"Looking for A Place to Land"

Chapter 17

This Chapter was written by Amanda

~~Gia's Office~~

~Lucky is down to the last page of his portfolio and he has 3 different pictures to choose from~

Lucky: So what do you think? (lays the pictures on her desk in front of her)

Gia: I don't know... whatever works for you works for me...

Lucky: Well you get to help me decide

Gia: Fine... what about each one do you like?

Lucky: (smiles) Well (walks around the desk) this one (points to first picture) is sexy (kisses her neck and she smiles) this one (points to second picture) is sweet (kisses her cheek)

Gia: (raises an eyebrow) and this one? (points to third one)

Lucky: (sits on the side of her desk, looking at her) It's perfect

Gia: Really?

Lucky: Yes (smiles and leans in for a kiss)

Gia: (shuts her work binder suddenly) Well then, case closed, you'll use that one (grins and walks around to the other side of the desk where she picks up some data sheets)

Lucky: Ohh (get's up and walks in front of her) You think you're gonna get away that easily? (she smiles and glances up) Well I don't, so how about we (takes papers out of her hands and sets them on the desk) have some fun, huh?

Gia: (leans against the desk) Such as?

Lucky: This (cups her face and kisses her passionatly, they make their way over to the couch

Gia: (laying down) Oh wait! (get's up)

Lucky: Ugh.. (collapses on the couch) What now? Take a break!

Gia: (turns around) Hey, chill out (walks over to the door and locks it)

Lucky: (smiles) Ohh good thinking

Gia: That's what I'm paid to do (walks back over to him) Now where were we? (they kiss)

Skye: (pounds on the door) Gia! Open up!! (they break apart and look at the door) I need you and those papers A.S.A.P!! (kncks) Now damnit!

Gia: I'm... I'm on break!! (Lucky is kissing her neck)

Skye: Well FYI: Break is over! Now get in my office!!

Gia: (rolls her eyes) Well (get's up) duty calls, right? (straightens skirt and blouse and grabs the papers) *so close* (half-smiles)

Lucky: (leans back) I'll be here when you get back

Gia: You better be (leaves)

~~Outside Skye's office~~

Gia: (knocks) Skye, I have those papers now

Skye: Good, come in

Gia: (walks in) Hi (shuts the door)

Skye: Thanks (takes papers) So Gia...

Gia: Hmm?

Skye: Who's in your office? (puts her feet up on her desk and smiles)

Gia: (smiles nervously) Umm, I don't know what you're talking about

Skye: I'm pretty sure you do.... (puts her hands up in slight defense) It's ok, I'm not mad or anything... this will just be our little secret

Gia: Seriously Skye, there is no one in my office... it was just me... I was checking my e-mail

Skye: (mockingly) Seriously Gia (regular voice) What's the big deal? I'm your boss and I'm curious... just tell me.

Gia: Obviously you already have your mind made up about whether or not someone was in my office...so I'll just play along, ok? (Skye nods) Mel Gibson was in my office, do you have a problem with that?

Skye: (chuckles) God Gia (sits up) fine don't tell me, but just keep track of your priorities...one of which is me and this job, all right?

Gia: I got it

Skye: You can go, but comeback when you've decided break is over

Gia: All right (she leaves)

Gia: (walks in) Hey I'm back

Lucky: Hey, just in time to see me leave...

Gia: You have to go? Where?

Lucky: Some places... finish my portfolio and drop it off

Gia: Okay

Lucky: I'll be back?

Gia: Probably not before I leave

Lucky: Oh, well then let's make this goodbye extra good? (she grins and he kisses her)

~~Skye's office~~

Jax: (leaning against the open door) Skye, no mattah what has happened the past few weeks, I just want those stock reports. (she listens with a slight smile on her face)

Skye: Jax... you know-- (sees someone exit Gia's office and her jaw drops) Oh my...

Jax: (confused and follows her eyes, just missing Lucky) What? (looks back at her)

Skye: (quietly) I knew it... I got ya Gia (laughs a little)

Jax: Hello? Knew what?

Skye: (snaps out of her blackmail heaven) Huh? Oh. Umm... the stock report? (looks around her desk) Oh, Gia has it.

Jax: Oh (smirks) thanks (leaves for Gia's office) (knocks on door) Miss Campbell? Hello? (slowly opens the door) Gia? (sees her asleep at the computer and walks towards her) Gia? (shakes her shoulder gently)

Gia: (waking up) Go away! My break is *not* over! (throws her other arm over her eyes)

Jax: (stifiles a laugh) Excuse me, Miss Campbell (she looks up at him with tired eyes) Hi. I need those stock reports

Gia: Oh. (smiles) Hi, I have them (looks around her desk) right... (grabs them) here (hands them to him)

Jax: Thanks (looks down then back up at her)Well sorry to wake you up

Gia: No no no... I shouldn't have been sleeping, I have to be in Skye's office in (looks at watch) like 5 minutes... I probably would've been fired if I had stayed asleep, so thanks

Jax: (looks around) Let me give you a little warning

Gia: What is it?

