"Looking for A Place to Land"

Chapter 18

This Chapter was written by Amanda


Liz: Ummm....Hi. Yeah, it's me.

Lucky: Hi

Liz: Are you there to go out with Gia?

Lucky: What are you talking about?

Liz: It's ok Lucky, I know

Lucky: (lost) Know what?

Liz: Ugh! Don't play dumb! I know about you and her.

Lucky: What about us? We're friends?

Liz: Well that too, but I know you're also more than friends

Lucky: Look, if you heard this from Zander... I wouldn't bet money on it...

Liz: I didn't hear it from Zander, I heard it from Gia!

Lucky: (stunned) She did?

Liz: Yes, she did. She called me and asked me if I would go psycho on her if she started going out with you as more than friends. She didn't want to wind up like Kristina... may she rest in peace.

Lucky: You wouldn't go that far would you?

Liz: (laughs) Cut me some slack Lucky! I wouldn't have *killed* her... beat her to a pulp? Yes. But killed her? Pssh... (laughs and Lucky is silent) Lucky? Lucky, I'm kidding! God...

Lucky: Well... as odd as this is, I'm really glad you *don't* have a problem with this.

Liz: Yeah, it's fine.

Gia: (comes down the stairs) Who's on the phone?

Lucky: (turns around) You wouldn't believe me

Gia: (smiles) Try me

Lucky: Elizabeth

Gia: (looks away) Oh...

Lucky: Yeah...

Gia: Umm... I can explain? (walks towards him)

Lucky: Hmm... well she called to talk to you so... (to Liz) I'll talk to you later Elizabeth

Liz: Ok, bye

Lucky: (covers receiver (word?) to Gia) Here you go (hands phone to her) You and I (smiles) are gonna talk later.

Gia: (smiles and rolls her eyes) (he starts to walk past her) Hey (grabs his arm and he turns around, and she kisses him

Liz: (yelling into the phone) Gia?? Hello? Hey Gia!

Lucky: (pulls back) I think since it's long distance, I'll be on the couch (walks by her)

Gia: (smiles and turns around, now talking into the phone) Hey Elizabeth, sorry...

Liz: Yeah, you better be

Gia: Uh-huh, what do you want?

Liz: Nice to talk to you too

Gia: Sorry, I'm just in a bit of a rush

Liz: It's all right, I'll make this quick since you obviously have bigger and better things to do

Gia: Yeah yeah... just say it already

Liz: Ok... actually.. (Gia sighs heavily) how come you didn't tell Lucky you asked me if it was cool if you two hooked up?

Gia: Because it didn't come up in conversation! Now will you please stop procrastinating and tell me what's going on?

Liz: Ok... well... I'm uh... see... Jason and I are... well... we're expecting (grins slightly)

Gia: (slightly confused) Expecting? (it clicks) Oh! (quiets her voice) Ohhh.... ummm... wow

Liz: Yeah, and I uh.. I know Lucky is there so I understand if you don't want to say anything or ask a whole lot... I didn't really have the heart to tell him right now... but that's cool if you don't say anything.

Gia: Ok... (smiles) good... but I will definitely call you later

Liz: Good, I'm glad

Gia: I'll talk to you later

Liz: Ok see ya

Gia: Bye (hangs up) (quietly) wow

Lucky: (walks up behind her) wow what?

Gia: (turns around, startled) Huh? Oh. Nothing, I just wasn't expecting her to call

Lucky: Obviously, otherwise you wouldn't have let me answer the phone

Gia: (smiles and steps towards him) Or I would've let the machine get it

Lucky: (smiles) Ohh, yeah, that would've worked for me

Gia: Uh-huh (they kiss)

Lucky: (pulling back) So what did Elizabeth have to say?

Gia: Umm... nothing important

Lucky: Well... that's... odd

Gia: Why's that?

Lucky: (has his arms draped over her shoulders, and is twirling her hair/braids whatever) Oh nothing...she just usually has something to say... but it's all for the better because I wanted to get you off the phone as soon as possible

Gia: (raises her eyebrows) Really?

Lucky: Yes... I've missed you...and me... and our fun...

Gia: Oh (rolls her eyes) romantic

Lucky: What? I thought we were playing by our rules and no one else's?

Gia: So?

Lucky: Well anyone else would make this really gushy

Gia: Good point

Lucky: Want to hear another good point?

Gia: Ehh... save it for later (kisses him)

~Later on, in Gia's bed~

Lucky: Can I tell you my other good point now?

Gia: (half-asleep) If it means that much to you, go for it

Lucky: Ok, there was no point in you changing considering your once clean clothes are now (motions to the floor) laying on the floor

Gia: Oh now you tell me

Lucky: You wouldn't listen!

Gia: All right, all right... you win

Lucky: Thank you

Gia: Now can I make a point?

Lucky: Sure

Gia: We've had our fun, so now it's time to sleep... considering I've been sleep deprived for about 2 days...

Lucky: Right. You're right, let's sleep (sinks down lower in the bed)

Gia: (closes her eyes only to open them again) (subtly) You're in my bed...?

Lucky: (opens his eyes) Do you have a problem with that? Because I can leave...


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