"Looking for A Place to Land"

Chapter 27

The first part of this chapter was written by Michelle, the second part by Amanda


Nikolas:  Hey, Spencer, what do you think you're doing?

Lucky slowly removed his hands from Gia's shoulders and sighed.  The last thing he wanted to do right now was fight with his brother, but if it meant hiding his feelings for Gia, there was just going to have to be a confrontation.  Lucky looked into Gia's eyes letting her know his intentions.  She responded by putting her fingers on her temples and backing away two steps.  Lucky turned towards Nikolas's car.

Lucky:  (irritated) Hey, (sarcastically) bro.  What are you talking about?

Nikolas:  What I'm talking about is you being at Kelly's and not coming over to say 'hello.'  You COULD see us, right?

Lucky:  (ready for battle)  Did YOU see ME?

Gia glared over at Lucky.

Nikolas:  Touche.

Gia:  (clearly annoyed)  I'm sorry to interupt, but do either of you mind if I get out of the rain?

Nikolas:  I'm sorry, Gia.  Come on, we'll go home and get some hot chocolate. . . . . . Is that your jacket, Lucky?

Lucky looked over at Gia's shivering body.

Lucky:  Hey, Gia, let me walk you to the car

Lucky gently removed his jacket from Gia's shoulders and lifted it over her head, putting his arm around her.  Slowly they walked together through the rain.  Gia looked at Lucky appreciately, only to notice he was getting soaking wet.  She softly put her hand on his arm as he opened the car door for her.

Gia:  You're going to get pnemonia, Lucky

Lucky:  Mmm hmm.  And just think. . . it's all so you won't ruin your hair and makeup

Gia:  (pushing him playfully) Whatever, Spencer.  You know I'm worth it

Lucky simply smiled at her as she stepped into the car.  Nikolas looked at them questioningly, but soon shrugged it off.  Then, his cell phone rang.

Nikolas:  (pressing the talk button)  Hello?. . . hi, mom. . .yeah, I'm good.  I'm here with Lucky and Gia. . . . . . . . . . . . dinner tonight?. . . yeah, I'll ask him. . . yeah. . . me too. . . okay. . . bye

Gia fastened her seat belt as Nikolas turned to her and Lucky.

Lucky:  Say no more, man.  I guess I'm coming to dinner

Nikolas:  Good.  It's like a family thing.

Gia:  (slightly disappointed)  So I guess I'm not invited

Nikolas:  (patting her leg) Come on, Sparky, you know Laura considers you a part of the family.  It's just that she made tonight's dinner sound kinda serious

Gia frowns.

Gia:  I hope everything's alright

Lucky:  I'm sure it is. . . . . . Well, Nikolas, I'll see you tonight.  (he gently strokes Gia's hair for a moment) Take care of her, okay?

Nikolas:  (a bit irked) I always do

Lucky nods and chuckles sarcastically.

Gia:  (frowning again)  Go on, Lucky, you're soaking wet

Lucky grins and shuts the door

Lucky:  (as Nikolas's car pulls away)  I knew you cared


That night at the Spencer home Luke, Laura, Lucky, Lulu, and Nikolas sit at the dinner table.

Laura: SO how are you two?

Nikolas: Well I can speak for Lucky, but I'm fine

Laura: (not waiting for Lucky to answer) Good, how's work?

Nikolas: Good. Infact... the funniest thing happened--

Lucky: You're STLL working at Cassadine Industries?

Nikolas: Yeah, you have a problem with my job?

Laura: (to Lulu) Lulu, stop fidgeting...

Luke rolls his eyes.

Lucky: Actually, yeah I do have a problem with it.

Nikolas: What's that?

Lucky: It's the Cassadines! You'd think you'd know by now that the Cassadines are EVIL!

Nikolas: Please--

Luke: Boys boys... let's not get all in a tiffy

Lucky: No Dad, I think he needs to hear this... he should know it by now... but maybe being surrounded by SPENCERS will get it through his thick skull!

