"Looking for A Place to Land"

Chapter 2

This Chapter was written by Amanda

~~Lucky finally catches up with Gia in the lobby of the PC hotel, confused as to why she is there.~~

Lucky: (grabs her arm, and turns her around) Hey, Gia! I've been trying to talk to you since you ditched me at Kelly's.

Gia: What?

Lucky: Why are you here?

Gia: I live here now

Lucky: So you were serious? You and Nikolas broke up and you moved out?

Gia: Yes, I was serious. I moved here until I find a place that I like.

Lucky: Alright. . . so, what are you going to do now?

Gia: Try to get my job back

Lucky: You still want to model?

Gia: Yeah, I loved it. I'm still upset with myself for not listening to you and giving it up.

Lucky: Yeah, I'm upset with you for not listening to me too, but just come back to deception. . .talk to my mom. . .

Gia: Not today

Lucky: Come on!

Gia: Whats the big deal? Who cares when I ask for my job back?

Lucky: I do! When you left, there was nothing left that even compared to you, and you should see the girls were stuck with now. You need to come back!

Gia: I will. . . or I'll try, but just not today. I just want to relax. . .

Lucky: Ok (looks at watch) Well I have to go to work. Try hard to get your job back okay? And try soon please??!

Gia: (smiles) I will. Bye Lucky, it was good talking to you

Lucky: Yeah, it was. Bye Gia. (he leaves and she goes a different way)

~~Deception offices about 1 week after the split with Nikolas, Laura is not at all happy with Gia and blames her for the falling out (even though there wasn't one). Lucky, better than anyone, understands what Gia is going through.~~

Elton: (on the intercom) Uh, Mrs. Spencer, Gia Campbell is here to see you

Laura: (rolls her eyes) Okay, thank you Elton, send her in.

Elton: ok (to Gia) Go on in Ms. Campbell

Gia: Thanks Elton (walks into Laura's office and shuts the door behind her) Hi Mrs. Spencer, am I interrupting?

Laura: No, Gia, what can I do for you?

Gia: (sits down in front of Laura's desk) Well I was wondering...(glances away) Well see, I'd like to start modeling again, and I was hoping I could work for you again?

Laura: Oh Gia, I'm sorry we just don't have room for anymore models here at deception. You're uh, very good at what you do, I'm sure there is some place else who will hire you. But there is no place for you here.

Gia: Oh ok, that's all right. You're right, I'm sure there are other places. (stands up) Well um, thank you for your time.

Laura: It was no problem

Gia: Bye Mrs. Spencer

Laura: Goodbye Gia (she leaves)

~~Awhile later Lucky comes storming into Laura's office, and slams the door, obviously ticked~~

Lucky: Mom, I can't take it anymore!

Laura: What?

Lucky: These so called models you hired! They are so bland and uninteresting, I can barely keep myself from throwing the camera at them!

Laura: Lucky, you just don't see what I see

Lucky: If you can't see what I see then you are blind...look, shall we compare? (holds up a picture of Gia in one hand and a picture of another girl in the other) Gia...she reached out, grabbed you by the collar of your shirt and said "Hey I'm sexy, so buy my perfume damnit!" but Candy or whatever the hell her name is--

Laura: Her name is Sandy, and watch your language.

Lucky: Whatever. . .she sits back and says "Hey I'm Camping Barbie! Buy me a backpack please." Do you see the difference?

Laura: Lucky, let me explain something to you; this is my company, I make the final decisions and I think that Sandy has a very alluring look. You are the photographer, you take pictures of the girls that I choose. . .Gia left--

Lucky: and asked for her job back, correct?

Laura: Yes, BUT, we don't have room here, I told her that (Lucky rolls his eyes) but back to my point...I make the decisions, and I would very much appreciate it if you would keep your comments to yourself. You don't have say in who you take pictures of. I'm sorry.

Lucky: Fine, if thats how it's going to be....

Laura: It is.

Lucky: Then I quit

Laura: You what?

Lucky: I said I quit. I'm sorry mom, but I should have a say. AND you should respect my opinion when I say that these girls. . . suck. But I don't and you made that clear, so this is my only option.

