"Looking for A Place to Land"

Chapter 23

This Chapter was written by Amanda

~Still at the park~

Lucky: You can't what?

Gia: I can't say it! (shaking her head as she backs away) I won't say it (hits a tree) Lucky... I... I have--

Lucky: (interrupting) Don't say it... Don't go Gia, please. (walks closer to her)

Gia: Lucky, I need too

Lucky: No you don't, you're running away

Gia: I'm *not* running away... I'm just walking away to think (he sighs in frustration) Lucky let me... let me go... process...

Lucky: (reaching out for her arm) (calmly) Gia--

Gia: (whips away) Just let me go! (bites her tongue at the tone of her voice) (softly) I'm gonna go...

Lucky: (drops his arm and backs away a few steps) Fine... fine... go

Gia: (takes a step towards him) Don't be mad...

Lucky: No... just go. (folds his hands behind his head)... if you're gonna go... then go... I'm sure you'll know where to find me... (she walks away, and after a moment he too walks away)

~Luke's, an hour later~

Lucky: (to the bartender) (lifts his empty glass) Hey... hey... can I get another one these? Huh?

Zander: (walks up behind him) Spencer... we gotta quit running into eachother like this...

Lucky: (turns his head slightly to look at him) Sure we do

Zander: (sits next to him)

Lucky: (to the bartender) You wanna get my friend here one of these? (points to glass)

Zander: No thanks, I'm fine

Lucky: All right... but you don't know what you're missing out on...

Zander: (slightly concerned) What's going on? Is this about Gia?

Lucky: (looks at him) Ya know what *sucks*? You tell someone you love 'em and they get this nauseous look in their face and try to get away from you as fast as possible.

Zander: (in absolute shock) Whoa... whoa...wait a second... you told Gia you loved her??

Lucky: (starts laughing) Yup

Zander: (trying to understand) And.... she walked away?

Lucky: (stops laughing, smile fades) Yeah...

Zander: Wow... that does suck (Lucky nods) But she didn't exactly say "get the hell away from me" did she?

Lucky: I guess not... but I didn't exactly expect her to walk away

Zander: What did you expect?

Lucky: (looks at him) I don't know... (looks back at the counter)

Zander: (continues to talk to the side of his face) Well you couldn't have expected her to just swoon, right? I mean... she hides any feelings she has for you, for months...what made you think she'd admit to love?

Lucky: I don't know... it was her damn idea!

Zander: What was?

Lucky: (mockingly) Talking about our feelings (eye roll) (normal) So i seized the moment... and ran her off

Zander: (reassuringly) She'll be back... just let her cool off, you took her by surprise, she --

Lucky: (looking at his drink on the counter) Needs to think... yeah yeah yeah... blah blah blah... I heard it from her, and ya know... whatever...

Zander: All right... what about now?

Lucky: (looks at him) What?

Zander: What if she's thought it all through and she's trying to get a hold of you but you're down here drowning yourself in shots? (Lucky glances at him and shrugs)

~Gia's place~

Meanwhile... Gia has gone home, taken a quiz in a magazine, hyperventillated and finally called an old friend.

Gia: (pacing) Soulmates... soulmates? (still not believing it) Soulmates? (exhausted) Where the hell is he? I could really use his help right about (knocking, she looks at the door) now. (walks over and opens it) Hi... thanks for coming so quickly...

Nikolas: Of course, Gia, you said it was urgent


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