"Looking for A Place to Land"

Chapter 29

This chapter was written by Amanda and Michelle


Setting: Lucky and Nikolas sit on opposite sides of the hospital waiting room while Luke and Laura try to make sense of why Lulu is being examined in the other room. Tony had another patient with a cardiac arrest to take care of, so another doctor is examining Lulu.

Laura: Luke, why is this happening to our baby? I know she's been coughing, but I just thought that. . . I thought that. . . (she starts to cry)

Luke: (he puts his arm around her) Shhhhh. . . there's nothing wrong. . . it's probably just a bad cold or something. . . don't think anything negative, Angel

Laura: Negative? Oh no! Why should I get negative, Luke?! My only daughter is just in the hospital after coughing up blood! BLOOD! You know just like I do that it can't be good.

Luke: Laura, will you please calm down? You can think negatively all you want if that's what will help you, but it would probably be better for the rest of us if you kept your dissenting thoughts to yourself. I'm sorry this is happening, baby, but please. . . you aren't making it any easier.

Laura: (sarcastically) Thanks, Luke. It's nice to know I have your support.

Luke: Laura, you don't want to get into a spat with me, not with both of us on edge and filled with emotion. . . (he smiles). . . not to mention you won't win. Plus, I told you to feel free to THINK negatively, just don't share those thoughts with me.

Laura: Fine. You know what, Luke? I won't share ANYTHING with you from now on (she walks away in a huff)

(Luke walks over to Lucky)

Luke: (rolling his eyes) Women. . . too bad the only one I need is her

Lucky: How's mom holding up?

Luke: (glances over at Laura who is standing near the curtain of Lulu's emergency room) I'll give you two guesses (looks back at Lucky) and the first one doesn't count

Lucky: Well, I haven't heard her yell at you by your full name yet, so I guess it could be worse

Luke: Good point. . . just don't mention that to her. (Lucky chuckles) I wish that damned doctor would come out here and give us some hope. . . or at least something. . .

Lucky: Hope? Is that in a doctor's vocabulary?

Luke: Only in miracle workers. . . (looks at what he can see of the doctor through the curtain) and by the look of this quack. . . (he looks at Lucky who is upset). . . nevermind.

Lucky: You know, dad, I didn't even know Lulu was sick

Luke: I didn't know she was this sick. . . she coughed once and awhile. . . you don't think much of a cough when you have had a kid before. Your mother and I thought it was a small cold, so we gave her some cold medicine. It was no biggie until today. . . I don't know what happened. . . and if I don't find our soon, THERE'S GOING TO BE HELL TO PAY!

Nikolas: (walking over to them) Spencer, do you mind keeping it down? There are doctors less than ten feet away trying to save my little sister's life. I hardly think they need to hear your babbling.

(Luke raises his eyebrows slightly shocked at Nikolas' attitude towards him)

Lucky: Go sit on your side of the waiting room, Nikolas. No one wants you here. No one even NEEDS you here. And if the doctor that is diagnosing OUR little sister doesn't get out here with some answers soon, then everyone is going to be hearing BOTH Spencer men (mockingly) babbling.

Luke: Well said, Cowboy.

Nikolas: Whatever, Lucky. When you get done protecting your father, the Indiana Jones wannabe, maybe you can mesh up some real concern for OUR little sister.

Lucky: And you berating us, her brother and her FATHER for wanting some answers is showing "real concern" for Lulu? I'll have to re-read that manual. And by the way Prince Cassedine, she is only your HALF sister.

Nikolas: You're right. Lulu is my half-sister. And I guess thats what makes it even sadder when I, only her HALF brother, have more respect for her condition than her biological father. Or don't you even care that your father was the one recklessly dragging Lulu all over town?

Luke: (growing even more angry) Listen up you little punk, I want ou to give me dates and times of me "recklessly dragging Lulu all over town" because I sure as hell don't remember it! Before you come over here and insult my son and me because we want some answers, why don't you think long and hard about where you have been the past couple of months! I KNOW it wasn't visiting Lulu because I was with her every day. EVERY DAMN DAY!

Lucky: Dad?

Luke: Yes, son?

