"Looking for A Place to Land"

Chapter 28

This Chapter was written by Michelle


In the Spencer's car, Lulu gains consciousness in the backseat. Sitting next to her, Laura takes her temperature with the thermometer from the car first aid kit.

Laura: For God's sake, Luke, this is hardly the time obey the speed limit! Your daughter has a temperature of a hundred and three!

Luke: Watch your tone, Angel. I'm getting there as fast as I can.

Laura starts to hyperventilate as she embraces Lulu.

Laura: Please, God. Please help my baby.


In his car, Nikolas takes a different route to the hospital.

Nikolas (to himself): I'd be surprised if Luke was sober enough to remember where GH was! I bet he doesn't even know how old his own daughter is!

DAMN! I should have been there for Lulu! (he grips the steering wheel harder) With her father out there on those childish escapades. . . She needs a stable male figure in her life. If I hadn't been so wrapped up in Gia. . .

Frustrated, Nikolas pounds on the car horn at a group of moviegoers crossing the street.

Nikolas (to himself): Gia is too much of a distraction. If it wasn't for her, I would have been around Lulu to protect her.

Pulling out his cell phone, he dials Gia's number.


In his car, Lucky follows his parents to General Hospital.

Lucky (to himself): DAMN! I'm so stupid!! I was so wrapped up in my breakup with Gia that I didn't even notice Lulu's cough. How long has she been sick? Why didn't mom tell me? I should have. . . I should have. . .

Tears well up in Lucky's eyes.

Lucky: From now on, I'm going to make time for my family. No matter how busy I am with my own problems.



At her Mom's house Gia hangs up her cell phone and all color in her face is gone.

Florence: Baby what's wrong?

Gia remains silent, and stares at her phone.

Florence: (touches Gia's shoulder) Gia? You look like you just saw a ghost... what is going on?

Gia: (stands up suddenly) I have to go Mom... I'm sorry... I just... (grabs her coat) I have to go

Florence: (stands up next to her and grabs her hand) No, not until you tell me who that call was from and what that person said to get you so upset!

Gia: MOM! I'm going now... and when *I* have things figured out then I will tell you what you *need* to know... not what you *want* to know... now PLEASE excuse me! (she leaves and Florence is stunned)


Gia: Oh my God... poor Lulu...(looks at her phone again... almost hoping he'll call again)I understand Lulu is sick... but does he really have to take his frustrations out on me and people around him?? Oh well... it doesn't matter (walking to her car) Lulu will get better... and so will we... and so will Nikolas and Lucky


Back in Luke and Laura's car, Luke pulls into the U-Drive leading to General Hospital's Emergency Room entrance.

uke: Laura, I'm coming around. Hand over Lulu and I'll run her into Bobbie.

As if on cue, Bobbie and Dr. Tony Jones run out of the automatic doors leading to the ER.

Bobbie: Oh my... Luke... Laura!

Laura: (breathing a sigh of relief) Thank God. . . (she unbuckles Lulu's seat belt). Tony, she's barely breathing. . . Her pulse. . . it's so fast. . . What is. . . (she gets quiet suddenly) LUKE!!!

Luke: I'm comin! I'm comin!

Luke opens the back door and peers at his daughter. Lulu coughs rapidly into a tissue that Laura holds over her mouth. Laura peels the kleenex away and shows it to Luke. Blood is on the tissue.




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