door to the hospital room opens. Leslie walks in with Carly and Zander entering (holding hands) behind her.

Leslie: Well, one more guest couldn't hurt.

Zander: Make that three.

Luke: What is Carly doing here? With. . . him?

Carly glares in his direction.

Leslie: I ran into them downstairs, they overheard me talking to Tony and. . . well. . . they insisted on coming.

Luke looks over at Carly suspiciously.

Carly: (with a wide grin) I just decided it's time to celebrate family. AND, I wanted to make sure that my cousin was alright.

Lucky: Hey, Carly, ten bucks if you get my sister's name right.

Carly: Well. . . I know it starts with an 'L'. . .

Everyone snickers.

Zander: (whispering in Carly's ear) Lulu

Carly: (triumphantly) LULU!!! Leslie Lu!! See? (she turns to Lucky) You owe me ten bucks, cousin! I got it!

Gia: (smiling) Not without a little help.

Carly: (slightly deflated) Hey! I got the Leslie Lu part right all by myself, thank you.

Luke shakes his head in disbelief.

There's a knock on the door.

Laura: Come on in! (she looks around the room of people standing shoulder to shoulder) Well. . . if you can fit. . .

Bobbie peeks in through the door.

Bobbie: I came to check on Leslie Lu. . . and I got this call . . .

Carly: Mom!

Bobbie: Carly? What's going on?

Carly (smiling over at Zander): Well, see, I called you Mama because I wanted the whole family to be here when I made the announcement.

Luke: Oh God. I'm going to be sick.

Lulu (grabbing her father's hand): You can share my bed, daddy.

Luke: (laughing) Thank you, sweetie. But daddy will just stand and endure whatever it is your loony cousin has to say.

Nikolas: (turning to Carly) What's going on?

Carly: Well, Zander and I were already here at the hospital. That's how Leslie found us. . . We were filling out paperwork and I had to go to the bathroom. So I went to the nurses' desk to ask where it was and. . .

Zander: Carly, I think maybe you should speed it up a bit.

Carly: (beaming) We got blood tests!!

The room is silent.

Zander: We're getting married.



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