"Looking for A Place to Land"

Chapter 13

This Chapter was written by Amanda

Gia: H--hi Dad (listening to him) oh you...you got my letter? (listening) Yeah...yea (looks at Lucky) Dad can you hold on one second, please? Thanks (covers receiver) hey Lucky...

Lucky: (stands up) Say no more, I'm gone...bye

Gia: Thanks, bye (he leaves) (talking to her dad) so Yeah... we...we ended it. I'm sorry... (listening to him...he's angry) Yeah dad...I'm...I'm really really sorry. It just didn't work out.(listens)...no no no...I didn't do anything wrong! (listens) No! That's not what happened! You want to hear what happened? (sits down on the couch) Okay. One day a few months ago, we were both really busy with different things, and we kind of bumped into each other and just stopped what we were doing. We saw in each other's eyes how different we were becoming, so we sat down and talked. We came to realize that we weren't really where we wanted to be. Our lives wanted to go in different directions, and we were...we were practically obligated to be in that relationship. We didn't want to do that. So we ended it amicably... we went our seperate ways with no hard feelings. And no matter what you think, this "other guy" as you put it, had nothing to do with it! Ok? (she listens to him) I know....ok....I know! I know you'll never ever be proud of me, I just can't do anything right, right? So I think since we both are at an understanding of where I am in your life, maybe we should just stop now, so we don't hurt anymore... (listens) Fine. Goodbye (hangs up) God!! (throws the phone on the couch and buries face in hands)

~~ A day or two later Lucky is in Kelly's, listening to his voice mail~~

~Gia: Hey Lucky, it's me, I just called to say that I won't be at the photoshoot this afternoon, ok? I'm sorry, but I am just having a really rough time.... I'll call you later, I'm just going to go to bed. Seeya.~

Lucky: (hangs up) hmmm....

Taggert: (walks into Kelly's and up to Lucky) Hey Spencer

Lucky: (slightly uncomfortable) Oh, hey Taggert

Taggert: Listen, you know what tomorrow is, right?

Lucky: Yes, yes. Believe me, I do.

Taggert: Good, you better. My sister definetly deserves the best, especially now.

Lucky: Yeah, yea...(thinks) what's up with that?

Taggert: She'll tell you in good time

Lucky: (unsure) Ummm....okay

Taggert: (pager goes off) (he looks at it) Hey, I gotta run

Lucky: Okay, see ya

Taggert: You hurt her....you're a dead man Spencer

Lucky: (widens eyes) I got it.

Taggert: Ok. (he leaves)

Lucky: (pulls out his phone) Hey Gia....gotta love phone tag, right? Well I was thinking...tomorrow, can you meet me in the park? We gotta talk. Call me. Seeya. (hangs up)

~~ The next day, Gia is sitting on a swing in the park, waiting for Lucky~~

Gia: (to herself) Suuuure he wants me to MEET him here, but is he here? No. (after awhile, looks at her watch) Ugh....

Lucky: (walks up behind her) Hey, you're here

Gia: (turns around) Yeah...before you!

Lucky: (sits down on the swing next to her) Sorry...I had to do something

Gia: Oh yeah? And what's that?

Lucky: Find a candle (she looks at him skeptically) (he pulls out a cupcake from beind his back, with a candle in the middle) See...today is your birthday (pulls out a lighter and lights the candle) so I had to do something (she is shocked)

Gia: (questioning) You remembered?

Lucky: Of course

Gia: Well you didn't know last November...

Lucky: (rolls eyes) Come on, cut me some slack, that was months ago, and if you recall I've learned a lot about you since then

Gia: (smiling) I don't think open flames are allowed in a park...

Lucky: (smiles back) Well then make a wish and blow out your candle, and *poof* no more flame!

Gia: (raises an eyebrow) Make a wish? You're kidding right?

Lucky: It's tradition!

Gia: (rolls her eyes) Fine (closes her eyes...thinks...then opens them and blows out the flame) There. Happy?

Lucky: Ecstatic. What did you wish for?

Gia: Well now, I can't tell you because then it won't come true...

Lucky: (grins) Depending on what it is...(thinks) Since you're in a good mood... (looks away)

Gia: (smile fades) What? What did you do?

Lucky: Umm.... I kinda told someone...

Gia: "Told someone"? (he looks at her with a guily face) Oh no....who did you tell??

Lucky: (half-smiles) Lulu...

Gia[] eyes widen) LULU?! (looks around) (whispers) You told a 7 year old about us? (looks away)

Lucky: Yeah...she can keep a secret (she looks at him) She can! She will. Trust me?

Gia: Fine. (he looks hopeful) BUT...but if she doesn't... I'll deny the whole thing, got it?

Lucky: And make a 7 year old look like a liar?

Gia: No, you. I'll make you look like a liar (smiles) ok?

Lucky: All right. I can deal with that. I'll just tell everyone it was "wishful thinking" (she laughs) but we have nothing to worry about because Lulu said she wouldn't tell and you said that you would trust me on that.

Gia: You're right, I did. (takes a deep breath) So where's my present?

Lucky: Present?

Gia: Yeah, it's TRADITION to get someone a gift on their birthday...

Lucky: Oh. Yeah. I left it in my room (she doesn't believe him) I did, I'll go get it, ok?

Gia: Ok

Lucky: Just go to the studio, and I'll give you your present there.

Gia: Ok (he get's up) Hey Lucky, thanks. (smiles)

Lucky: (smiles) It was my pleasure.


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