Jax: Whatever you were trying to keep from Ms. Chandler-Quartermaine, she now knows... so don't ever attempt to play her for a fool, because she will use whatever she has on you in a heartbeat

Gia: It's not much

Jax: She'll make it much, that's just how she is... it's how she plays the game

Gia: Thanks for the heads up... but I have no intention of ever trying to play Skye for a fool

Jax: Good. (looks at data) Wow (looks up at her) this is great

Gia: (smiles) Thanks

Jax: How long have you worked here?

Gia: Not long... 4 weeks

Jax: Good, then you can get out quick

Gia: Huh?

Jax: I think you should work for me

Gia: Are you kidding? I just got this job, and with AJ's help

Jax: (holds up data) Did AJ help do this? Because if he did, then I'll hire him

Gia: No

Jax: Because I want the person who can do this...

Gia: What about--

Jax: Forget about Skye... she's hardly ever here... plus I have some influence over her...

Gia: I've heard that before

Jax: Well I can get her to fire you, and then I can hire you fair and square?

Gia: And if I don't want to work for you?

Jax: Well, then that will be my loss, but if it helps, I can give you better hours and a much better office?

Gia: This is unreal

Jax:Well when you have the type of business I have, with the amount of money I have, it's very real

Gia: I'll think about it

Jax: Please do, and call me (hands her his card)

Gia: Uh-huh (takes card)

Jax: Goodbye and good luck

Gia: Yeah, bye (he leaves and she gathers up her stuff t take into Skye's office)

~~Later at Gia's PH~~

~Gia walks in, turns the lights on, shuts the door, and puts her stuff on the desk. She looks at the answering machine which is blinking. She walks over and pushes play~

Lucky's voice: Hey Gia, it's me, I just thought I'd let you know that I finished and dropped off my portfolio with Lucy. I'm still waiting to hear... but then it's only been 2 hours (pause)... anyway cross your fingers and give me a call...bye.

Gia: (smiling) I bet he's going to be very disappointed.... atleast he better be... (picks up chordless and calls Lucky's voicemail) Hey Lucky, I just got your message... good luck. But listen, the next 2 days, I'm going to be out of town. Long story short: With ELQ gone public, Skye wants to find some more office space in Manhattan and I have to go with her, so that's where I'll be and I'll most likely have my cell off. Sorry, I'll definitely call you when I get back! Bye.

(hangs up the phone and goes upstairs to pack)

~~Two days later, Gia's PH~~

~Gia staggers off the elevator, looks up and sees the only person she wanted to see~

Gia: (smiles) Hey

Lucky: Hey (looks around) Looks like I'm the welcome back party

Gia: (sets her bags down) That's even better (hugs him)

Lucky: (pulls back) No offense, but you look like hell

Gia: (unlocking the door) You try looking like a million bucks after spending 48 hours with Skye Quartermaine (walks in)

Lucky: (carrying her 2 bags) Good point (Gia walks over to the machine and pushes play)

Jax's voice: Hello Miss Campbell, I'm glad to have you semi-aboard. Though you're not there yet, I faxed the contract over to your place, just sign and fax it back, and there you'll be. On behalf of all things Jax, Welcome. (click)

Gia: (Lucky looks at her skeptically, she half-smiles) Ok so I didn't spend 48 straight hours with her...

Lucky: I guess not... so now you're working for Jasper Jacks?

Gia: As soon as I sign that contract I am

Lucky: (steps closer to her) Well, congratulations then

Gia: Thank you

Lucky: So what are you going to put on your business card? "Gia Campbell: Corporate Raider in the making"?

Gia: (laughs a little) Maybe, that kind of has a ring to it

Lucky: (smiles) Uh-huh (leans over and kisses her)

Gia: (pulls back) Wait a minute, you still haven't told me

Lucky: Told you what?

Gia: About Jax Cosmetics... did you get the job or do you not know?

Lucky: (monotone) Oh I know...

Gia: Well, tell me...

Lucky: (shrugs) I got the job

Gia: (smiles) Why didn't you tell me the second I got off the elevator?!

Lucky: It's not that big of a deal

Gia: Yes it is, I've heard how Lucy works... you will be a big decision maker, which is exactly what you wanted! Congratulations Lucky

Lucky: Thanks... I'm just not sure how my mom is going to take it

Gia: I think she'll deal with it, plus theres not much she can do

Lucky: True. (puts his hands in his pockets) So what do we do now?

Gia: Well, I have to go change, so we'll decide after then, ok?

Lucky: All right (she kisses him) Or we could both go upstairs?

Gia: Hmm... tempting, VERY tempting... but not now...(he nods and she goes upstairs) (phone rings) Hey Gia do you want me to get that!?

Gia: (from upstairs) Yeah, could you? It's probably Skye after talking to Jax

Lucky: I got it (picks up the phone) Yellow?

Voice: Hello is Gia-- Lucky?

Lucky: (shocked) Elizabeth?


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