"Looking for A Place to Land"

Chapter 21

This Chapter was written by Michelle


February 12th

Lucky sits at the bar in Lukes club staring into his glass. He sits silently for a few moments, barely blinking--barely breathing. A voice comes from his right side:

"You alright, man?"

Lucky: Huh?

He looks up to see Zander standing beside him.

Lucky: Oh, hey man. I'm. . . cool.

Zander: (unconvinced) Uh huh

Lucky: (laughing) Actually, man, I'm kinda down.

Zander: About Gia?

Lucky: (raises one eyebrow and grins sheepishly) What makes you think that?

Zander: Well. . . things were going well with her, right?

Lucky: Yeah. . .

Zander: And suddenly you're not doing so great

Lucky: Yeah. . .

Zander: So I figure the one thing that I've seen make you really happy in a long time is gone

Lucky: No, it's not that really. . .

Zander: You and Gia haven't broken up?

Lucky: Well, it's not like we were ever really together. . . I mean, no one but you and our families really know about us

Zander: And Carly

Lucky: (shaking his head with regret) AND Carly

Zander laughs.

Zander: So. . . it IS Gia

Lucky: She's "busy" on Valentine's Day

Zander: (solemnly) That sucks

Lucky: Well, I'd like to see her, ya know?

Zander: (zoning out) Yeah, I know

Lucky: (looks at Zander inquistively) What's up with you and Carly?

Zander: (still in a trance) Who?

Lucky: (enunciating slowly) C A R L Y

Zander: (snapping out of it and smiling) Carly.

Lucky: What did you--forget her name?

Zander: (punching Lucky's shoulder) Whatever, man. We had some issues. . . with Sonny. . . AND Jax. . . but we're good now. We--

Suddenly there's a voice from behind Lucky and Zander:

"Why hello, Mr. Spencer! Fancy seeing you here!"

Lucky and Zander turn around in dread.

Lucky: What do you want, Skye?

Skye: (putting her hand over her heart) I'm hurt. I thought you and I could get to know each other better. . . due to my arrangement with your girlfriend.

Zander: Lucky's a little young for you, Skye, don't you think?

Skye shoots Zander a cold glare and turns back to Lucky

Skye: Didn't Gia tell you?

Lucky: (growing impatient) Tell me what?

Skye: (delighted) Gia's turning down Jasper Jax's big paycheck so that she can continue to work for me.

Lucky: (shocked) Why would she do that?

Skye: (matter of factly) It's a small price to pay for my secrecy

Zander: Secrecy?

Skye: About Gia's relationship with Mr. Spencer here (she waves her hand towards Lucky)

Lucky's infuriated. He turns his back towards Skye and back towards the bar.

Skye: Why what's the matter, Mr. Spencer? You don't mean that Gia didn't tell you!

Zander: (scowling) Get lost, Skye.

Skye smiles victoriously and leaves.

Zander looks at Lucky worriedly.

Zander: Are you alright?

Lucky: (head in his hands) I don't believe this

Zander: Well you shouldn't believe it. I mean it's SKYE, Lucky. She's lying through her teeth.

Lucky: (saddened) No, she's not.

Zander: (confused) Wait. How do you--

Lucky: (interupting) Look, I have to go. (he gets up and backs away towards the door) I have a phone call to make

Zander: Lucky!

Lucky: (over his shoulder as he leaves) I have to go


In the middle of a phone call. . .

Elizabeth: Why do you think Gia would make an arrangement like that with Skye?

Lucky: That's why I called you. You know Gia.

Elizabeth: Yeah, Lucky, but it doesn't make any sense. I mean, Taggert knows about you and Gia. . . I assume he told their mother. . . who probably told your parents. . . And I doubt Gia cares what strangers think about her personal life.

Lucky: That's just it. Maybe Gia's ashamed of me.

Elizabeth: (sympathetically) That's not possible, Lucky

Lucky: Well, Nikolas doesn't know. . . Maybe she's keeping this thing with me and her a secret just in case she wants to go back to him

Elizabeth: Lucky, you're being ridiculous

Lucky: (sighs) So, what do YOU think?

Elizabeth: (sounding worried) Something else is definitely wrong


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