"Looking for A Place to Land"

Chapter 24

This Chapter was written by Amanda


Gia steps aside and he walks past her, she closes the door and walks over next to him.

Nikolas: So what's up?

Gia: Okay... I'm going to tell you something, but before I do I just want you to know that I'm not telling you this to hurt you.

Nikolas: Got it (they sit on the couch)

Gia: Ok, (pause) I've been seeing someone for a long while now... and today... what does he do? He says those 3 words that are *supposed* to make a girl's heart go pitter patter... but not mine... I just--

Nikolas: (remembering) You get freaked out

Gia: (pauses) Yeah.

Nikolas: Yeah... so why'd you call me?

Gia: I don't know... you're the only other person who knows me this well... I was hoping you could give your favorite ex some advice? (smiles hopefully)

Nikolas: (chuckles) "favorite ex"? Yeah, you're the only one I'm still on speaking terms with...

Gia: So that's a "yes"?

Nikolas: Yeah sure... but I'm only gonna say this once... (pauses to think about what hes going to say and how he will say it) All right, I know from experience what you hate to do and say... and getting you to say those 3 words for the first time is... well damn near impossible... but once you do, it feels great, right? Because you got it off your chest and don't have to think about it anymore. (she nods slightly) So for once in your life Gia, (pleading almost) just put everyone out of their misery and just admit your feelings, whatever they may be, (smiles) okay?

Gia: (smiles)That was pretty good advice.

Nikolas: Are you going to take it?

Gia: Well, I'm not going to ignore it...

Nikolas: That's all I ask

Gia: Thank you

Nikolas: Well, it looks like I've done what I can here... good luck Gia

Gia: (surprised, all things considered) Really?

Nikolas: Yeah, I want you to be happy, even if it's not with me

Gia: Well the feeling is mutual

Nikolas: Thanks

Gia: So tell me how you're doing

Nikolas: Surprisingly, I'm doing okay... I'll admit I've been better, but I'm making the most of it... still looking for that goal in life

Gia: You know (sounding concerned) I hope you find what... or *who* you're looking for... because you deserve the best

Nikolas: I already have... but I messed up... I let go

Gia: (shaking her head, looking away) I hope you're not talking about me

Nikolas: Please, who else would I be talking about? I screwed up with you Gia, I know... and I think I also know where... somewhere along the way I had you in my arms and that was all I needed, but I made the mistake of setting you down and picking up that Cassadine mess

Gia: I like to think of it as me jumping down... and then not really wanting to climb back up... but don't think that you're to balme... and *don't* think I regret a single second I spent with you, because I don't, ok?

Nikolas: Ditto... as long as you're happy, I'm happy (smiles)

Gia: (smiles back) Ditto.

They hug.

Gia: (pulls back) This helped... whatever *this* was, it helped

Nikolas: Good, I'm glad... but I need to be going

Gia: Oh really? (grins) got a hot date or something?

Nikolas: (laughs) If only... Cassadine board meeting (stands)

Gia: Sounds like fun... (stands) well don't let me keep you

Nikolas: I won't... (they walk to the door) bye Gia

Gia: (gives him a quick hug) Bye (opens the door) We should do this again, it was nice (smiles)

Nikolas: Yeah... and maybe next time we talk you can tell me the name of your mystery man? (raises eyebrows)

Gia: Or not...

Nikolas: Fine... fine... (heads out the door)

Gia: Goodbye Nikolas (smiles)

Nikolas: See ya (she closes the door)

~ ~ ~ ~


Luke comes out from the back, where he was in his office, and heads over to talk to Roy who's been sitting at a table for awhile. Roy sees him coming and stands up. When Luke get's close enough, Roy grabs ahold of his arm to get his attention, he turns him in the direction of where Lucky and Zander are, and points at Lucky. Luke rolls his eyes and pats Roy on the shoulder before heading over to Lucky.

Zander: (standing up) I really think you've had enough man

Luke: (walking up) I do too

Lucky: (turns around) Oh really? I've seen you worse

Luke: You lie like a dog... I may have a few drinks sometimes, but I have never been like this, or worse

Lucky: Right, you've just never come around Lulu or me like this... infact you never come around... we always come to you...

Luke: For being my son, you sure are acting pretty stupid. Maybe you should come home once in awhile... because I do live there, and I see Lulu everyday.

Lucky rolls his eyes.

Luke: Since you're so smashed I'm going to spare you the pep talk, and send you home to sleep this off

Lucky: Whatever (stands up and puts his coat on)

Zander: You're going home right?

Lucky: (annoyed) Yes... see (pulls his keys out of his pocket and dangles them in front of Zander's face)

Luke: (grabs the keys from Lucky's hand) I'll be confiscating these, thank you.

Lucky: Hey! Those are my keys!

Luke: Well unless you have a death wish, you aren't getting them back tonight... when you're sober you will.

Lucky: My apartment keys are on there

Luke: Go over to Gia's...

Lucky gives him a sharp look

Luke: (confused) or don't? Well it doesn't matter, because I know you have a spare key, so you can use that after you walk home

Lucky: You have to be the most difficult man I have ever come across

Luke: You'll thank me when you wake up with a horrible hangover, but you'll be alive.

Lucky: Don't count on it (glances at Zander) Goodbye (heads to the door)

Zander: See ya!

Lucky leaves and Luke let's out a breath he didn't even realize he was holding and looks over at Zander.


~Lucky's place~

After searching the top of his doorframe for the spare key, he finally found it and unlocked the door. Walking in, Lucky could see the blinking red light on his answering machine, indicating he had a message or two. He wobbled over to the machine and pushed play before wobbling over to his bed, and collapsing.

Machine: You have two new messages; message one...

Lucy's voice: Hello? Lucky? Hello hello? Well since you're not there, or you're screening your calls, I need you to call me or stop by the office tomorrow because, I'm sorry, but I just need more convincing that this new model is worthless, okay? Ta! (click)

Lucky: (falling asleep) Blah, blah, blah...

Machine: Message two...

Gia: voice: Hello Lucky? (trying to sound monotone) It's me... we really need to talk

Lucky: (snore)

Gia's voice: I've had some time to think, and after much deliberation

Lucky: (snore)

Gia's voice: I'm pretty sure I've reached my decision

Lucky: (snore)

Gia;s voice: You turned off your cell, so I'm hoping when you hear this you'll call me

Lucky: (snore)

Gia's voice: Bye (click)

Machine: No more messages.



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