"Looking for A Place to Land"

Chapter 14

This Chapter was written by Michelle

Gia walks from the front door of her apartment building to her car.  She unlocks the back door and places a large grocery bag on the seat.  She shuts the door and opens the door to driver's side.  

"Just go to the studio, and I'll give you your present there."

"What could Lucky have been talking about?" Gia thought.  "I thought the cupcake was my present.  I hope he didn't spend a lot of money.

"I also hope he doesn't have another photo shoot planned for outside. . . I'm definitely not prepared to spend a lot of time in the chilly air," she said refering to the white satin slip dress and fuzzy cardigan she was wearing.  "Oh well," Gia concluded. "This outfit I bought myself for my birthday will definitely be worth it if Lucky can't keep his eyes off of me."

Gia climbs into the drivers seat, shuts the door, and ventures over to Lucky's studio.


After a short time, Gia was at Lucky's door--dress, grocery bag and all.  She knocks.  Lucky opens the door, takes a couple of looks at Gia and his mouth drops.  

Lucky:  (staring) Gia.  You uh. . . well. . . Gia. . .

Gia:  (confused) What? (she sighs) You don't like my dress.

Lucky: (still staring, but this time his eyes move from her face, to her neckline, and then lower)  NO! I mean, 'no' that's not it.  I was just saying . . . You look. . .

Gia:  Well?

Lucky:  (his gaze moving lower) I'm just saying. . .

Gia:  What?!

Lucky:  (his gaze moving even farther down her body) Damn.

(Gia laughs)

Gia: You like it.

Lucky:  Yeah!  I love it. . . I mean, damn.

Gia:  (moving her hand to his chin and lifting his head so that his eyes meet hers)  (whispering) Maybe you should invite me in.

Lucky:  (clearing his throat) Oh yeah, well there's a problem with that.

Gia:  With inviting me in?

Lucky:  Yeah

Gia:  What's the problem?

Lucky:  (grinning playfully) Before I can invite you in, first you have to close your eyes.

Gia:  (raising an eyebrow)  Close my eyes?

Lucky:  (folding his arms and leaning against the door frame) Well, if you don't want to, we can always celebrate your birthday out here in the hallway. . .

Gia:  (rolling her eyes) Fine. (she closes her eyes) They're closed.

(Lucky waves his hand in front of her eyes to make sure they're closed.  Not convinced, he waves both hands.  Then, just to make sure, he does a little dance in front of her)

Gia:  Lucky?

Lucky:  (still dancing)

Gia:  They're closed.

Lucky:  (stopping)  How'd you know I was checking?

Gia:  (laughing) I could hear your feet shuffling on the floor!

Lucky:  (blushing) Oh.  Well then, take my hand and I'll lead you inside.

(Gia extends an arm and Lucky takes one hand and places it around Gia's hand.   He takes his other hand and puts it over her eyes)

Gia:  You are so damn paranoid.

Lucky:  (smiling) Shut up and start walking, Campbell

(Lucky leads Gia inside, shuts the door and stands behind her)

Gia:  Can I open my eyes now?

Lucky:  Wait, not yet.  

(He runs over to the other side of the room and grabs a small wrapped package.  He runs back over next to Gia and puts the gift behind his back)

Lucky:  Okay, now you can open them


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