"Looking for A Place to Land"

Chapter 20

This Chapter was written by Michelle


NOTE: parts in ~ ~ are Gia's thoughts to herself

Gia enters the grocery store through the automatic doors and grabs a shopping cart. She pushes the cart towards the breakfast aisle.

~Alright. . . Go me! Gia Campbell is not thinking about Lucky Spencer for thirty minutes. . . or at least as long as it takes me to shop for food~

Gia turns to collect breakfast cereal from the right hand shelf. She scans the shelf looking for shredded wheat.

~Cheerios. . . Raisin Bran. . . Corn Flakes. . . great. . . LUCKY Charms~

Gia flails her arms wildly. "Damn you, Spencer!"

Fellow shoppers stop to stare at her as Gia's wildly waving arms accidently force her shopping cart into a stack of six-packs of Coke. The boxes shake and rattle loudly and the sound echoes across the store. Gia clears her throat, grabs a box of Bunches of Oats and uses it to cover the box of Lucky Charms.

~You think you're cute don't you, Lucky Spencer? Just because you have a cereal with your name~

Gia finally finds her shredded wheat and drops it into the cart as she approaches her favorite section: breakfast bars.

~Mmmm. . . chocolate chip granola. . . ~

Gia grabs two boxes and pauses.

~Lucky teases me about eating granola bars all of the time. . . . Damn!~

~Damn, damn, damn! You're thinking about him again! Oh well. Still time. No more thinking about Lucky for the rest of this time~

The rest of her shopping goes by without one more thought about Lucky. . . until the checkout.

Gia scans the checkout lanes for a short line. Lane 3: one shopper already handing over her check to the cashier. Gia pulls up to the conveyor and places he items on the belt. After the cashier hands the customer in front her receipt, he begins to scan Gia's items. As each item is run through the cash register, Gia surveys the "impulse buys" in the lane.

~Magazines. Those are always good for taking one's mind off of things. Hmmm. . . Teen. Too teeny bopper. . . Woman's World. Too motherlike. . . Cosmo!~

Gia picked up the magazine and scanned the cover.

*Kate Hudson on life, love, and mom*

*Teach yourself basic yoga*

*Quiz: Are you and your lover soulmates?*

Reading the last line Gia immediately places the magazine back in its holder.

Gia: I give up

Cashier: Excuse me, miss?

Gia: Nevermind

Gia pays her bill and goes home.


A short while later, Gia arrives home with her bag of groceries just in time to hear her phone ringing through the front door.

Gia: Aw man!!

She lifts the heavy paper bag on her knee as she unlocks the door.

Gia: Don't hang up. . . don't hang up. . .

The door unlocks and Gia swings it open. Dropping the groceries and slamming the door closed, she sprints towards the phone. She catches it on the last ring.

Gia: Hello?

Caller: Gia?

Gia plops down on the couch.

Gia: Yeah?

Caller: You okay?

Gia: I was just. . . Lucky?

Lucky: Yeah, it's me

Gia: What's up (she asks half-heartedly)

Lucky: (sounding disappointed) Well you said you would call me. I just thought maybe you forgot.

Gia: (thinking back) Oh yeah. . . well. . . I was just about to call you (she lied)

Lucky: (cheering up) It's okay. So about Valentine's Day. . .

Gia: (growing nervous) What about it?

Lucky: Well, we're going to be together right?

Gia: (choking back tears) Actually, Lucky. . . I. . . I'm really busy that day

Lucky: You're busy on Valentines Day?

Gia: Yeah well. . . there's work and. . . I've got some. . . personal stuff I've got to do

Lucky: (really disappointed) Oh.

Gia: (tears streaming down her face) I'm sorry, Lucky

Lucky: (covering) It's alright

Gia: I promise to call you on Valentine's Day though. I'll miss you

Lucky: I'll miss you too

Gia: Bye

Lucky: Bye


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