Laura: (frustrated) I'm sorry you feel that way, Lucky. You know I love you, and I want you to be happy. But if you want to leave, that's fine.

Lucky: Goodbye, mom.

Laura: Goodbye (he leaves)

~~At Kelly's~~

Gia: So you quit, just like that (snaps fingers)

Lucky: (head on table) Yeah. . .(lifts head up) So tell me, how stupid am I?

Gia: Not very. I mean if I weren't taking pictures of me then I'd quit too (she smiles and he laughs) I'm just kidding. . .

Lucky: No you weren't

Gia: (feigns offended) I was too! (he looks at her skeptically) Ok, maybe I wasn't

Lucky: That's what I thought

Gia: But what I was getting at was--

Lucky: You're self-absorbed?

Gia: (seriously offended) Ok, buddy, do you want my advice or not? (throws a fry at him)

Lucky: (laughs) All right, all right, sorry, what is your advice?

Gia: Ok, there are plenty of places in town where you could get a job, just put a portfolio together and start looking.

Lucky: You're right

Gia: Tell me something I don't know...

Lucky: (ignoring last comment) I will put a portfolio together (pauses and looks at her) but I'll need your help, that is, if you want the job

Gia: Tell me what is it, and maybe I will

Lucky: Model for me? Please? (she looks away, unsure. he grabs her hand and puts it between his) Please??? (he pouts his lips)

Gia: (unable to hold in a laugh) All right all right, if you're desperate.

Lucky: I'm not desperate, you're just first choice.

Gia: Ohh, what a sweet-talker (smiles)

Lucky: (grins) I know, I should teach a class

Gia: Uh-huh

Lucky: But you'll do it?

Gia: Yes, plus it gives me something to do

Lucky: Thank you so much, but I'm gonna go start looking for a place to do the shoots, I'll give you a call when I find one.

Gia: Ok, see ya

Lucky: Thanks again, Gia, you're a lifesaver

Gia: Yeah, keep that in mind next time I screw up

Lucky: Bye (he leaves)

~~Awhile later, Gia is getting ready to leave Kelly's~~

Cashier: That's $3.00

Gia: (looking through wallet, pulls out 3 ones) All right, here you go.

Cashier: Ok, thank you, have a nice night

Gia: Thank you, you too (puts on her coat when Sonny walks in) Oh, Mr. Corinthos, hi.

Sonny: Hi, uh, Gia right?

Gia: Yeah, how are you?

Sonny: I'm fine, and yourself?

Gia: Homeless

Sonny: Excuse me?

Gia: Sorry, I need to work on my people skills. . .what I meant was, are there any available penthouses at Harborview?

Sonny: Yeah, but are you sure you want to live there?

Gia: Look, I just need a place to live, and I really don't care whats gone on there in the past for whatever reason

Sonny: (pleased with that response) Sounds like my kind of person...you can come check it out tomorrow at 3:00

Gia: (smiles) Are you serious? (he nods) Wow, that was easier than I thought it would be...thank you so much, Mr. Corinthos

Sonny: No problem, just be outside my door at 3:00 tomorrow and you can decide for yourself.

Gia: Ok (to herself) 3 o' clock, Sonny's penthouse (to Sonny) Got it, thanks, see you tomorrow

Sonny: (as she heads for the door) See ya

Gia: Bye (she leaves)

Sonny: (to Johnny) Do a background check on her, her name is Gia Campbell, she's Taggert's sister.

Johnny: Done.

~~The next day Gia is leaning up against the side of the elevator, waiting for Sonny to come out~~

Gia: (looking at watch, to herself) Tick tock, tick tock...(Nikolas steps off the elevator) Oh, hi.

Nikolas: Hi, what are you doing here?

Gia: I'm waiting for Sonny, he has a penthouse that I might be interested in renting, and he's going to show me as soon as he get's out here, what about you?

Nikolas: I'm here to see Alexis...but are you sure you want to live here?

Gia: (rolls her eyes) Yes, and it's really none of your concern, now is it? Besides, Alexis lives here, and she's still alive and kicking.

