"Looking for A Place to Land"

Chapter 3

This Chapter was written by Amanda

Lucky: I'm glad you didn't walk out on me either, but I'm not all that concerned where you live, as long as you're happy.

Gia: (smiles) Where have YOU been the past 2 years??

Lucky: I've been hanging around

Gia: Oh, well, I'll have to hang around you more often then

Lucky: Trust me, this business with the portfolio and modeling shoots will not be just one day.  We are going to be seeing a lot of each other.  I wouldn't be surprised if you got sick of me

Gia: I highly doubt thats possible

Lucky: Oh, it is

Gia: I'm sure you'll get sick of me first

Lucky: That is impossible

Gia: and why is that?

Lucky: Because you're not Elizabeth (he and Gia laugh and Zander & Carly come in)

Zander: Hey, what's so funny?

Gia: (her and Lucky stifle their laughs) Nothing, it was nothing

Lucky: Yeah, so what's going on?

Carly: I was just about to ask the same thing?

Gia: Oh, this setup?

Carly: Yeah

Gia: Oh, I'm going to be modeling here, I'm helping Lucky put a portfolio together

Carly: (slightly disgusted) here?

Zander: Shh. . .I already told him. . .just let it slide

Gia: Yeah, I did too. . .but he was desperate

Carly: Obviously

Lucky: Yeah, yeah (rolls eyes) so is there anything I can do for you two?

Carly: Well, we were wondering if either one of you wanted to come to the grand opening of my new club?

Gia: Sure, when is it?

Carly: Couple of weeks from now, but I'm putting the guest list together, and (looks at Gia) since you ditched Nikolas (Gia shows a half smile) and you (looks at Lucky) ditched Lizzy, I figure you're both acceptable--

Zander: (covers Carly's mouth)(to Lucky and Gia) Take it as a compliment and say "yes"

Carly: (takes his hand off her mouth) What was that for?

Zander: Hey, I'm just sticking with our deal and making sure you don't do or say something stupid (smiles) (Carly laughs half-heartedly)

Gia: Hey! (Zander and Carly look at her) Sign me up, I'm always good to go to a club. (looks at Lucky) How about you?

Lucky: Yeah, sure, I'll go.

Carly: Good, I'm glad.

Zander: Well, we'll let you get back to doing whatever it is you were doing (Carly smiles)

Lucky: Talking?

Zander: Sure

Carly: Ok, well the grand opening party is two weeks from today, so I'll see ya there

Gia & Lucky: (almost in unison) Ok, thanks

Zander: Later

Gia: Bye (Zarly leaves) (to Lucky) So, want to help me move into my penthouse tomorrow? (mumbling, slightly to herslef) Ahh...penthouse, I feel...rich...I feel like a rich mob boss

Lucky: (laughs at her) Sure....if you don't mind me asking, how much did Stefan leave you?

Gia: Too much

Lucky: Really?

Gia: Yes, I think he put the money in my account after Nikolas and I got engaged because he still felt so guilty about the way he treated me the first part of the relationship.

Lucky: Probably

Gia: But just come by the hotel sometime tomorrow, I don't have that many bags, and I still have to go furniture shopping.

Lucky: Ok

Gia: Ok, thanks...well I'm gonna head out...I need to talk to Marcus before Sonny does. If he finds out from anyone else that I'm moving into the same building as Sonny Corinthos. . . there's gonna be hell to pay.

Lucky: I bet

Gia: In fact, If I'm not at the hotel tomorrow when you come, I'm probably at the brownstone locked in his closet.

Lucky: (laughs) All right, do you think he'll let you come out for the photo shoots?

Gia: No.

Lucky: Oh, well, maybe you should tell him after we're done

Gia: Maybe. . . I'll think about it (puts her coat on and heads to the door) See ya Lucky

Lucky: (he watches her) Bye... (she leaves)

Gia: (out in the hallway) Hmmm. . . (Carly is leaving Zander's room after "talking") Oh, hi...

Carly: (wipes off face) Heh...hi.

