"Looking for A Place to Land"

Chapter 12

This Chapter was written by Amanda

Lucky: (nervously) Hey dad...what's up? I see you cleared up your remark with mom?

Luke: (half-smiles) Don't even try to change the subject, what did you tell your little sister?

Lucky: (stands up and walks to him) It's called a "secret" for a reason, dad. (goes to leave)

Luke: (grabs his arm) Well I'm VERY good at keeping them

Lucky: (looks at him) I know...I know

Luke: So try me

Lucky: I....uh fine... I just told her that I'm really enjoying not working at deception anymore...

Luke: (rolls his eyes) Oh that's huge!! So does a miss Gia Campbell have anything to do with this?

Lucky: What? We're just friends and she's just helping me get a great job...

Luke: (raises his eyebrows) uh-huh

Lucky: (obviously over-reacting) I don't have to put up with this! I'm going home

Luke: Gotcha... bye

Lucky: Later (he leaves)

~~Couple of days later, Gia and Lucky are at her place on the couch, just having fun~~

Gia: (inbetween kisses) Lucky?

Lucky: (kisses her neck, while trying to find the buttons on her shirt) Huh?

Gia: We...need...to...stop...

Lucky: Nah...I...don't think so

Gia: I do...(he kisses her so passionetly that they fall back on the couch) (Taggert barges in)

Taggert: Gia, did I--oh (turns his back)

Gia: Marcus (sits up, whipes off mouth and buttons undone button) hi...what are you doing here?

Taggert: Uh... (hides laughs) I thought maybe I left my...gloves here the other day?

Gia: Yeah...they're um (walks to the table) right here (walks over and hands them to him)

Taggert: Oh, thanks...sorry (still trying desperately not to smile) well...bye.

Gia: Let me walk you out... (they leave) listen, you say a word to anyone and I'll...I'll do something REALLY bad!

Taggert: (rolls eyes) Scary Gia, scary. Look, relax, I'm not going to say anything to anyone, ok? I just-- what is it with you and couches?? (cracks up)

Gia: (shocked) Marcus!! (jaw drops, and she crosses her arms)

Taggert: (stifles laugh) I was kidding! I'm leaving...and no more talking about this...ever.

Gia: (waves arms) Hey...deal.         bye

Taggert: bye (she goes inside)

Gia: Ugh (shuts door) did I or did I not suggest we stop?

Lucky: (smiling, walks over to her) Do you or do you not have a lock on your door? (reaches behind her and locks the door, and the next thing you know they're kissing and making their way back to the couch) Now...where were we?

Gia: Well I was getting up (moves slightly, but he stops her) Hey now, we had a deal.

Lucky: You want a deal? Go to a used car lot

Gia: (laughs) Well if that's how you're going to be, I'll keep the deal intact for both of us

Lucky: (kisses her neck) Can you?

Gia: Ohh....Well I'm willing to give it my best shot

Lucky: Well, no offence, but I don't think that will be good enough

Gia: None taken. (he kisses her) (phone rings) Oh (get's up) oh thank you god

Lucky: (at the same time Gia says thank you god) god da--ngit! (looks at her after he hears her comment) Excuse me?

Gia: (looks at him before she answers the phone) You know that I meant (picks up phone) Hello? (pause) Dad? (Lucky looks at her)


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