Nikolas: Yeah, but how many times has she been almost killed? Come on Gia--

Gia: (frustrated, mockingly) Come on Nikolas, (regular voice, as Sonny steps out) I don't need a lecture!

Sonny: Uh, is everything all right?

Gia: (looks at Nikolas) Just peachy (to Sonny) Shall we go?

Sonny: Yeah (pushes elevator button) Mr. Cassadine, how are you?

Nikolas: (not cutting him any slack) I'm alive Sonny, and yourself? (Gia gives him the evil eye)

Sonny: I'm good. (Sonny, Gia, and Johnny get on the elevator) Have a nice day, and tell Alexis I said hi.

Nikolas: Bye Gia (doors close)

~~Sonny, Gia, and Johnny get off the elevator and Johnny unlockes the door and opens it to the penthouse~~

Sonny: So what do you think?

Gia: (looking around) It's perfect

Sonny: I'm glad you like it

Gia: Who wouldn't?

Sonny: Your brother

Gia: (turns and looks at him) A) it was a rhetorical question and B) he'll get over it, I'm an adult and can make my own decisions, even where I live.

Sonny: I knew you were ok (Johnny's phone rings and he answers it)

Johnny: You got it? uh-huh, uh-huh...good. Thanks. (he hangs up and Sonny looks at him, he nods)

Sonny: So when do you move in?

Gia: Well first, how much? Stefan only left me so much...

Sonny: Stefan Cassadine?

Gia: Yeah, he put a load of money in my bank account before he took off, thats how I'll be paying....that was when Nikolas and I were together, but I won't get into that.

Sonny: Oh, well it's all in the contract

Gia: Ok, how's tomorrow?

Sonny: That's fine.

~~In a room above Jake's, Lucky is moving everything to the side of the room. Zander hears the noise and sees the door ajar and pushes it open.~~

Zander: Hey, what are you doing? (Lucky looks up)

Lucky: I'm going to use thie place for work

Zander: How? The desk is behind the couch (laughs a bit)

Lucky: No, I need a studio type place so I can take pictures

Zander: (lost) Of the grey walls?

Lucky: Of Gia.

Zander: (smirks) Ohhh

Lucky: (chuckles) No, Gia is helping me put a portfolio together, plus she has time to kill.

Zander: Uh-huh, okay. So the best pictures are taken in a small room with grey walls? (Lucky looks at him....he has a point) So what does Nikolas have to say about this?

Lucky: Who cares?

Zander: Gia won't tell him?

Lucky: I guess if she feels the need... ohh, you don't know...

Zander: (lost again) Don't know what?

Lucky: Gia and Nikolas went there seperate ways a few weeks ago.

Zander: Oh, so you're taking her on the rebound?

Lucky: I'm telling ya, you've got it all wrong man. I'm not taking her at all...

Zander: Who are you trying to convince?

Lucky: You, and now that I have, you better leave because Gia is on her way over and you might scare her off, so try to keep a low profile

Zander: Ha ha, that was almost funny Lucky, almost. But keep working on it. But ok, I'm gone, See ya.

Lucky: Later (Zander leaves)

~~Awhile later Gia walks into the room~~

Gia: Ok, I'm here, whats the rush??

Lucky: This is it

Gia: (looks around) This is what?

Lucky: The studio, of course

Gia: Oh, yeah... of course--What was I thinking? I should have known by now that a small room with grey walls makes for the best modeling environment?

Lucky: All right, cut me some slack will ya? I was desperate...

Gia: (sighs) Phew, at least I know this wasn't first choice (laughs)

Lucky: (chuckles) Not by a long shot

Gia: (walks around the room and stops in front of him) Well onto the good news (smiles)

Lucky: (smiles) Which would be?

Gia: I found a place to live

Lucky: That's great, where?

Gia: Harborview Towers, Penthouse number 5

Lucky: Harborview? Wait isn't that where--

Gia: Yeah, Sonny lives there too,it was great, after you left Kelly's he came in and I asked him if there were any available and today he showed me number 5, and it's just perfect.

Lucky: Well that's great

Gia: Really? (smiles)

Lucky: Yeah

Gia: Good, Nikolas already tried to lecture me and I wasn't having it, so I'm glad I don't have to walk out on you.


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