Gia: Bye

Carly: Bye (Gia goes downstairs)

~~Down the stairs, in Jake's~~

Gia: (at the wall between the hallway to the stairs to the rooms, and Jake's, to herself) Gia...Gia...Gia...what are you doing? (Zander comes down the stairs but stops when he sees Gia) God, when did Lucky become such an attractive guy?? (looks around and shakes her head) You're not doing this....you're not doing this...(she walks out and leaves, Zander steps forward with a sly grin on his face)

~~Back upstairs, Carly goes over and stands by the "studio" door~~

Lucky: (to himself). . .She's a friend nothing more. . .she's a friend nothing more. . . when did she get so gorgeous?? God, I'm out of here (grabs his coat and turns off the light and leaves, Carly hides in the corner of the hallway)(Carly snickers)

~~A few days later, Gia is moved into her PH and the furniture guys are there, and she is giving them orders~~

Gia: (looking at the way the couch is positioned) Umm. . .no, it just doesn't look right... tell ya what, move it about 5 inches that way (points left) and 3 inches back. (they move it) perfect. (knock on door) Come in

Lucky: Hey

Gia: Hey

Lucky: ready?

Gia: Not yet, give me a half hour

Lucky: Ok

Gia: (to the guys) NO! God, do I have to do everything myself? If you put the table there, then you completely ruin the whole vibe of the room! (Lucky laughs at her)

Mover #1: I can't work under these pressures...

Mover #2: Yeah, me neither, I quit!

Mover #1: Yeah, I'm out of here!

Gia: What?

Lucky: I'm pretty sure they quit (they walk out the door) yea, I think thats what they did.

Gia: Ugh! (sits on couch and rests head in hands) Now what am I going to do??

Lucky: (holding back a laugh) You brought this on yourself

Gia: (looks at him) Come again?

Lucky: (mockingly) "You're ruining the vibe of the room!"

Gia: (throws a pillow at him) I did NOT say it like that...

Lucky: (catches it and throws it back) You did too, forget about it, just ask Sonny if some of his guys, who are used to being bossed around, will help you...later, right now we've gotta go

Gia: (rolls her eyes) So I'm supposed to go to my landlord of a few days, tell him my furniture movers quit and ask to borrow his guys to move my furniture? Right.

Lucky: Yes, later. Right now we have to go

Gia: Fine, let me grab my clothes (she goes upstairs) (Lucky sits on the couch when there is a knock at the door)

Lucky: (opens the door) Hello--(sees Nikolas) oh hey, what are you doing here?

Nikolas: (surprised to see Lucky there) What are you doing here?

Lucky: I asked first (Gia comes down the stairs)

Gia: Hey, who's at the door? (sees Nikolas) What do you want? In fact, I'm late, so whatever it is, go tell it to someone who cares, all right?

Nikolas: Listen Gia, I need to talk to you about the money Stefan left you?

Gia: What about it?

Nikolas: Are you using it to rent this place?

Gia: Why does it matter? It's in my bank account, I have control over it, I get to spend it where I want...

Nikolas: Well I talked to Stefan, and he says that the money should be put to good use, and it was also given to you while we were together so--

Gia: Wait, was it supposed to keep me around? (angry)

Nikolas: (avoiding eye contact) Well---

Gia: (rolls eyes) Wait, don't answer that. Let me explain this to you for the first and last time, and anything you have to say about it afterwards...tell your lawyer.... I don't care what you say Stefan says. I don't care what you say. Its in my bank account, its my money, I have complete control over it. We broke up, on the same page. We're supposed to remain civil toward each other, because we decided together to go our sperate ways, so please don't tick me off.

Nikolas: Gia--

Gia: Now if you'll excuse us, Lucky and I have business to attend to. Goodbye. (her and Lucky walk past Nikolas and Lucky shuts the door behind him)

Nikolas: Gia, we're not done

Gia: (on the elevator) Oh, but we are.

Lucky: (feeling extremely awkward) Uh, see ya Nikolas (doors close)

~~At the "studio," Lucky had time to kill when he couldn't get to sleep a few nights ago, so he came there and painted the walls white, with Jake's permission of course~~

Gia: (already changed) I gotta tell ya Lucky, this place looks a lot better white.

