"Looking for A Place to Land"

Chapter 16

This Chapter was written by Amanda

~~The next morning~~


~Gia is still asleep but Lucky is awake. He is proped up, resting his head on his hand, just watching her. After a minute or so, he glides his finger up and down her arm. Her eyes open and after a few moments it hits her as to where she is, she looks at Lucky who is smiling at her.~

Lucky: Hi

Gia: (smiles) Hi

Lucky: So... how are you?

Gia: I'm... wow... you?

Lucky: (nods) Yeah... wow... uh-huh

Gia: (laughs lightly) Hooo... happy birthday to me (stretches and he chuckles) How long have you been awake?

Lucky: (turns and looks at the clock, then back at her) About 5 minutes

Gia: And you've just been laying there?

Lucky: Yeah, laying here, watching you... I had a lot to think about

Gia: I bet (they smile at eachother... he leans in closer to her and they kiss... she breaks away) I just thought of something...

Lucky: What?

Gia: I have to find a job

Lucky: You know, if Lucy hires me, she'll automatically hire you...

Gia: (lays back and looks straight ahead) Well I've been thinking... and (looks at him) I don't think I want to model after all...

Lucky: (surprised) After all of this?

Gia: Don't get me wrong, everything (smiles) and I mean *everything* we did was so much fun... but I think I want more of an adult job... modeling was fun while it lasted, but all it did was make me feel like a teenage... and it's time for me to grow up.

Lucky: (slightly disappointed, but smiles) Well, whatever you want

Gia: You know, (smiles deviously) that statement never really did anything for me until last night...

Lucky: Oh yeah? (she nods) Well what do you want now?

(she brings his face up to hers and they kiss, followed by a repeat performance of the previous night)


~~The Q place~~

Gia: (escourted in by Reginald) Hello (smiles)

Reginald: Miss Gia Campbell. (leaves)

AJ: Gia, hey, how are you?

Gia: (walks towards him) Hi, I'm good, you? (shakes his hand)

AJ: I'm doing much better

Gia: Good, how's Emily? (they sit on the couch)

AJ: She's good, she's been out of rehab for a few months now, and she went right to the college of her choice.

Gia: Great, which one?

AJ: Umm... (thinks) Stanford

Gia: Wow, she went to California to get educated? She always struck me as the type to get homesick easily.

AJ: Nah.... so what can I do for you?

Gia: Well, I was hoping you could write me a reccomendation?

AJ: Sure. What's this for?

Gia: Just as an assistant or secretary or something, until I find my knack... but something that won't take up too much of my free time.

AJ: Ohh... (thinks for awhile) May I make a suggestion?

Gia: Sure, why not?

AJ: ELQ Gia (unsure) Ehhh....

AJ: No, it'll be great. I happen to have some influence with the CEO and she would love to have you, especcially with your computer skills.

Gia: Okay... where do I hand in my application?

AJ: Don't worry about it, I'll talk to her and if she says "yes" then I'll give you a call.

Gia: Ok, thanks... oh wait, I changed my phone number when I moved... (rips out a piece of paper)

AJ: Moved?

Gia: (writing) Yea, long story, but I live at harborview now

AJ: Oh great, Corinthos Central

Gia: Actually (hands him paper) I'm 2 floors down and I hardly ever see him

AJ: Good, well I'll give you a call

Gia: Ok, well thanks again AJ, I knew I could count on you

AJ: THANK YOU, now spread that around town for me, would ya?

Gia: (they stand up) Sure... bye AJ

AJ: Bye Gia

Gia: (heads out the door and just barely runs into Skye) Oh, excuse me (leaves)

Skye: (stops and watches the door) Who?? (thinks) Screw it... (goes into the living room) AJ who was that girl? She's not another Courtney is she?

AJ: Who? Gia? (laughs) God no, far from it... she used to do PR for me and the footbal team, she's also Marcus Taggert's little sister. A lot of people know who she is, I'm surprised you don't.

Skye: Should I?

AJ: Hmmm.... she was engaged to the Cassadine Prince?

Skye: Ohh!! (happy she figured it out) I saw her in the paper... (stern) what did she want?

AJ: Oh, she's just your new assistant (she glares at him and he grins)


Gia: (walks in and sees Lucky) Hey

Lucky: (smiles) Hey, what's up?

Gia: (sits down) I might get a job sooner than I expected

Lucky: Really? With who?

Gia: Skye Quartermaine

Lucky: (thinks) As what? Her personal shopper?

Gia: No, her assistant (rolls her eyes)

Lucky: Well what does she do?

Gia: Apparently she's CEO of ELQ

Lucky: Ooh big time assistant (grins)

Gia: (takes a bite of his muffin) Mmm-hmm (looks at muffin, then back at him) You didn't want this did you? (smiles)

Lucky: (smirks) No....not really (leans forward in his seat) You know, you could've been my assistant...

Gia: (stifles a laugh) Uh-huh...(leans in) Besides, don't you know not to mix business with pleasure?

Lucky: Uhh (confused; whispers) Isn't that what we were doing?

Gia: (thinks) Well... you *definetly* don't do it twice, that I know.

Lucky: (leans back and smiles a little) Ohh, I see, and you're the expert on this?

Gia: (slyly) Maybe...

Lucky: (raises eyebrows) Really? So tell me, how much do I really not know about you Gia Campbell, if that's really your name?

Gia: (smiles and is about to say something but her phone rings) Hah! (she answers her phone) Hello?

AJ: Gia, hey, it's AJ... I have good news (smiles)

Gia: (smiling) Well not that I don't already know, I just want to hear you say it

AJ: (chuckles) Ok, I talked to Skye and all it took was my approval of you and she gave it the thumbs up. You are now assistant to Skye Chandler Quartermaine, CEO of ELQ.

Gia: YES! (Lucky laughs in his drink)

AJ: Do you have any idea what the size of your paycheck will be?!

Gia: (grins) Oh... surprise me!

AJ: All right

Gia: AJ, thank you so much

AJ: No problem

Gia: I'll see you around

AJ: Ok, and congratulations Gia

Gia: Thanks

AJ: Bye

Gia: Bye (hangs up) I am so happy!

Lucky: Yeah no kidding.... congratulations, by the way

Gia: Thanks... so where are we going?

Lucky: For??

Gia: To celebrate

Lucky: Oh (thinks... get's devious look in his eye) Well I know of a private party for two in the studio

Gia: (stands up) Okay, let's go (grabs his hand)

Lucky: (stands up laughing) Wow... you really are fully of surprises aren't you? (she nods) ok... (puts $ on the table) let's go (she goes out and he follows.



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