"Looking for A Place to Land"

Chapter 30

This chapter was written by Amanda and Michelle


Doctor: (slightly nervous from the three men breathing down his neck waiting for answers) (he turns towards Laura) Are we all here now?

Laura: (staring down her sons and husband) Yes. We're all here. How is Lulu?

Doctor: Well, we're lucky. We have a diagnosis. Your daughter has Psittacosis

Luke: Psssh what?!

Lucky: Oh! *That's* what it was! (rolls his eyes)

Laura: (glaring at her family) You might have to put it in English for us, Doctor.

Doctor: It's a rare form of pneumonia. It's actually funny because I did my thesis on psittacosis in grad school. I had this roomate who used to make fun it all the time. . .

Luke: (mouth open dumbfounded) Huh... (turns around almost in a circle) Can we get another doctor??

Lucky: (at the same time) (hits his forehead with his hand)

Nikolas: (Shaking his head in irritation) So what exactly is wrong with Lulu?

Doctor: She's coughing up blood.

Luke: Thanks for helping us figure that one out, Doc. We *really* appreciate it. (turns around again) Seriously... isn't there another doctor in this place?!

Laura: (to the doctor) Please excuse my husband, he just has a habit of saying what is on everyone else's mind

(The Doctor stares blankly)

Lucky: In other words, he is not afraid to tell you that you are doing a bad job

Nikolas: For once, I agree with Luke. Doctor, can you please give us a clear answer? What's wrong with Lulu?

Doctor: Well, like I said, I was doing my thesis on psittacosis. . . I believe I told you, it's a rare form of pnemonia.

Luke: Ok doc, we got that it's a rare form of pnemonia, and we got that she's coughing up blood. What I, and the rest of us would like to know, is what is going to happen to her, and is there a cure? What is going on here?

Lucky: (nodding in agreement) Yeah....

(Tony passes by, noticing the agitated looks coming from the Spencer family)

(Tony walks over to them and looks at the other doctor)

Tony: Is everything alright here?

Luke: (puts his hand on Tony's shoulder) Doc-ex-bro-in-law, thank god! A real doctor! We need to know what's wrong with our daughter and what the cure is! Please help us!

Tony: Well, I am done with my patient, so I suppose I could consult you on Lulu's condition. That is, if you don't mind, Doctor.

Doctor: I really don't think that's necessary. I was just telling your brother about my thesis in grad school, we were just getting to the part where. . .

Lucky: Just stop while your ahead... please... just stop. (shaking his head)

(Nikolas pats Lucky on the back)

Luke: Look doc, you look young and inexperienced... this man (points at Tony) has been a doctor for many many years... let him do the job he's been trained to school... and maybe you might want to go back to grad school... do a thesis on patient-doctor interaction, because you suck.

Lucky: (turns to Nikolas; quietly) You care??

Nikolas: (rubbing his temples) Hey man, I have a headache, you have a headache, (he glances over at the lost doctor) I think we both know why. Maybe our migranes are bring us closer together

(Luke chuckles saracastically)

Tony: (to the other doctor) You know what? I think it would definitely be better if you let me take the chart and explain Lulu's condition. I've known these people for a long time, and well . . . perhaps I can put it in a. . .more coherent manner

(The doctor stares blankly)

Doctor: Yeah, whatever. I think it's great you want to help your cousin.

(Lucky shakes his head in disbelief)

Tony: (taking a deep breath) Well, alright, Dr. Woodcock, hand over that chart and you can go on a early break. How about that?

Doctor: That'd be SUPER! Have a great day, Tom!

(Tony just smiles and nods while taking the chart)

(The Doctor walks away)

Lucky: Who was the genius who hired him?

Luke: Forget it. Tony, just tell us what to do! Wait, first tell us what is going to happen, then what to do, and how we can fix it.

Tony: Well it seems that Lulu has a rare form of pnemonia. . .

Lucky: I quit. I'm leaving... I'm... I'm gonna go somewhere else... and when anyone get's the answers we're looking for, please come and tell me... but I can't take this anymore.

Luke: Cowboy--

Lucky: No dad, just come and get me when you know what we all want to know, ok?

uke: Ok.

Lucky: Thank you. (to Laura) Bye mom. (he leaves)

Tony: It's too bad Lucky had to leave, but I do have a bit of information I can give you about this disease

Laura: What?

Tony: Well, as far as the symptoms go. . . chills, fever, and headache are the most common.

Laura: Yes, Lulu's been having all of that. We just thought it was a bad cold.

Tony: Has also been experiencing nausea. . . muscle aches. . . loss of appetite?

(Laura nods)

Tony: Those are also common symptoms of Psittacosis.

Luke: Wait a second here, Ton'. That all just sounds like minor stuff. She's actually been having that for a couple of weeks. You mean we were supposed to be taking her to the hospital instead of passin' out the children's Tylenol?

Tony: You're right, Luke, most of the symptoms I described are minor. But later on the disease tends to get more serious. There's inflammation of the lungs and spleen within the second week --which Dr. Woodcock picked up on the chest x-rays.

Luke: (under his breath) Well at least the boy was good for something!

Laura: Just how serious is this disease, Tony?

Tony: It depends on the case. Lulu seems to be experiencing an increase in her pulse and breathing rate, which means this may be more serious case than we're used to.

Laura: Oh my God.

Tony: Now there's nothing to worry about. We've given her some cough preparations with codeine and an IV with tetracycline. I'm also going to prescribe some tetracycline in pill form, so Lulu can take that when she goes home.

Nikolas: Tetracylcine? Lulu's going to have to be on medication?

Tony: Tetracycline is just an antibiotic to kill the infection.

Luke: Infection?

Tony: Yes, Psittacosis is usually transmitted by infected birds.

Luke: You mean my daughter is in the hospital because she ate some bad chicken?

Tony: No, Luke. It's transmitted by inhaling dust from the feathers or droppings of infected birds--usually parrots.

Laura: Last time I checked, Lulu wasn't playing with any parrots.

Tony: Has she been playing in a park where a lot of birds are? Maybe at a waterfront?

Luke: Laura and I took Lulu past the docks to see the boats a couple of weeks ago.

Tony: Then she probably got it from a sea gull or pigeon. . . in which case the disease is called ornithosis. It would probably be good to monitor her around the docks next time. Make sure she doesn't get to close to the birds, you know?

Laura: (looking worried) We understand.

Tony: (packing up the chart) Well, you can go in and see her now, but I want to keep Lulu here for observation overnight. She can go home tomorrow. She'll need complete bed rest upon release.

Luke: Gotcha, Tony. Thanks, man.

Nikolas: Yes, thank you for your help, Tony.

(Tony nods and walks away. Luke and Laura go in to visit their daughter).


Meanwhile, in the hospital vending area, Lucky angrily attempts to get his jammed Snickers bar out of the snack machine.


Suddenly there's a voice from behind him.

Gia: (appearing in the doorway) There's the Spencer charm I've come to know and love.



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