Lucky: (looking in the small spaces of the camera) Yeah? (looks up) It does, thank you (smiles and then looks back down)

Gia: (smiles back) Alright, well let's get this show on the road

Lucky: (under his breath) I'd prefer it if we kept it right here

Gia: huh?

Lucky: (looks at her) What?

Gia: You just said something, what was it?

Lucky: I didn't say anything...

Gia: All right...

(after the photo shoot)

Lucky: (taking the film out of the camera) Wow, that was great

Gia: (moves a piece of hair away from her face, conceitedly) Thank you, did you expect anything less?

Lucky: Well, honestly, yes (she looks at him, shocked) No, no... I just mean that it's been awhile since you posed for the camera, so I thought it might take a shoot to warms up, and then you'd be where you were tonight, but if this is how you were tonight, then I can't wait to see what you can do next time.

Gia: (suddenly feeling awkward, looks at the clock on the wall) Well, look at the time, I'm going to get going now. (puts coat on)It was fun, I'm glad you got what you need--

Lucky: For today

Gia: (pauses while putting hat on) Right. (continues) Well I'll see you tomorrow, Lucky.

Lucky: (notices her odd behavior) Are you all right?

Gia: Yeah, I'm great, but if I want to look great I have to have my rest, so I'm gonna hit the sack. Bye.

Lucky: Umm, all right Gia. See ya.

Gia: Bye (walks out the door and runs directly into Zander) Ohh, I'm sorry (looks up and sees it's Zander) hey watch where you're going!

Zander: I was here first!

Gia: (avoids eye-contact) Well, um, ladies first! Don't ya know?

Zander: (smiles) Sorry (steps out of her way) Here you go...

Gia: (smiles back) Thank you, bye

Zander: Bye (she heads down the stairs and out of sight)

~~Carly is sitting at a table in Jak'es when Gia is passing through on her way out.~~

Carly: Gia! (Gia stops and turns to the voice) Gia, hey, come here (she walks over) have a seat

Gia: Thanks, but I need to get home

Carly: Yeah, I hear you're living at Harborview

Gia: Yeah, so?

Carly: So how's that working out?

Gia: Great (glances at stairs) I gotta go Carly (she goes to leave but Carly grabs her arm and Gia looks at her)

Carly: You really want to hear what I have to say...

~~Meanwhile upstairs~~

Zander: (walks into the studio) Hey Lucky, how's life?

Lucky: (putting camera in bag) Mine? Oh great, how about yours?

Zander: It's great

Lucky: (glances at him, and then back to the camera) So I'm wondering, what's up with you and Carly?

Zander: Nothing (looks down briefly) we just enjoy eachother's company

Lucky: (stops what he's doing to look at Zander) Uh-huh...(smiles as he zips up the bag)

Zander: It's kind of like you and Gia

Lucky: (throws bag over his shoulder) I'm sure it's nothing like Gia and me

Zander: Want to bet?

Lucky: (looks at him) No (picks up coat and heads toward the door) now if you'll excuse me, I have a lot of things to do, so I need to go

Zander: (steps in front of the door) I think there's something you need to know...


Gia: (pulls her arm away) All right Carly, you have my attention, what do I really want to hear?

Carly: (hear's Lucky's voice "When did she get so gorgeous??" ) Umm... well have a seat and I'll tell you

Gia: (rolls her eyes) Fine (they sit) I'm listening

Carly: It's about Lucky (Carly now has Gia's full attention)


Lucky: (stops) What do I need to know? (sets bag down)

Zander: Well, uhh (cough) first of all, this place looks great

Lucky: Thanks... (scratches side of face) Is that it because I have a ton of things to be doing right now, all of which are more productive then this little chat of ours, no offense.

Zander: None taken

Lucky: So that's it? (picks bag up)

Zander: (hears Gia's voice "When did he get so attractive??") Uh no

Lucky: Then spit it out or I'm leaving

Zander: It's about Gia (Lucky slowly sets his bag and coat down, and is now ready to listen)



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