Lulu coughs

Laura: (growing aggitated) Lulu, cover your mouth please!

Lulu frowns

Nikolas: Fine, say what you have to say

Lucky: Ok, let's start with your family tree... excluding Laura. Your FATHER. Your UNCLE. Your GRANDMOTHER. Your GRANDFATHER. They were all horrible, deceitful, manipulative people! And hear you are... working with the very people who probably helped them put every plan together! Do you think they put the plans into action by themselves? NO! They had to have help from someone somewhere, and what better place to get it then their very own company?! What are you thinking?!

Nikolas: I know what I'm doing...

ucky: I don't think you do...

Nikolas: What about Alexis

Lucky: Dear God, she changed her name Nikolas... if that wasn't your first hint, I don't know what was! Oh maybe it was me dy--


Nikolas: What is your problem?!

Lucky: You and your thick head!

Lulu coughs again

Laura: Please Lulu! Turn your head!

Lulu: Sorry.

Nikolas: This is stupid... I'm not having this conversation. (to Laura) I'm sorry Mom, but I need to go... this isn't helping anyone.

Lucky: Actually, I'm feeling better by the second

Laura: (glares at Lucky for a brief moment then turns back to Nikolas) Ok sweetie, you do what you need to.

Nikolas: Ok, sorry again. (to Luke) See ya later. (to Lulu) Bye Lu... feel better, ok?

Lulu: Ok

Nikolas walks past the table, grabbing his coat on his way out.

Lucky: (picks his napkin up off his lap and throws it on the table) Oh I am not done yet (walks quickly after him)

~Outside on the porch~

Lucky: Hey!

Nikolas: (turns around) What?

Lucky: Don't you get it? I didn't want to say anything inside because I knew it would do more harm then good in your case... but you need to know...

Nikolas: What??

Lucky: You're hurting Lulu... in the long run she is going to get hurt.

Nikolas: NO! I would never let anything like that happen!

Lucky: Well you are! Because you still associate with the Cassadines, Lulu will be ridiculed for the rest of her educational career! The Spencer/Cassadine legacy will always haunt her, but you are just making it worse! What is she gonna say when a kid walks up to her and asks why her brother's grandmother tried to off her entire family? Or when someone's mother won't let her child play with Lulu for fear of the Cassadines coming after her all of a sudden, because Cassadines are known for surprises?? What are you going to do then? What will you do if Lulu walks through the halls of her high school with kids pointing and whispering that day's headlines in the school newpaper "Lulu Spencer and her family almost die... again."

Nikolas: That won't happen.

Lucky: You're right. It won't. All you have to do is leave the Cassadines behind and never look back, and you can prevent it all. There is still so much time, she's only 7... she can leave it all behind... only if you do though.

Nikolas: I don't need to do that...

Lucky: No you can't! You need the riches! The power! The fame! You arrogant jerk! This is OUR sister we're talking about! (Nikolas and Lucky glare at each other)

Meanwhile, inside while Luke and Laura are trying to figure out Lucky's odd behavior... they can only come to one conclusion.

Luke & Laura: Gia.

Lulu begins to cough violently, she tries to leave the table and go get a drink of water, but before she makes it into the kitchen she passes out and collapses on the floor.

Laura: OH MY GOD!

Luke: LULU!

Luke and Laura immediatly rush to her side, Nikolas and Lucky stop their arguing when they hear Luke and Laura shouting, and they run inside. At the same time Luke scoops Lulu up in his arms and takes her to the car.

Luke: (on his way out the door) Lucky call Bobbie and let her know we're coming... NOW!

Lucky: I am I am!  (Luke and Laura leaves)

Nikolas: Can't you dial any faster?!

Lucky: Why don't you shut the hell up, you've done enough already!

Lucky leaves, and for a moment Nikolas, just stands there, but then he exits in a hurry.



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