"Looking for A Place to Land"

Chapter 1

This Chapter was written by Michelle

BACK HISTORY: Liz and Lucky's wedding has taken place in which Liz failed to see the love in Lucky for herself and ran out of the ceremony. Liz and Lucky are broken up and have not spoken since the wedding. Nikolas and Gia have moved back into the cottage.

SETTING: Kelly's one morning. Lucky sits eating as Gia walks in looking lost As Lucky looks up, he notices her confused look and ushers her to the table where he's sitting. Seeming to not notice his presence, Gia looks past him to the counter. When she finally notices Lucky's efforts to catch her attention, she heads to the table.

Gia: (still looking around aimlessly) They serve breakfast here, right?

Lucky: (smiling as he looks down at his Lucky Charms and toast) Yeah. . . as far as I know.

Gia: (finally noticing the breakfast food sitting in front of Lucky) Oh well, I'm going to order something then, because I'm starving. (she looks again at Lucky's meal) and it's going to be better than cold cereal.

Lucky laughs as Gia walks over to the counter. Less than 3 minutes later, Gia returns to Lucky's table without any food.

Lucky: I thought you were starving?

Gia: (carelessly) Yeah, well, they don't have almond scones OR Brie.

Lucky: (laughing) Well, they have some great chocolate chip muffins. . .

Gia: (shaking her head as she begins to riffle through her purse) I'm sure

Lucky: So what's up with needing to eat breakfast at Kelly's anyway? I'm almost positive that Nikolas has some of that royal cuisine at the cottage

Gia suddenly ends the fumbling for a split second to give Lucky a pensive look. When she sees the inquisitive gaze on Lucky's face, she proceeds to dig through her purse.

Gia: (matter of factly) I don't live at the cottage anymore. Nikolas and I broke up

Lucky stops eating his cereal so suddenly that milk runs down his chin from the spoon.

Lucky: (regaining his composure) Uh huh. . . you and Nikolas broke up. Yeah, right

Gia: (emptying the contents of her purse onto the table) No really, Lucky. Nikolas and I had this long discussion last weekend about committing ourselves to each other for life. And we realized that we both are going to end up burdening each other with our individual baggage. You know, me, my mother, and my career. And him and his crazy family.

Lucky stares at her in disbelief.

Lucky: So you broke up?

Gia: (sighing) There's no reason to freak out. I mean, it was amicable (continuing to throw random objects out of her purse) We just feel that we should take some time to fulfill our own lives before attempting to fulfill each others lives.

Lucky: I don't believe this. . .

Gia: (standing up victoriously) I FOUND IT!

Lucky: What?

Gia: (holding up a small rectangular package) My granola bar!

Gia: Look, I have to go. But I'm glad I told you about me and Nikolas.

Lucky calls after her as Gia heads out the door.

Lucky: Gia! GIA!. . .

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