"Looking for A Place to Land"

Chapter 26

This first part of this chapter was written by Amanda, the ***second part by Michelle

Lunchtime at Kelly's. Lucky is sitting at a table finishing off a sandwich. He then walks to the counter to get napkins. Snatching the napkins from the holder, he turns back towards his table to see Nikolas and Gia walking through the door hand-in-hand. Lucky stops for a minute and stares at them in disbelief. They proceed to a table, unaware of Lucky's presence. Lucky lurks back to his own table and sits down--his stomach feeling queasy. He stares down at the only remaining part of his meal--potato salad. His stomach gurgles. All of a sudden, he sees movement coming from Nikolas and Gia's table. Nikolas is standing up to give an extra chair to the next table. Lucky had been hidden from view by the other restaurant patrons until Nikolas had stood up. Now he felt like there was a spotlight on him. Lucky scanned his brain searching for a way to hide. The last thing he wanted was to engage in a "friendly chat" with his half-brother and his ex-lover. He nervously picked up his spoon. If stuffing food in his already full stomach was the only way to look inconspicuous, then he was just going to have to ease on up to the table and start shovelin' the potato salad.

Lucky: (to self) Of course the chose to eat at Kelly's! Where else would they go? The grille? For a light lunch? Damnit Spencer... this is all your fault!


Nikolas: Do you have to work today?

Gia: Yes, it pays the bills.

Nikolas: Oh come on... you don't have to worry about any bills... plus I think you missed my point... do you *have* to work today?

Gia: (smiles) Ohh... well as much as I'd *love* to stay home with you... I can't, I need to work.

Lucky's table....

Lucky: Of course Prince Cassadine can take care of Gia... no more job, no more getting out... no more friends... (pauses) friends? Hmm.... (pauses again) HOME?? Did she say home? It's been days and already they have a home together? Sheesh!


Nikolas: How's your salad sweetie?

Lucky's table...

Lucky: I'm gonna hurl.

Gia: It's great. (pauses to eat) What time do you work today?

Nikolas: Time? (states matter of factly) I thought you'd know by now... I work whenever I want. (she nods)

Lucky's table...

Lucky: Duh Gia, like the Prince would punch a time card.... (glances at her) I wonder if she remembers the way he used to only seem to work when she wanted to do something, and how he would whine when she had to work.... (looks down at his plate) I wonder if she remembers I never did that...

N&G's table...

Gia: (laughs) You are so useless!

Nikolas: (laughs too) Yeah, but you still love me

Gia: Yeah, I do.

Lucky's table...

Lucky: Yes! He screwed up already! Damn these loud thoughts to self! I missed it! Oh well... 2 points for the Luckster! (stops, smile fades)(grinds his teeth) But if I hear that laugh one more time--- LOVE?? (glares at Gia and her prince)

N&G's table...

Nikolas: (turns around to the stairs, Lucky ducks) I wonder if Lucky is here? (turns back to Gia and shrugs) He's probably still sleeping.

Gia: (smile fades) Wh-- Why do you want to know if Lucky is here?

Nikolas: To see if he wanted to join us for lunch.

Gia: No... no... I doubt it... he has late nights, and I'm sure he would rather sleep in than see us (her eyes wander around the table and down to her napkin on her lap)

Lucky's table...

Lucky: Damn straight I don't want to see you! Well... atleast not Nikolas... Gia... I could be up for seeing her...

N&G's table...

Nikolas: Late nights? What do you mean? I know it's been awhile since he and I talked... but I didn't think he'd changed that much.

Gia: Oh-- no he hasn't... atleast, not that I know of... it's just sometimes he works late, or he might go hang out at Carly's or Luke's... have a couple of drinks.... he just needs his rest, I'm sure.

Lucky's table....

Lucky: I didn't need a couple of drinks til now... I didn't need rest til now... I didn't need a gun until now.

N&G's table...

Nikolas: Oh.

Gia: Yeah (glances at her empty plate) Are you ready to go?

Nikolas: (glances at his own plate) Yeah, I am.

Gia: Good... let's go.

Nikolas: Whatever you want, Sparky.

Gia: That's the way it should be. (smiles)

Nikolas chuckles, puts money down on the table, and he and Gia walk out.

Lucky: (let's out a deep breath) I thought they'd never leave! That was the longest (looks at watch) 25 minutes of my life! (double checks the door to make sure they're gone) Sparky. . . I wonder if I ever told either of them how much I hated that pet name... it literally is a pet name... he makes her sound like a freakin' chiwauwa!

***He wipes his mouth with a napkin

Lucky: At least they're gone and I don't have to eat anymore.

Lucky stands up from the table and heads out the door.

Meanwhile (outside of Kelly's). . .

Nikolas: Whoa! I didn't expect it to start raining so suddenly. I'll go pull the car around so you don't get wet, Gia. (he takes off running in the downpour)

Gia stands close to the building under the awning hugging herself to keep warm. Suddenly, Lucky sprints out of the door only to stop suddenly when he notices the falling rain.

Gia: (hesitantly) Hi, Lucky.

Lucky: (turning towards her) . . . Gia.

Gia: (still hugging herself, but this time to keep calm) How are you doing?

Lucky: I'm. . . well. . . you know.

Gia: Yeah, I know.

Lucky: Where's Nikolas?

Gia: He. . . uh. . . went to get the car. . . . . . I didn't see you inside.

Lucky: (blushing) Oh, yeah. Well, I was hidden by the lunchtime rush.

Gia: (smiling knowingly) I did notice it was kinda crowded.

Lucky: Yeah. . .

Gia nods.

Gia: Wow. It's taking Nikolas awhile.

Lucky: He's probably just warming up the car or something. . .

Gia: I think you're right. (she shivers a bit)

Lucky: (taking off his jacket and wrapping it around Gia) Here, you can wear this until he gets here.

Gia: (slightly uncomfortable) Thanks.

Lucky: (his hands on Gia's shoulders, straightening the lapels on the jacket) No problem. (smiling) I don't want you to catch hypothermia.

Gia: (smiling back) Lord knows I've been dying to catch that all day.

Lucky chuckles and pushes Gia's hair away from her face. Gia touches her hand to his in an effort to gently move it away just as Nikolas pulls up with the car.

Nikolas: (rolling down the passenger side window to yell from the driver's seat) Hey, Spencer! What do you think you're doing?



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