"Looking for A Place to Land"

Chapter 10

This Chapter was written by Amanda

Gia: What about my dad?

Alexis: I'm sorry...that was abrupt...well Nikolas and I were talking--

Gia: (getting angry) About my dad?

Alexis: No, about the cancelled wedding. And he was telling me that you invited your father but he doesn't know how to get in contact with him...to well...uninvite him...

Gia: When was this? I just saw Nikolas and he didn't say anything to me

Alexis: Were you alone? (Gia shakes her head no) mm-hmm...how long did you talk to him?

Gia: ehh...about 5 minutes

Alexis: That's why he said nothing...So was your father going to come to the wedding?

Gia: (over by the desk looking for address, she stops and looks at Alexis) Ya know Alexis, I don't know, why don't you write him a letter?!

Alexis: Ookay...touchy subject?

Gia: (calms down) Yeah, sorry.

Alexis: It's fine, I understand.

Gia: (puts down the pen) You know what? Tell Nikolas I said thanks for handling the un-invites, but I think I'll tell my dad, it'll be more personal than a photocopied appology.

Alexis: (nervous) Ok, sorry for...well...this.

Gia: It's ok (opens door) Bye

Alexis: Bye (leaves)

~~~Gia goes upstairs and comes down awhile later, wearing lounging clothes, she sits at her desk~~~

Gia: (to herself) Okay, I can do this...just another disappointment... (mockingly) Hey dad, ya know how I was going to marry a prince? Ha! Just kidding! We broke up! (regular) God! (leans on desk and covers face with hands) (up) Okay...(in head, on paper) Dear Dad, Hey it's me, the Columbia dropout! (outloud) I can't say that! (crumbles paper and starts over) Dear Dad, Hello again, I have news, good and bad. First the bad: I suggest cancelling any plans you had on coming out to the wedding of Prince Nikolas and I. I mean, not that you had plans, or even had to have plans... no pressure. But Nikolas and I sat down and discussed where our lives were headed and the solution to our problems came in the form of ending our whole relationship. I'm sorry you have to hear about it this way, but...you know. Anyway, to the good news: I've met someone Dad. Well we didn't really just meet, I've been friends with him since I first moved here. But he was there for me when Nikolas and I called things off, but things started changing and we both noticed it this one night at a club. Anyway, he is just a great happy-go-lucky (she laughs; outloud) no pun intended (in head) guy. I think you would be proud of me for finally finding someone this great. I hope you can be proud of me one of these days. Love Always, Gia. (phone rings & she answers it) Hello? Hey, you have no idea how much I just really needed to hear your voice.

~~Gia is in her PH and we are to assume she invited whoever was on the phone over~~

Gia: (pacing) When is he going to get here....(knocking on door) finally (opens the door) Marcus!

Taggert: Hey (kisses her cheek) what's wrong? You sounded upset on the phone? (walks in)

Gia: (closes the door and walks to the couch) Well first I had to write to my father...(sits)

Taggert: Ohh....(sits next to her) why?

Gia: Well he was invited to the wedding, and since that was put to a hault, I had to un-invite him...oh well, ya know? Just another screw up to add to my name...

Tagger: Gia, you're to hard on yourself...

Gia: No! I'm not! (stands up and begins pacing) The first screw up may have only taken a while to fix, but then I went and dropped out of one of the finest universities in the country! (stops in front of him) Do you know what he told me when I called him and told him I dropped out of Columbia?

Taggert: No....what?

Gia: He said he was just going through pictures of me and him when I was a little girl (pushes back tears) and he was working up the gall to call me to tell me that for the first time in 4 years he was finally able to be proud of me, but it was all a big joke! It's impossible to be proud of me because obviously I can't do anything right!

Taggert: (stands up) Gia he shouldn't have said that, you do everything you do because of what's in your heart.

Gia: (sits down and puts her face in her hands) But that's not right! (looks at him as he sits down) I just want him to have faith in me...to be proud of me, and recently I was going to marry a prince, Marcus, a prince-- me marry a prince, but I messed that up too!

Taggert: I'm proud of you....you also didn't mess anything up with Nikolas...you two ended things amicably...it's not your fault you finally saw the light...

Gia: Don't start

Taggert: (changing the subject) So is that all you told him in the letter? "No wedding, love ya, Gia"?

Gia: No, I did have good news for him... (glances down)

Taggert: Well what's that?

Gia: I can't say... (looks away)

Taggert: Why can't you tell me?

Gia: I just can't (stands up)

Taggert: (leans back) Well I'm staying right here until you tell me ( she looks at him)


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