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Are you a Lucky and Gia Supporter? Here's the place to let everyone know that you're a fan. To become a proud Lucky and Gia Supporter, either fill out the form below or email us at

You can keep something Lucky&Gia, Lucky, or Gia. We'll list your name/nickname here with your keepership, country, and website url.* Also, if you can't think of a keepership (or don't want one), please join anyway. The more the merrier!

Once you apply for a Keepership, you're a Lucky and Gia Bodyguard!

Then, you can put LGBG #_ in your email or message board signature. As in:

Michelle, LGBG #1

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Bodyguard # Name Keepership
1 Michelle Keeper of all other Lucky and Gia fans
2 Sarah Lainey Keeper of the day Lucky and Gia had their second kiss
3 Ashley Keeper of the day Lucky and Gia kiss again
4 Ryann Michelle Keeper of the day when Lucky and Gia first make love
5 Joy Keeper of Gia and Lucky's friendship, smiles, hugs.

Keeper of Gia's poses.


Laney Keeper of Lucky and Gia's friendship


Tami Keeper of Lucky and Gia's photo sessions

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