"Looking for A Place to Land"

Chapter 15

This Chapter was written by Michelle

(Gia opens her eyes and looks around the room slowly.  She was speechless.   Lucky had totally out did himself.  The studio was completely dark except for the dozens of long, vanilla scented candles scattered througout.  There were white lilies sitting on a table next to the  one obvious object in the room--a bed.  Lucky had moved a bed in the middle of the room, decorated with Lily petals and white linen.)

Gia:  Lucky. . .

Lucky:  (face falling) You don't like it.

Gia:  No, that's not it.

Lucky:  Then what is it?

Gia:  (turning to him and smiling) Damn.

Lucky:  (beaming) So you like it?

Gia:  This decorated room is a very romantic present, Lucky.

Lucky:  The room's not your present.

Gia:  It's not?

Lucky:  That's right.  (he walks over to the bed and lays on it seductively, placing the gift in front of him)  (he breathes huskily) I'm  your gift.

Gia:  (smiling and walking towards him)  Is that so?

Lucky:  It most certainly is

Gia:  (grabbing the present) Then what is this?

Lucky:  (feigning surprise) I don't know what that is.

Gia:  (pushing him over to the other side of the bed) Liar.(Gia kneels on the bed next to Lucky and unwraps the present to find a small 4x6 photo album.  Flipping through it, she finds suspicously familar pictures of herself)

Lucky:  (smiling proudly)  Guess what those are?

Gia:  I give up.

Lucky:  (sighing) You're no fun!

Gia:  What are they?

Lucky:  Copies of the pictures I took of your for my portfolio.  I finished it.

Gia:  (shocked)  Finished it?

Lucky:  Yeah, I have more than enough pictures.  Aren't you happy?

Gia:  (looking sad) No, I'm not.

Lucky:  (sitting up)  What's wrong?

Gia:  Lucky, those shoots for your portfolio was the only excuse we had to see each other.  What's our excuse now?

Lucky:  (taking her hands in his)  Maybe we don't need an excuse now.

Gia:  You want to start telling people about us?

Lucky:  I didn't say that.

Gia:  Then what are you saying?

Lucky: I'm saying we shouldn't be thinking about other people right now.  It's your birthday, Gia.  What do you want to do?

Gia:  (smiling devilishly) Oh, you know what I want to do

(She puts her arms around his neck and kisses him softly)

Gia:  But, I don't know if I can. . . uh. . . you know. . . in here.

Lucky:  (kissing her neck)  Why not?

Gia:  I just don't feel comfortable. . . I mean, we did our shoots in here, Lucky.

Lucky:  (tracing kisses back up to her mouth) Yeah, and we can start doing a lot more in here, too.

(Gia rolls her eyes and Lucky picks a camera up off of the floor)Lucky:  Would you feel better if I took pictures?Gia:  (smiling and extending her arms to him) Shut up, Spencer, and come here.

(Lucky puts the camera down and embraces her passionately.  They kiss hungrily as Lucky's hands work up Gia's legs, towards her hips  and under her dress.  Gia responds with equal fervor beginning to undo his shirt.)

(Hours later, they lay naked next to each other under the sheets.  They had finally expressed their passion for each other.  There was no going back)


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