"Looking for A Place to Land"

Chapter 11

This Chapter was written by Amanda

Gia: No you aren't

Taggert: Yes I am

Gia: Why?

Taggert: Because. You'll tell me. (grins)

Gia: (motions with hands) Wll this couch is lumpy

Taggert: I won't have to sleep here

Gia: I'll go get some sheets

Taggert: I won't be sleeping here, I know you, you'll tell me

Gia: (ignoring him) Do you need one or two pillows?

Taggert: Gia...

Gia: Right. 2. What was I thinking?

Taggert: Are you listening to me?

Gia: Every word, so lock the door on your way out, since you're not staying. (she goes upstairs and Taggert just sighs)

~~Later, Gia comes downstairs, unable to sleep. She looks over the back of the couch to find Taggert asleep~~

Gia: (tiptoes around the couch) (whispering) Marcus? Marcus are you asleep?

Taggert: (snores)

Gia: (quietly laughs, still whispering) You liar (mockingly) "I'm not staying Gia" Right. (pauses for a few moments, then finally sits on the coffee table across from him) I'm only saying this because you're asleep... otherwise you wouldn't have a clue... ok, so Nikolas and I are over, so what do I do? I lean on his brother, who's wedding I just happened to sabotage only months ago... but that's in the past and we both have let go of the past (he snores, and she pauses) and I'm babbling. Well Lucky and I have become these really good friends and I help him with his quest for a really good job and he helps me to do what I want to do and have fun doing it. (he snores, and she rolls her eyes) AND we start having more and more fun together and the hearts start beating harder and harder around each other...so he finally asks me out, because he wants to get to know me...and ...you know...I want to get to know him too, of course. But it's different now (thinks) a good different though. I didn't see my life heading this way, and now that it is...it's (small sigh) great. (he snores) Well that's it. That's my good news, that you can't know when you're awake... I'm dating and having fun with Lucky Spencer, my ex's half-brother. (looks away for a moment) How weird is this situation? Oh well, now that I have this off my chest, (smiles) I can sleep. Goodnight, and thanks for listening... sorta. (she goes upstairs)

~~At the same time Taggert first arrived at Gia's, Lucky went to visit with Lulu~~

Lucky: (smiling) Hey Lulu!

Lulu: (smiles and runs up to give him a hug) Lucky!

Lucky: (hugs her) How is my favorite little sister?

Lulu: I'm your only little sister!

Lucky: Hmm...you know, I think you're right

Lulu: Of course I'm right!

Luke: (passing down the hallway, pokes his head in the room) That's her mother talking (him and Lucky chuckle, but Lulu is confused)

Laura: (from downstairs) I heard that!

Luke: Uh-oh.... (leaves)

Lulu: Hey Lucky?

Lucky: Yeah?

Lulu: How is Gia? Can you tell her I'm still ready to be a flowergirl?

Lucky: (laughs) I wouldn't plan on being a flower girl for awhile Lulu... but why do you want to know about Gia?

Lulu: Cause...Mommy said she was helping you get a bad job.

Lucky: Actually, she's helping me get a very GOOD job.. and just so you know, Gia is fine.

Lulu: Good (Lucky just kinda looks at her)

Lucky: I'll tell her all about you next time I see her, I'm sure she's very interested... (thinks) Lulu can you keep a secret?

Lulu: (excitedly) YES!

Lucky: From everyone? including mom, dad, AND Nikolas?

Lulu: Yes!

Lucky: Cross your heart?

Lulu: (going through hand motions) Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye

Lucky: Okay (shuts the door) what if I told you I liked Gia?

Lulu: Everyone likes Gia! Well...except mommy, but she's a different story...

Lucky: (laughs, and bites his tongue) Well yeah, buy what if I told you I liked Gia the way Aunt Bobbie likes Scott?

Lulu: (amazed) You do? Are you going to get married like Beauty and the Beast [a little shameless Disney promotion]??

Lucky: (feigns hurt) Hey! Are you calling my a beast?!

Lulu: He turns into a prince in the end silly!

Lucky: (acts relieved) Oh ok

Lulu: Well are you?

Lucky: (shakes head) No, no...we're not

Lulu: (makes a face) do you....eh....nevermind...I don't want to know

Lucky: (laughs) Okay, I don't want to answer either

Lulu: Ok...

Lucky: Now remember, I'm trusting you not to tell anyone

Lulu: I know, I'm trustable

Lucky: Ok, just--

Laura: (walks in) Time for bed Lulu

Lucky: Ok....goodnight

Lulu: Night, I love you

Lucky: Right back at ya (he leaves)

Lucky: (downstairs, sitting on the couch) I can't believe I just told a 7 year old something that huge!

Luke: (from the doorway) What did you tell her?


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