Lucky: Don't you think it's kind of odd that for someone with such a high and mighty attitude about his supreme care for Lulu, he doesn't have the decency to come by and see her and make up his own mind about the seriousness of Lulu's condition? Maybe then he could have corrected (since he is SO good at correcting people) what you and mom had thought to be true? You'd think that someone with this attitude would have been quick to fix your diagnosis of her condition.

Luke: Yes, that is odd

Nikolas: (with a smug smile) I'm not a doctor, Lucky, I'm the heir to an enormous fortune. And as far as DIAGNOSING Lulu's condition, how about we leave that to the trained medical professionals instead of making loud, obnoxious assumptions that are totally uncalled for and extremely off-base.

Lucky: Just what did we say that was "totally uncalled for and extremely off-base?"

Nikolas: Well, pick a phrase, little brother. ANY phrase.

(Laura emerges from the ladies restroom --tears streaming down her face and a wet tissue in her hand)

Laura: Well, it's nice to see my three favorite men are getting along. I'm sure Lulu would love to see this. But wait! She CAN'T see this because she's behind that curtain over there fighting for her life! (she begins to sob)

Lucky: (hugging Laura) Mom, I'm so sorry. (pulls back) I'm sorry. Nikolas and I obviously can't be in the same room with each other, so I will leave and wait in the other waiting room (he turns to Luke) You'll come and get me when the doctor comes out, right?

Luke: You bet I will, Cowboy. Good for you for being the bigger man (Nikolas glares in his direction). It's surprising that given the previous discussion someone else didn't offer to step out. But. . .

Lucky: It's okay. I'm glad to do it. I think it'll be good for mom, and the rest of us.

(Lucky leaves)

Luke: (turns to Nikolas) Happy? He's Lulu's only full brother and I have to go GET HIM when the idiot doctor comes out (Luke goes to stand as close as can be to Lulu)

Laura: Real sweet, Luke. Thanks for treating my son like family.

Luke: Don't you dare put all the blame on me Laura. You didn't hear the whole conversation, so don't judge me. And don't forget to thank YOUR son for treating me like a bad father!

Laura: (wiping her tears with the already crumbling tissue) Honey, you should be used to Nikolas's rambling by now. But after all, he is my son. And he is concerned about his little sister. His Cassedine side just has a funny way of grieving.

Luke: (scoffs) This is how it is? I should be used to his rambligns. . . I should accept the way he grieves? But no! It's inappropriate the way I express any emotions I may have! Your little Prince is perfect and I'm just the drunk husband.

Laura: (stops dabbing her tears) You're drunk?

Luke: (laughs lightly and throws his hands up in the air) I just can't win! (puts his hands on Laura's shoulder to get her attention) Laura listen to me, are you listening? because I'm only going to say this once.

Laura: (throwing away the now useless tissue and wiping the still falling tears from her cheeks) What do you want, Luke?

Luke: I want you to know that I will not have my love and concern for my daughter belittled by ANYONE and that includes your Cassedine son! I also want you to know that I will not be second fiddle to your greatest mistake!

Laura: Watch your tone, Luke!

Luke: Laura, I didn't want to say that. . . but you and your son pushed me to far. . . and now look at me! All of my bottled up and set aside hatred for him is coming out, along with everything I'm feeling worried about Lulu! And then what do you do? "He is my son, Luke" Ask me if I care, Laura!

(Luke walks away towards the waiting room where Lucky is)

(The doctor who has been working on Lulu emerges from behind the curtain)

Doctor: Mrs. Spencer? I have news about your daughter.

Laura: Oh! (she rushes to the hallway) LUKE! GET YOUR SORRY BUTT BACK HERE! THE DOCTOR HAS COME OUT! (she rushes back to the doctor)

Nikolas: (overhearing Laura calling for Luke) (he approaches Laura) The doctor's back? Does he know what's wrong with Lulu?

Laura: Shhhhhh. . . (she points to the man in the white lab coat) THIS is the doctor, he. . . will you please go get Lucky?

Nikolas: (not bothering to move) (he turns his head towards the hall) LUCKY!!!!!!! LUCKY!!!! LUCKY COME HERE!! THEY HAVE NEWS ABOUT LULU!!!

Lucky (who is trying to calm Luke down in the adjoining waiting room) taps his father on the shoulder and motions towards the doctor.

Luke and Lucky join the rest of the family.

Lucky: Hey, Nikolas. Now who's being loud and obnoxious?

Luke: What's up doc?



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